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  1. It was a lot more than 700 [emoji1787]
  2. Thought Hyslop was excellent as well. Should be playing a lot more games than he has this season.
  3. Bonnyrigg best team for first 30 minutes then it was all Talbot. Lots of good performances.
  4. Posts on twitter saying game to be replayed. Glenafton not happy. If true its an absolute joke.
  5. And what exactly would I be apologising for?
  6. Surely could have got some of their u20s to play?
  7. Absolute farce. Blantyre should be heavily fined and start next season minus 10 points.
  8. With the size of squad Darvel have they could play their second string against St Cuthberts and still trash them.
  9. Every teams got glory hunters when they get to Junior Cup finals or win the League. Glenafton are a prime example.
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