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  1. They won't be seen again I'm pretty sure. Chairman pulled the plug when the management team resigned.
  2. Sean's best days are well behind him.
  3. Not trying to split hairs but Campbelltown estimated population in 201l8 was 4600 and New Cumnock was 2700.
  4. My aunt was born in 1917 and died in December last year. The oldest of 7 and outlived them all.
  5. Is the PCCabe under a new name? Same style of angry posting[emoji848]
  6. He used to pollute the junior forum with his ramblings. Thinks he's a scout [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji28]
  7. There won't be a restart. Season is over...
  8. Seasons over.. Anybody that thinks its going to restart is deluded.
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