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  1. Why not discuss your teams best start to the season for a long time with one of the best up and coming young managers that we gave you.
  2. That's a bit unfair, there are many games and times when segregation is asked or called for and has nothing to do with Glenafton.
  3. Don't think he did. Best watch what ur saying.
  4. He didn't confront him , the fan started shouting comments and arguing with the Glens fans behind him and wouldn't stop, and knowing previous situations between the teams he was asked to leave the stand, if his feelings were hurt by the language im sure you and him can get over it, there were many other Hurlford supporters that were in the stand that were not asked to move and it was entirely correct in this instance.
  5. It has been two tough cup ties , by two evenly matched teams and could have went either way if chances had been taken. I thought the Officials were the best ive seen this season and deserve praise for their handling off the game in which I cannot remember a bad tackle although very competitive. Good luck to Pollok in the nxt round.
  6. Good luck to Glenafton today, you just canny beat the buzz you get with the Scottish, no matter where your playing, who your playing , or when your playing , our premier tourney has a lot going for it , long may it continue in whatever form. MON YOU GLENS.
  7. Well done to everyone involved with getting the draw on live.
  8. Think both teams deserve a lot of praise for making todays game exciting and full of good football in the terrible conditions . Great banter in the stand between supporters, could someone give me Kilbirnies scorers today and the order they scored. Thanks.
  9. That's an old picture from a couple of yrs ago. There has not been much rain this week, the last home game was 08/09/18 so park in very good condition. If the weather is bad im sure the club will have it inspected and if in any doubt post early enough Saturday morning to save the long journey for Kilbirnie.
  10. This was an excellent game considering the horrible conditions, both playing the ball on the ground and a super advert for our game. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  11. Thanks folks I was on your FB page but it was their nicknames that were being used.
  12. Enjoyed my day at Kilbirnie, been a few yrs since I was there and the result certainly helped plus shaking the hand of one of my all time Scotland Heroes big Gordon. Thought at 1-0 the game was still tight but the Glens defence were solid and the two goals in the last few minutes were deserved of an excellent performance by the Glenafton.
  13. The opposite terracing to the stand may have access problems for wheelchair users at this moment , but Glenafton have invested in wheelchair access in all other parts of the ground, with the carpark now fully tarmacked with mobilty vehicle access into ground if needed, ramps into the Campbell Hall , disabled toilet with facilities, and raised wheelchair viewing area in front of the clubhouse, and I don't see anyone from Glenafton having any objections to wheelchair users using the stand side of the ground.
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