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  1. Glasgow has it's faults but it's by far the best city in Scotland. If I want to go to Stirling or Perthshire it's to see the sights and walk a hill. Not to go to the fitba on an overpriced Scotrail train. (I feel for those of you who do have to use their service long distance)
  2. Hearts are a shower of b*****ds. Advertise two tiered pricing then only open the dear as fúck option.
  3. will the horrible b*****ds be banning any ex motherwell players on Sunday?
  4. I managed the first but it was a pain in the hole
  5. How the f**k am I supposed to kill a horde? I might be done with this, which is a shame as I was enjoying the wildly (poor) story.
  6. I binged through all the episodes where it seems most folk gave up and I thought it was fine, I can see how week to week would have been piss. The additional eps they did at the end of last season were mostly shite and this season has been good so far (I've watched 3 eps now). f**k knows how they finish this but I imagine it'll be related to the Commonwealth place and I would be we find Rick there in the last Ep. (although maybe not due to his films)
  7. We got a wee takeaway of finger buffet like stuff. Also got sauce to dip it in. While I am dishing out a few things I say "Go and divy that up" and pointed at the sauce. "I am not good at that". What pouring a fucking sauce in to two bowls?
  8. As mentioned though, Rangers were dishing out tickets until they realised they could manipulate the situation.
  9. I saw he was dead and it was cos a few Rangers fans on Twitter had saw her on Tinder, a month after he's passed.
  10. Mine has developed a debilitating fear of arranging any plans as they will inevitably interfere with the weans lunch / nap, which are always kinda 1130am and 1pm . This means that Nothing gets done ever. Any plan I suggest is wrong cos the wean has to eat/rest.
  11. I've been slowly playing Days Gone. Just enjoying the riding from A to B to doing the task and then slowly enjoying the storytelling...
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