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  1. Never touched her head. He tickled her back with it. Get the slob aff the ground and move along as instructed.
  2. I will miss our wee rivalry to be honest. I grew up in the region of '93 on wards and not having a local derby. Being a bit jealous of the teams that did and getting stuck playing Killie on the days they gave everyone a derby. Get back up and see if you can take our crown. MFC PRIDE OF LANARKSHIRE.
  3. Hey, is this where the bear on bear thread went? What did I miss?
  4. 100% agree. 20 was (more than) plenty. unless they plan a big squad reunion and a night in the civic or something with them I think it's a pain in the arse now too. I think the youngsters are fed up with it anaw if memory serves me right.
  5. I want to see where Long ends up. I think he's got talent but he misses so many sitters and something seems to get in his head most of the time too.
  6. Forgot about that to be honest As for goal of the season. We'll score a belter the mora
  7. Again, next time I'd went in there I'd have thrown him over his desk.
  8. I'd have taken Andy Rose NAE BOTHER! I loved Joe Lewis, He was always shite against us. (18) Red hot Moult scores stunning volley! - YouTube I canny get that to load right but if that was Louis Suarez ye'd have never seen the end of that at the time.
  9. Earlier she asked me the time. Same time the wean ran over to me so I picked her up and was playing with her. (Making noises and tickling her etc) Next thing I hear "JAMES... TIME!?". I was fucking furious tae. Told her to chase herself. reminded her we have and Alexa and a Google hub thing that you can ask the time and she never as her phone out her hand. arsehole.
  10. I am working with a Wrexham fan and he's heard rumours they are after him anaw. It's a rubbish
  11. We had a ruckus cos I pulled her up for not doin this. She was decent for about 3 days after
  12. It's only just beginning..... when you are back at work and she's home on mat leave you'll be getting "it's alright for you, you can go to work"..... wait until you are back at work and she is watching the kid, you come home to a shit tip and you are treated like getting to go to work is some sort of holiday.
  13. Aye but does that wee guy mean it? Have the club doctored the photo? Is he in the sunbeds too much?
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