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  1. . I won't be as nice as Graeme, Both these guys are just about finished. Should be nowhere near them
  2. I was asking what salary an MSP gets. There are a lot of MSPs who fail to get votes for themselves but end up with a job as an MSP via the back door.
  3. So what happens here? Are they gonna just completely f**k half of the countries credit rating basically? Cos That's what's gonna happen.
  4. The Tories are all complete scum. f**k them. How much do MSPs who fail in these elections up here get paid?
  5. I get the point that it is the EPL so no one cares but I don't understand folk ignoring the comparison.
  6. Cheers man. Walkouts are always a thing at Kunt gigs. I also take it the big man isn't even in it. I assume he's just the writer, maybe even the director.
  7. Yeah, I'm a massive Kunt fan (snarf!) The album must be over a decade old but Love the fact it's show! Not easy to get up n down then?
  8. I am goin to see "Shannon Matthews the musical" on Saturday.
  9. As @crazylegsjoe_mfc said in a group chat. That'll be Carroll here another year after his contract is up.
  10. Could be your browser. If you delete everything when closing it down etc.
  11. The country will fucking crumbled come January if nothing is done.
  12. I apologise. He's constantly referring to Flow as "Flao". You were right.
  13. Those burds must have left cos the camera man is doing that fat steaming guy durty
  14. That's a fairly decent question. I wondered that too. As I said earlier in the thread Las would have walked into the job if he was still about.
  15. Only thing I don't like about the appointment is the assistant.
  16. i am fucking ragin' for Lasley. He'd have walked into the job this time. Given it was stated he was being groomed and was too inexperienced despite interviewing well the last twice what a kick in the baws.
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