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  1. Linwood no more, Bathgate no more...

  2. Linwood no more, Bathgate no more...

  3. I look forward to your second-coming. It's more anticipated than the return of Jesus.

    Haha, of course I am. The little scamp.

  4. Made a biiiiiiiiiiig boo boo.

  5. Alright lad! I'm tickety boo. Struggling for time to get on here these days but the Bibster will return someday. Are u looking after TwisteH for me? :P

  6. Hello. Are you okay? I miss your posts x

  7. My left nipple is rock hard, but my right one is like jelly! bizarre.
  8. My ex is working in Zante for three months. If you peg her I'll pay you big bucks.

  9. Bought a Samsung Galaxy Apollo today. 99% of it is working smoothly but for some reason I can't send messages. Anyone have a solution?
  10. We met up with a stag do in Portugal for a few nights last week, and it seemed like every single round was a tray of that stuff. Never been so bored of a drink in all my life!
  11. Just back from a week in Portugal. Absolutely burnt out. If we had cameras on us they could've made The Hangover 3.
  12. Work golf tourney on Friday, then flying out to Portugal on Saturday morning. Will be really gutted if both are jeopardized due to the hurricane/ash cloud onslaught.
  13. Sittin' in a sleazy snack bar suckin sickly sausage rolls.

    1. joejag


      u lucky b*****d

  14. Was working 8 til 1 this morning. A convoy of French trucks were delivering stuff at the site, and a few electrical bits and bobs have went missing from our compound. Dirty, thieving, cheese-eating, garlic-breath surrender monkeys.
  15. Last weekend I was in Stirling, and I popped into Waterstones to buy Steven Tyler's autobiography. Eventually I ended up spending £180 between there, HMV and River Island, when all I intended to buy was that book. Yesterday, I went into American Golf solely to buy a travel bag for taking my clubs on holiday, and ended up buying a putter (£80) a towel and a decent box of golf balls. Think I might be a female.
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