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  1. Tom Hendrie? I hear the teaching's not going so well.
  2. This is a tern. Arctic? Again, in WA and hard to get in flight.
  3. I like to click off the odd photae, much easier and forgiving in the digital age. What's your best ones? I took this a couple of months ago out on a boat in WA. It's a humpback.
  4. There are still assets, so not actually true. But not far off the truth. Depending on the small print, he may even be a creditor.
  5. Because of Bank clearing and Share-transfer legislation, I'm afraid that's it. They're gone. Finished. Bust. And have lost their league membership. Sorry, guys.
  6. The deadline has passed. Livvie are bust. Had some great times there as a journo. Very, very sad.
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