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  1. You're just ragin they beat your lot to signing him. Our plan to enter a B team in the league system is being ruined by Kilmarnock beating St Mirren to signing our diddies.
  2. I'd like us to sign someone who excites me, but that's me being selfish.
  3. IS this a whole new game?
  4. Even the US/Canada/Mexico WC is nuts. 3 countries who should be hosting it solo. I want Germany, France & Italy to co host just for the sake of it.
  5. This Joint bid patter is getting wild.
  6. I was upset to see Cagliari go down. They are "my team" but they were shite all season. Joao Pedro looks like he is off too. Only decent guy recently
  7. Meh, one game at FP where he was forgettable. Forgive me if I am misunderstanding here but was this documented as Goram deciding not to bother fighting it? Man U are shite these days. I reckon they could do with a Liam Kelly easily.
  8. To take things back a bit, I've been watching The Clone Wars animated stuff. Film was fairly decent. Season 1 though was a complete cluster f**k. only now I have slogged my way through it am I enjoying season 2. (which is/seems great BTW)
  9. I've visited prison a couple of times. The person I was visiting certainly didn't think it was a holiday camp.
  10. No, that's in the bathroom/bathroom wall.
  11. I think the lassie who has moved in next door has put her telly on the shared wall. Only noticed this today but it's driving me insane.
  12. Said this earlier on twitter; Andy Goram may be most closely associated with Rangers but I can mind being excited when he joined us, he wasn't at his peak but I thought he still had enough even then. Even loaned him to Man U who were decent at the time! Sad he's passed so young.
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