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  1. What a wild few minutes in the Cowboys Pats game
  2. Here by the way, where the f**k is Michone? ETA: I mean that's not it for her is it? Her exit was so shite.
  3. I apologise. I was having a weak moment.
  4. Must've been doing ballet for it to go in that way ya sarcastic knob.
  5. I've nae qualms over the result BTW. We weren't good enough
  6. It's a thing a lot of our promising youngster need to do I reckon. Go to another league. Learn something different. Folk will shoot it down but I think there can be something in it.
  7. I am a wee bit worried about how dismissive folk are of health visitors. I am sure yer able to judge your own situation and HV's interest or attitude. I still think you should discuss your concerns with them. Either that or at the health clinic they are based. Our weans HV was great, she also had a keen interest in how the missus was doing and kept her on track as I know being stuck in the house during lockdown with our first born and zero visitors was hard on her and she struggled at times. Some folk may have had bad or poor experiences but I wouldn't rule them out man. Hope all works out.
  8. I got a thorn in my hand once, got it out and it was sore for a week so I decided to f**k about with it in work one day and squeezed out the remainder. it was about three quarters of an inch. Nothing on that bloke obviously. How the f**k did he end up with that there?
  9. Tom Boyd also doin his dinger is always good. He's a fucking dickhead.
  10. He very clearly got the ball. kicked it into the stand before Turnbull arrived. He did connect his foot. Nothing in that though. Wasn't high. Wasn't rash. Just a coming together.
  11. I am kinda shocked that was even offered up. Hee haw in that.
  12. That is true. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere other than Celtic Twitter (like the handball). I'd like to see it again anaw.
  13. You would think so but look at the couple of the clowns in this thread who watched it on the telly.
  14. yes. She is still on there about 10 years later. Has a lovely wee family of her own now.
  15. What are you two on about? You lot are a real strange bunch.
  16. We need fullbacks and midfielders David Turnbull. The guy is the best player in Scotland when played correctly IMO. That's the last compliment he gets. BOOOOOOOO! Paul Lambert Steven Hammell. I could have went mental but Hammell was Mr Consistency and we need a LB
  17. See on the back of this. Celtic fans are now using on particular angle to suggest that KVV used his hand (it's since been downgraded to used his arm when it was pointed out how fucking stupid that was) before the Celtic player saved the ball. This is the type of bullshit I think we'd be up against when it comes to VAR, they are aw the same. Celtic or Rangers, whether it's one of the tossers on this site. Or one of the tossers in a suit.
  18. Kyogo didn't foul Slattery, Bevis didn't foul Turnbull.
  19. Celtic fans see a phantom handball only Celtic fans can see!!!!
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