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  1. . At least you got to see some Orkneys
  2. Big chance for Argentina, I assume the final is in Argentina?
  3. Could that be the last time either Messi or Ronaldo win it?
  4. Tried it. Tastes like the old stuff to me [emoji3590]
  5. No extra time and penalties? Losing on penalties would be peak Scotland. [emoji17]
  6. I've not got sound, did it show us playing Israel at home there?
  7. I thought arsenal requested he wasn't selected? The games are meaningless anyway.
  8. Spurs surely need to change tactics, they're getting pummelled here.
  9. Silly from Fernandinho there for the second yellow, up three nil as well.
  10. They could have scored more if they felt like it. I've never seen a Barclays game like that in many years.
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