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  1. Graeme is joking. They are a good listen and usually good value. Graeme is part of them and one of my faves on their shows being a 'Well fan n that. Sked's opinions are fucking wild though.
  2. I've watched the latest season now. The first two episodes I've watched 2 or 3 times and they are fucking great. I did enjoy the Ireland ones but they were definitely lower end stuff. Watching them again as someone suggested will bring out more from them.
  3. The amount of time she takes to start her work in the morning is off the fucking charts. Would be fine if she didn't moan about how much work she had to do, doesn't help when I mention that turning your laptop on at your start time and starting work shouldn't have a 30-40 min gap.
  4. I was young but Davie Cooper was my favourite player. Davie was also not 37 years old when he arrived.
  5. I don't get the Rudden chat. Didn't he already sign for Dundee? As for Davis, said when chatting to mates earlier, I'd pass. Ye he's class and he's defo an improvement on what we have but I am always wary of old guys stepping down. Think Brian McClair scarred me.
  6. Where is the collection of cream buns making a cúnt of themselves being put? Few good yins already.
  7. I haven't paid attention to any moaning about O'Connor leaving but I'd have kept him over Ojala. He's shit.
  8. Ah my apologies, I just assumed they were all in that white zone.
  9. I'm not sure that's the case. Once you find out who those teams are I suspect Motherwell will slide down near the bottom of the seeded teams, there isn't enough to unseed us though.
  10. I'd always thought it'd be decent if we got about 15 of us to a table but I've never been.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdd7HvjN-Jt/ Don't know If that can be embedded
  12. Sure I saw it on the first part of a club instagram post
  13. We found an open air hiphop night club. What a night. About 5 of us literally just went on holiday for a week afore the fitba.
  14. I will wait to the draw then sort holidays with work. That's my issue on this/these trips.
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