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  1. See when supporters are spending good money following Talbot all over the country surely they deserve to know whether their top goalscorer is injured or not when he misses the biggest 2 games of the season ?
  2. Still haven't answered the question. Is he injured yes or no ? Plenty of people are wondering.
  3. Your the man in the know about all things Talbot.
  4. Who gives a fcuk about Cumnocks ground. This is a Talbot thread.
  5. To be fair it's only left back that's the issue as Staffords been decent this season and Neill & Craig are pretty reliable.
  6. And that's the crux of the matter. We're not good enough full stop.
  7. Your watching a different game from me if you thought Talbot were vastly superior in second half. Talbot were better team first 20 minutes then it was fairly even . Cumnock keeper had 2 good saves and Ally Park missed an absolute sitter
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