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  1. I'd argue Polworth is playing well. He gets about 1 in 4 where he is good and effective.
  2. I came here to say this anaw. Also we need to replace the big goalie now. Archer may be shite too but let him prove his shiteness.
  3. There was a warning about the phrases used aforehand. What for?
  4. seems that, "throw unlimited money at it" is the most popular option. Can a national team go bust?
  5. I thought God of War was hard as f**k and I don't think I was out the tutorial. Put me off it, still have it and will go back to it but that was about a year ago.
  6. I have zero recollection of this Rosalind character (as my work doesn't allow twitter) but I mind seeing the chase the other day and a lassie talking about pole vaulting.
  7. Busta Nut

    The Boys

    I dunno anything about the comic but you guys seem excited
  8. Yeah I have caught bits of it as the wean goes to bed. Makes me wanna dig out the DVDs and run through it all again. Think I will after I finish the Sopranos.
  9. Have I missed a thread for this game? Apologies if I have my milk bottles must be on the wrong eyes. 3-0 the 'Well
  10. Woods wasn't as bad as made out. Granted his howlers were up there but he is always remembered for chucking that game V Rangers away in the cup, they then pumped us in the replay.
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