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  1. What was the reason for the late call off of your game yesterday?
  2. Have you made a complaint to the BBC as they kept calling you big spending Darvel?[emoji846]
  3. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]I'll crack the jokes.
  4. Most people expected you to beat Stranraer as your budget will be several times larger than theirs.
  5. Talbot 5 Benburb 0 Full-Time G Wilson x 4 Mason
  6. Talbot 3 Benburb 0 Half-Time G Wilson hat-trick.
  7. Their were buses at both bowling clubs last week.
  8. Why wouldn't it be suitable? Comfortably held 3100 against Ayr and could have held more.
  9. You can't just move it for the sake of getting a bigger crowd. Only reason it would be moved would be on police say so.
  10. Why would it be played at Rugby Park? Talbot are licensed and have floodlights. You can't just move the game the only reason it would be moved would be on police say so
  11. BBC have 2 games from this round and Premier Sports have 2.
  12. I'm sure Annan are thinking it's a very winnable tie for them.
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