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  1. Rangers v Celtic

    As a OF neutral, I reckon that there is now not much between both clubs and certainly not as much as the bookies think; if 4/1 is still available for Rangers on the day I will certainly be backing them. I have a feeling however that the game will probably be decided on discipline, as whoever gets the first red card will settle the debate. I have a slight inkling that the blues will probably prevail which will result in a first for Scottish football in that both domestic cups will have been won by teams for the first time in their history. Quite an achievement and will probably never happen again?
  2. Worst Football Commentator

    I am utterly astonished that it has taken two and a half pages before Derek Ferguson got nominated for this. Every time he is on I think he has been put in this position for a joke. "The sublime cross came in from the right and he controlled it magnificently before striking it aff the baur"! I'm naturally assuming that he doesn't get paid for this, however you would think that he would at least listen to himself after the event and try to improve? Comedy Gold. Cringeworthy in the extreme
  3. Andy Murray Latest and General Tennis Chat

    Any streams available to watch it on????
  4. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Once the wan fae Beith (for Kilbirnie) on Saturday is posted, I think you will have your winner!