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  1. Not posted in this thread before but had to say that I thought tonight's episode was really good, top marks to everyone involved.
  2. Gamstop is surprisingly and remarkably effective in my experience.
  3. Denial > anger > bargaining > depression> acceptance. I think most people reached the fifth stage of grief long before today, anger has long gone.
  4. Can only repeat what everyone else says, that wasn’t competitive in the slightest, embarrassing to lose like that without Cove really trying much. The complete silence in the Ducket at full time was more than a touch eerie.
  5. No Brydon, no Wilson, no Healy in the squad. Only 16 players named of which 2 aren’t fit. Only question is whether whatever is going on happened midweek or today.
  6. By my count this will be Berwick's 2,324th league game as members of the Scottish League. Who knows if the 2,325th will ever happen. In most cases a demise like this would be met by some sort of co-ordinated action, at the very least I would expect someone to take a symbolic black and gold coffin and dump it outside the Directors Box, but I'm not sure there is enough cohesion or hope left in the support to even do that. Turgid 3-0 win to Cove. I'll let someone with more knowledge or desire than me preview the game properly.
  7. Some interesting views in this quote; Berwick boss John Brownlie says his side will change their approach for the return leg, noting: “We’re still in the tie, but we have to do a lot better than we did today. Cove will be very confident as they were far better than us today. “We’re going to change our strategy for next week – we need to get an early goal and a bit of luck as Cove are decent. We’re fighting for survival and if the players realise that we have a chance. It’s hurting, which is a good sign.” https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/cove-rangers-4-0-berwick-berwick-on-the-brink-after-heavy-defeat-1-4925504
  8. I’ll be driving up, your train leaves Dundee at 18:22 and according to sat nav it’s 66 minutes from ground to Dundee station. Let me know if you want a lift.
  9. It’s worth noting that Cove were 4/5 when the match was originally priced up on Sunday night but the sheer volume of money on them has shifted the price to 1/2. Bet365 moved from 4/5 to 8/13 on Sunday night, and Betfred were limiting people to £100 max on Monday.
  10. I was at the Montrose v Brora game in 2015 and there were huge celebrations at the end when Montrose won. Maybe it was the novelty of the first playoff, maybe it was the come from behind nature with Garry Wood scoring a cracker and big Marv popping up when required. I just couldn't see anything to celebrate if Berwick won this year.
  11. 100% this. I've been thinking what if, by some absolute miracle, we managed to win the playoff, what would the reaction at the final whistle be? Pitch invasion and wild celebrations at the thought of going through it all again next year because more than likely nothing will change?
  12. The focus on change needs to be tightening up the defence before anything else, and also that Coughlin has a reputation as being good at that (mainly due to the number of 1-0 wins in 2006-07). However when I checked his stats, the last time he came in at Berwick, mid-season, we lost the first 5 games after he took over conceding 14 goals in the process. So hardly the immediate impact of shoring up the defence that we need. Pep will be unavailable as his league season finishes on 12th May and he has the FA Cup final the following week, so we should give Cough a go instead - it's absolutely no lose for him, keep us up and he's a hero, if we go down it's not his fault.
  13. Ferguson scored twice, looked like he got a hat-trick but the third was given as a Willie Garner own goal. Derek Neilson (RIP) Mark Cass Jackie O'Donnell (Asst Manager?) Graeme Davidson (The Kaiser) Willie Garner (must have been about 50 at the time, and the best part of 20 stone) Gordon Leitch (The Human Lawnmower) Ralph Callachan (player manager) Brian Thorpe Kevin Todd (one of the best strikers in the league at that time) Martin Neil (signed by Dundee United a couple of months later) Steve Bickmore (I think we actually paid a transfer fee for him) Justin McGovern Tommy Graham (too good to be on the bench) The game was 1 day before a creditors meeting to decide the fate of the club, and 2 days before the 25th anniversary of the 1-0 Rangers match from 1967.
  14. I'm not going to sit here and say that Johnny Harvey has had a positive impact on the club, but the downward spiral has been going since we beat Arbroath in April 2007 to win the Third Division, he is just hammering in some final nails in spectacular fashion. Here is our performance since then, first season in League One and every single season since in League Two We may look back on 2012-13 and 2013-14 as glory years. I mean, imagine winning 15 league games in a season, heady days. The club has had bad times in the past, the mid-late 80s and then again in the early 90s, but never such a prolonged period of absolute garbage with no real change. It is possible to make changes, I watched Montrose beat Brora in the playoff in May 2015, and then 6 months later they were an even worse team when I saw them lose to Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale, and now they look nailed on for a playoff place in League One. They looked unsavable back then, I'm not close enough to BRFC these days but I don't get the same vibe. I wish the incoming chairman all the best.
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