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  1. Poor show from M'well today. Morelos is no better than a "good" player at best. He missed fucking loads today & he's a fuckin' moron.
  2. I heard this in the afternoon. It wa denied. Seems true now though. He'll be in the dugout the mora apparently
  3. This Saturday was a bit shite fitba wise eh? There was none. I prefer Friday night games to Sunday games.
  4. Cheers, I didn't know/had forgot this was here.
  5. Alright guys. I need suggestions for decent radio stations in the office please. I am into anything so I can listen to other peoples shite as long as something semi decent comes on every second song. One that isn't too repeaty will be favoured.
  6. I refuse to take the blame for random things that have fallen on the floor, Cheerios, raisins etc.
  7. Hearts must be in worse shape than I thought.
  8. I had a good laugh to myself on twitter just replying to some **** though.
  9. Happened on "The Office" and it was pretty hilarious. Ach I was gonna say I'd seen that Office episode.
  10. Cos @RandomGuy. mentioned it I had a look. Eion Doyle is romping the league Two scoring charts. Porter was absolute class and these days is often referred to as "underrated". I don't reall remember it like that a lot of folk i knew then loved him but I suppose he maybe gets overlooked due to the goal scoring exploits of Sutton, Higdon & Moult since.
  11. Actually ignore me. I just realised it was the match thread @The_Kincardine
  12. If I could get a ticket to a cup final v Rangers with a diddy supporting friend I would. doesn't really stand up that people hate Rangers more than they like their team though.
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