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  1. It’s pretty clear from that static image that the Airdrie player stepped into the tackle to try and draw the penalty. Should probably have been booked for simulation.
  2. What formation are we playing, is it a 4-2-3-1 with Bannigan and Docherty sitting?
  3. The type of people who think graffitiing the main stand is a legitimate protest probably couldn’t even find Palestine on a map. Morons.
  4. Depends how much he’s developed in a year at Norwich, but he was a good raw talent with us. Generally trying to play offensively, happy to carry the ball or pass forward, but occasionally making poor decisions (to be expected when breaking through). Pretty nippy. Good finisher. Would have loved us to have held onto him for a bit longer - felt at the time that it was another example of us having poor business sense with players, whereas a similar player at Motherwell / Accies etc. would go for a much higher fee. Genuinely surprised he’s ended up back on loan at the same level of football.
  5. So, Aiden Fitzpatrick goes on loan to QoS. It feels like he should have been going to a higher standard if he had a chance of delivering on the potential he showed a couple of years ago - bottom end Premier at least. Instead it’s a backward step from when he played for us (albeit only slightly to be fair...) Maybe £350k will turn out to be a good deal... 🤷‍♂️
  6. Wasn’t really to do with Clyde though, more that ICT didn’t have a compliant stadium so if they won the league we wouldn’t be relegated. That turned out well.
  7. Why is a Celtic fan so upset? Upset that for once they can’t play the vhictim card?
  8. Does anyone know when we should expect to hear the outcome of arbitration? I’m sure I heard they expected this to be wrapped up last week..?
  9. Thanks for the informative replies (especially itzdrk...) - genuinely thought (in the limited attention I’m paying to the whole thing) that the ruling was for the SFA to arbitrate. So, what happens next? Or am I better going back to paying no attention until the season starts (when I’ll look for which league we’re playing in...)
  10. In all seriousness, how can we have any confidence in fair arbitration from the SFA when they’ve also just laid charges against us as part of the same case?
  11. There’s some amount of pish being spoken on this thread, even compared to other times when no football is on.
  12. This from the same fans that accepted Ron Dixon, the Marr’s, and Calum Melville as being competent. Until they weren’t.
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