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  1. Pish easy. Is it a nut n bolt? Or the newer lever type?
  2. I liked Higdon givin' it the big belly celebration to James McPake (I think it was)
  3. She's fae Bellshill and ma maw dislikes her. Was always greeting in the pubs she said.
  4. That's a belter of a song. Released during the same week as the Dolly Parton track. MA BABY TAKES THE MORNING TRAIN!
  5. He's not. He's the kind of hard tackling midfielder that everyone loves in their team and hates in opposition teams. You're thinking of Scott Brown. Nah I canny mind what it was but he defo did something snidey once. I remember. basically an admission.
  6. Aren't they all just this Perthshire Bell guy these days? He has had quite a few accounts
  7. Can I get buzzcocks anywhere? I bet there is a load on youtube
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