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  1. I think I perhaps misheard, did she say indoor hospitality ie indoor pub would be 26 April?
  2. Dykes and Adams doesn't work as a partnership.
  3. I reckon he'll just have to roll with it.
  4. This. However, if Marshall was to get injured I'd call up shagger out of retirement.
  5. 11 minute mark for schools must stay open in their current guise crowd.
  6. Todd and Mao are two of the most boring c***s I've had the displeasure of reading on here. We get it lads, you think almost every government on earth has the wrong approach and should be listening to you.
  7. Duffy was signed because he fits in the celtic minded category.
  8. Have they confirmed 5 subs for this coming season?
  9. There was clearly an attempt to play the ball, what game are you watching 😂
  10. Bit naughty at George Square tonight. Loyalists attacking an asylum seeker protest about their living conditions.
  11. https://twitter.com/wully1960/status/1259863859726295041?s=19
  12. His post seems to have be deleted. Anyway McLean has definitely gone too far this time. Not wearing a poppy is fair, but this is a different level.
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