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  1. £8 is dear enough without a £1.21 booking fee [emoji849]
  2. That'll hardly pay the wages [emoji846]
  3. I got told he spat the dummy as Tucker hadn't offered him a new contract.
  4. Agreed we've lost a lot better players than him and haven't done too badly [emoji846]
  5. Was it not Tucker that called time rather than him?
  6. I'll trust Tuckers judgement on Stephen Wilson. Gave 100% but wasn't a patch on his brother.
  7. Nothing like stoking the flames before the game [emoji849]
  8. I concur. Kilwinnings fans thinking their world beaters after 4 games. Couldn't hold a 2 goal lead against an average Glenafton.
  9. It's you that's coming across as clueless..
  10. I've heard plenty of players being slaughtered but never Boylan. His workrate is tremendous.
  11. How will they take a lot from the game when they blew a 3-1 lead against one of the teams who will be in the bottom half of the game?
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