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  1. Bit naughty at George Square tonight. Loyalists attacking an asylum seeker protest about their living conditions.
  2. https://twitter.com/wully1960/status/1259863859726295041?s=19
  3. His post seems to have be deleted. Anyway McLean has definitely gone too far this time. Not wearing a poppy is fair, but this is a different level.
  4. Away goals count double, so we're at a bit of a disadvantage playing at home.
  5. Pep is over thinking the champions league knockout games again
  6. Very clearly audible anti Catholic singing on bt there.
  7. Both have improved of late, however I'm basing my hunch on Barcelona and Chelseas up and down form.
  8. Can see Barcelona and Chelsea struggling tonight.
  9. People who don't drink tap water, only bottled.
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