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  1. I'll be surprised if Talbot don't win by a few goals.
  2. He was recalled by Morton as they were short of players and was on the bench against Kilmarnock.
  3. Has Pope retired ? Heard yesterday he had as he was finding it hard to get back to fitness and the time involved with the U20s.
  4. You honestly believe they care about Darvel[emoji1787]
  5. Why did they fold then? Why did Hurlford Thistle fold when Willie Hamilton stopped putting money in?
  6. Why did Colville Park fold when he left if he wasn't pumping money into them?
  7. And you believe he's not putting any money in? [emoji1787] I
  8. Kennedys pretty much unsackable though as he's pumping in the money and his egos so big he'll never resign.
  9. But Michael Kennedy says you don't pay big wages the players only signed because they always wanted to play for him ....
  10. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  11. Blantyre Victoria 0 Talbot 3 Boylan 52 minutes
  12. No chance. Why would Dick Campbell leave Arbroath where he's doing a brilliant job?
  13. Wednesday 29th September Rossvale v Talbot Wednesday 13th October Talbot v Darvel I'm sure there are other games on these dates as well.
  14. How many times in the past 15-20 years have you beat Talbot at the fortress ? 3 at most?
  15. Super Cumnock not even going to make top 6?[emoji846]
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