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  1. Think some people need a reality check on what is a realistic crowd for Scottish teams at tear 5 -7 who will all be differnt sizes of clubs. Going down to level 5-7 in Simler size countrys and i'll imgine the attendances will be around the same.
  2. Got to say having pretty much screwed up his return where he should have been cheered out of the building. Loving this Daniel Bryan hell turn. A updated American Dragon, environmentalist vagen hispter is someone I could get behind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=[yt]83&v=eksoPlmsHgc [/yt]
  3. That was heartbreaking, poor guy was costing to victory and that happens to him. The Officals are a disgrace pretty much left him untill the aussie went past! Less said of the scummy spectators taking pitcures of him!
  4. Looks like Wales are going to finish on top of us now with picking up 3 Golds today leaving us 1 gold behind, but with more medals tottal. Unless Callum Hawkins some how fluke the Marathan on the last day.
  5. Now that the swimming over, lets sum up Duncan Scott games, 1 Gold, 1 Siliver, 4 Bronze for a tottal of 6 medals to come our most successful athlete in one games. Cant waite to see what he dose in the europeans in Glasgow in August. Anyone know when the tickest go on sail ? Some boy
  6. It's quite simple really if you break it down, Win the group and you get a semi final then final to qulify for the Euro's Even a thicko like allan mcgregor could work that out
  7. Don't you need a licence to enter the senior Scottish cup, So teams who applying to join the EOS will surely have that in there long term thinking.
  8. I dont get this, It's not like Scotland town population is massive outside the citys. I dont see why a well run club like Auchinleck could not do well in a senior set up. In recent years clubs like Alloa, Cowdenbeath, dumbarton and now Brechin have made it into the Championship with crowds of less 1000 home support most of the time. No reason Auchinkleck could not do the same.
  9. A shield ruinion coming up then, last throw on the dice to get Roman cheered [emoji23]
  10. It's not enough for them to making roman win, but then Cena holds up Roman hand at the end, FML theis idiots never learn a thing.
  11. It's not a freindly, we in the same group so we not much choice but to play them.
  12. To keep it simple if you want to progress up the rankings, you want our teams to better the coefficient points what are dropping off that year.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0543cq8 Did not know he had a brother, Good glasgow Scottish accent he has Wonder what his brothers like...
  14. Piss that twice alex Lacovitt cost us a goal, just as crap as Jules.
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