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  1. Robbo completely fucked it yesterday and he should shut the f**k up.
  2. I've never come across it before, but Invernesians are not well versed in Scots so you may be right. She knows the score.
  3. A short podcast on our trip to Palmerston: https://thewynessshuffle.podbean.com/e/lady-gaga-and-the-false-eleven/ Please bear with (or skip) the car noise in the first 5 minutes. Any Doonhamers able to translate the word the old boy uses to describe Billy Houliston?
  4. To be fair, we all patronise you bit as we're about to head up the road with 3 points after a nice day out in your cool wee ground. It doesn't mean we want to be your manger.
  5. You've certainly nailed the logic of this thing. And the only reasonable conclusion is that there is no financial crisis at ICT. This season's budget, like last season's, was set on the secure assumption that wealthy businessmen would plug the gap. Those businessmen are now ready to take control of the club, and it suits them to do so in a backdrop of potential administration and the need to cut back on the youth set-up. That makes this EGM and all of the drama surrounding it nothing more than a PR exercise.
  6. Paton looks a complete state - neither of the part-time teams have a player that looks so part-time.
  7. We had complete control of that game without having to exert ourselves too much. Welsh and Vincent in the middle of the park were joyous at times. Queens were abysmal.
  8. Good luck with Billy King. A talented player with absolutely no heart.
  9. Anyone tempted to start creaming over our squad might want to pause to reflect on our striking options. Nobody in that squad is going to score many more than 10 league goals and we'll drop a fair few points at home as a result.
  10. This complete mess of a thread is brought to you by ICTChris.
  11. "The current playing budget available to the manager is likely to be around the third or fourth highest in the league". If the playing budget isn't third then something's gone far wrong. Who else outside of the Dundee sides could possibly have a higher budget?
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