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  1. Me and the Mrs put the first two on tonight and it is very weird.
  2. So I've finished. I knew it would end like that. Pretty obvious it would. I was kinda wishing for more deaths. Hoping Eugene would die. He went from mildly amusing oddball to greeting faced cúnt pretty quick yet never died. Hoping Negan might go mental. Thinking they'd maybe kill off everyone except those in the spin offs. The last two seasons of that dragged in. I mean really fucking badly. I'm the sort of fool that might rewatch that quickly and might get more out of it but the last two seasons honestly felt like about 5 seasons. As someone said. That 6 year time jump was probably the time to stop. I'll watch the Spin offs cos I'm an idiot. I've watch 4 seasons of Fear. So I'll do that first. I can't say I'm disappointed because I had no expectations. Fúck knows.
  3. Is anyone shocked by this? He's on far too much money for too little action.
  4. See for me. Games like "The Last of Us" are big interactive stories. I know that's every game but some feel more like films and this was one of them. I don't think we need this.
  5. I had suhin to moan about but I forget what it was now.
  6. Season 4 ep 1 so far. This has drilled into me why I can't watch week to week over years. I missed so much the first viewings.
  7. Always has been. Mw2 isn't if that's what you're meaning. Didn't they turn warzone off until the paying customers get better at it?
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