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  1. I just popped in to say I love Batman. I started buying all the animated stuff and the movies ( listed here Batman & DC) and due to most of them being linked to other DC animated films I got into watching the other stuff listed there. I enjoy the DC animated stuff more than any other superhero/comics films.
  2. It was still battering of thunder and lightening at 330am, that's the only time all night I heard it when it woke me.
  3. Someone posted a video (think it was the SPFL account on twitter) of him beating about 3 guys and pinging in a great cross for a goal. I was shook. I don't remember it and it certainly never happened again as ZFA was the type of full back who would run the ball out the sideline or sclaff a pass into the stand 8/10 times he had the ball.
  4. I won't say anything about anyone other than The big red lump of wid. Decent in our league. Valuation of trillions certainly doesn't help him. Fair play to Aberdeen. They should have accepted the millions they were once offered, although I suspect that had a touch of the "mystery Chinese team" stuff we've seen before about it.
  5. Dark... This was bugging me I love the US version. More so than the UK one. I agree it's not really comparable. after season one they go on different paths. I don't think they have to be compared.
  6. Surely that's not a thing other than a verbal agreement. Even so it will just mean Rangers can recall him if they don't agree with our use of him. He's pish anyway.
  7. The HB manager (or player) played a gig in the FP club or something after the last game in 94ish he was a danish pop star or something.
  8. Glentoran will smash them then us probably
  9. This was £9.99 on PPV. What did it cos ST holders?
  10. Draw's the mora, We're bound to draw some random rich team from Dagestan or something. We're still in preseason mode by the look of things and no one is allowed to go anyway.
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