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  1. Fair enough, ban me if you wish.My opinion, otherse will have theirs. I'm out of this thread anyway.
  2. True. But no where in the Christian Bible does it say to kill all un belivers/ Unlike the Koran.
  3. And Jesus said that to show He would not kill. Unlike Muhammad
  4. Maybe so, but can you tell me how i am. So i can mend my ways.
  5. Very nice from the Jewish Bible. The Koran needs to be rewrote.
  6. Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies is to a dog. To paraphrase Churchill.
  7. Stena dead? Guess I will need to get the P & O. now
  8. Guy i worked with,used to be a part time Wrestler. We called him Canvas Back as his back was never of the Canvas. Though only from a safe distance.
  9. The Giants Causeway is next. Far too many of those pillars wearing Sashes I hear.
  10. Hi Willie. Keeping well then?
  11. Ok, City have.12 games left. Say, at worse, win 5, lose 5, draw 2. That will do it.
  12. Near enough. 12 points from City's last should do it.
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