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  1. He's hardly kicked a ball in about 4 seasons [emoji1787]
  2. Would have been a good signing for Talbot. All the decent players getting signed up and Talbot re-signing a player that wasn't good enough first time round [emoji849]
  3. I suppose that was funny in your head
  4. Confirmed on Talbot Facebook and twitter.
  5. Mr Quinn who's been hunted from every team he's been involved with ?
  6. I'm not denying Pope was a hard act to follow but he's not improving. Constantly caught up the park, jumps lumps the ball aimlessly forward all the time and can't pass the ball 5 yards. He's like Stafford centre half's playing out of position and by god it shows.
  7. He played just about every game of the season and never improved so its fair comment.
  8. Not a chance. This has disaster written all over it.
  9. When we play the ball on the ground we're a different team. Hopefully see more of it this coming season [emoji120]
  10. Beggars belief that they picked up awards. Healy won't tackle in case he gets a hair out of place and Stafford can't defend.
  11. Your talking nonsense now. It was hoofball most of the season.
  12. Need at least 6 quality players not just jersey fillers.
  13. No chance of that as long as Murdies the manager.
  14. I'd imagine they will be banned from the WOS Cup so that will account for less games.
  15. Rutherglen Glencairn have reapplied to join.
  16. Darvel are playing Ayr United on 28th June.
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