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  1. Zanatta has been cup tied then injured the last two games - hopefully he’s back for Saturday.
  2. Simon Donnelly was a good player for us (and was right to take that penalty against the ****) Dick Campbell did the job he was paid to do. Jukka Santala was shite.
  3. Fan ownership is a great idea, and I would contribute a monthly amount to be a part of it as long as there was transparency of plans / performance and democracy in key decisions, but the issue is with who runs the club? Our fans can’t even run a supporters trust (or two). We need a small but professional team to ensure we’re run sustainably (sort of like the current BoD...) and I have no idea where that would come from under a fan owned model. Is there even any evidence of a fan owned model actually working that we could learn from / copy? Motherwell? Also, anyone saying that we have a plan to get back to top 6 is mental - we have no right to be top 6, and with a sustainable fan owned model it would be even harder. And Paul Goodwin has always come across as a diddy. Red flags all over the place...
  4. A 1,000 standing area on the bing, and redevelop the main stand as a family stand - less seats but improved hospitality - and we would have a good looking ~11k stadium with great facilities. Still too big but wouldn’t cost much to do. If only...
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised and wouldn’t be against it if it was an interim deal until the end of the season. The time away will have done him good, and we could rush into much worse permanent appointments. Don’t see us bringing McCall back (and not sure that would be the best move for him or us) and not totally convinced by Lennon - that said, both would be perfectly acceptable. Not sure the current situation would be ideal for Craigan’s first management job, but again would be a popular choice.
  6. I feel by sacking Caldwell we may have “lanced the poison”...
  7. Doolan scoring the goal that gets Caldwell sacked would be an interesting conclusion.
  8. What’s the update with the improvements to the stadium? Seems like the club is going well just now and the plans from a while back looked quite exciting.
  9. People who revert to “that’s my feelings on the subject” despite being given repeated evidence to the contrary are what’s wrong with the world right now.
  10. Have I missed something - apart from a strange reference to moneyball in the takeover speculation, has there been any serious suggestion that this is Caldwell’s primary method of player recruitment and team selection?
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