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  1. I'll give you a wee text later mate to make sure you have my current one. And my drinking skills are excellent ;)

  2. Linwood no more, Bathgate no more...

  3. Linwood no more, Bathgate no more...

  4. Bibby

    Today, 17:28

    Think so...should end in 161? Definitely my son, I've missed teaching u how to drink :P

  5. Have you still got the same number man? We need a pint soon! x

  6. I know , I've went right off the radar. Stay strong, babes xx

  7. Bibby I miss you!

  8. I look forward to your second-coming. It's more anticipated than the return of Jesus.

    Haha, of course I am. The little scamp.

  9. Made a biiiiiiiiiiig boo boo.

  10. Alright lad! I'm tickety boo. Struggling for time to get on here these days but the Bibster will return someday. Are u looking after TwisteH for me? :P

  11. Hello. Are you okay? I miss your posts x

  12. My left nipple is rock hard, but my right one is like jelly! bizarre.
  13. My ex is working in Zante for three months. If you peg her I'll pay you big bucks.

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