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  1. What is this? This looks like tin foil hat stuff.
  2. At least the **** have given Bailey Rice a wee chance so far.
  3. In these situations everyone thinks they are right. Whether or not they are. Usually the cyclist is technically right. But a complete bell end. The motorist is usually thick as f**k and makes a bellend of themselves.
  4. I am pretty sure there is a thread on here where a few posters openly admitted to powering payday loans companies and never paying them back. Happy to just demolish their credit ratings etc.
  5. How much Calpol will knock out a fully grown woman? Asking for this wine and Tapas loving couple I know.
  6. yep, 3rd time I've heard it in 2 days from 3 different sources.
  7. TBF, we are the roasters to them. I am fine with both websites. I never really got the whole "SO has worse posters" thing, sure there is some wild opinions at times but that's where ye find the wild posts, on the club specific forums.
  8. What's the deal here then? When do we find out?
  9. The pub rumours is Morris is on a very decent wage and has no interest in cutting it. Very Winston Bogarde-esque
  10. Not a chance they go. They can pretend they do but the only folk I know who like it and have chatted to about it watch it on telly and switch over for Love Island half the time. Fitba is a TV show these days. Nothing else.
  11. AItchison isn't OOC is he? Edit: Just clocked he is. Thought he was given 18 months for some reason
  12. I don't mind her until she references Celtic every chance she gets. I'm just Anti OF tbh so maybe my fault.
  13. Seems that (assumed) wee guy fae that Moult account is getting it tight from all angles now. Feel bad considering I just initially thought it was a roaster
  14. Aye she's a Celtic fan with an accent. They do flaunt this "she likes Bonnyrigg" thing though.
  15. I've never understood them buy expensive gear to go roll around the pavements tbh.
  16. Good try. Stevie Wonder can see the difference in these.
  17. Motherwell boy has always been on the podcasts, that's oor Graeme. I am not sure but I don't think the St Johnstone guy has been on them and I always assumed the BBC made them use the Thistle comedian guy.
  18. Amy is on the podcast quite a lot, also depends what other "new" folk you mean. Tony is on the podcast always has been.
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