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  1. I also read it a bit like this. It read like something Alan Partridge would say when talking about driving to Dundee eating big toblerones. American money. Fair play to them thought. If anything can stop them being yo yo shite it's money.
  2. No, it's a play on a few folk on twitter who seemed to hit out with this patter every time he (possibly still) scored in England. He was fucking great, everyone knew it and everyone loved him.
  3. Preston haven't been a top flight team since about the 60's. Had a wee go at the play offs about 12 years ago but they are dug shite. McCann canny get a game?
  4. Alexander is ragin', rightly so. I've no real gripe with County winning. We were honking. The handball rule is a pile of shit no though.
  5. McGinley throws it half the distance needed every time it's at his side.
  6. Wordle 213 6/6 I was on the last line and I was struggling like mad.
  7. Other than Tonga then is everywhere else getting wee floods at worst?
  8. Steven Lawless has had a good yin on Twitter a mate just pointed out to me.
  9. Ah sad news. I hadn't noticed a thread/it mentioned
  10. My only issue with him is he is ugly. we used to be such a pretty team.
  11. This has been frustrating. We aren't ready but still...
  12. losing three here was a blessing. Fucking never really felt confident on the D at all this year really.
  13. I've seen Sadowitz and I thought he was great (about 2008)
  14. What a lot of shite Wordle 207 X/6 f**k you Wordle
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