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  1. Talbot skelping the league leaders 6-1....
  2. [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38]
  3. When were these riot squads and helicopters that you speak of utilised?
  4. Were you not banned from Loch Park for that?
  5. What riots are you talking about?
  6. No we weren't. I think you will find Glenafton have been involved in a lot more unsavoury incidents than Talbot ever have.
  7. What about the time you went round Loch Park collecting for something Glenafton knew nothing about?[emoji849]
  8. Stop passing the buck and admit Glenafton have some of the most horrible fans in junior football [emoji853]
  9. Meadow players not allowed to celebrate winning?
  10. Everybody knows your as thick as pigshit[emoji849] Remember the video of you chasing children round the play park....
  11. I cant decipher Swahili [emoji849]
  12. Peenut calling anybody a halfwit [emoji38]
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