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  1. I know it's hard to get non essential things these days but I can't find a switch anywhere that hasn't been price gouged to high heavens.
  2. The tannoy songs at FP were very specific and on the same rotation for about (what felt like) 10 years. I dunno if they are the same these days. I seem to have sub conscientiously blocked them out.
  3. What's the best Android emulator do download onto my laptop to play mobile games on it?
  4. Cheers guys. I'm not looking for any sympathy or such it's just so fucked up. It's also what I was expecting to hear. He was on chemo to stretch out his life a bit. He met his first granddaughter two weeks ago. It's just a shame he can't spend time with her now so hopefully we all see this out and get a bit more out of it.
  5. My da phoned me today. He won't be getting any further treatment for his (terminal) cancer as it's not worth the risk of him going into hospitals. He was also told if he catches this virus he'll die (quicker than he is due to). It was a weird call.
  6. it's modded from someone else's mod, the prize money is mental. one round of 41, split then a round of 20
  7. try that. it's FM 19 mind Terrace big league.fmf
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