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  1. Spain Portugal Croatia (Yugoslavia at the time) USA Canada Slovakia Italy Greece Poland Belgium Tanzania Thailand Vietnam Singapore China Nepal
  2. According to Jum Spence on Twitter United had sold just under 17,000 at the close of business today. We'll sell about 22-23k in total imo.
  3. It's really encouraging to hear these sorts of numbers. I know people are unhappy with the pricing structure but it's the Scottish Cup final and it's between two clubs whose fans aren't going to ruin it so people will respond in their numbers.
  4. I'd be amazed if we sold more than 30,000 but you never know. Sponsors usually get about 10,000.
  5. Beijing's quite a difficult place to get by if you don't speak the language. A lot of the locals won't entertain you if you try to speak English. Even things like retaurant menus aren't in English so i ended up doing quite a lot of pointing and felt like a bit of a twat. Hong Kong is nice though. If you can afford the stretch then try and go for a decent hotel. I booked a cheap one in Kowloon and it was like Nelson Mandela Tower. There's loads to see in HK. The tram up to Victoria Peak is well worth a visit for great views over the city.
  6. I often get this on Sundays after a heavy Friday and Saturday. It feels a bit like a panic attack - heart racing, shortness of breath, pins & needles right down both arms and a genuine belief that i'm about to die. Even after i've calmed down a bit i find it hard to sleep, i'll be just about to nod off then i'll suddenly wake up with a sharp intake of breath thinking that my heart is about to stop beating. I've never reall found a cure for it although i'd say that three cans of lager is about the right amount to take the edge off of it without carrying the problem over to the next day.
  7. Heard a couple of rumours, i don't know if either are true. But i've heard from a few people about the alleged gambling debts so nothing would surprise me. He's a decent player but he doesn't have a fucking brain. I heard he was very lucky to get into Russia for the Dynamo Moscow game after pulling faces at the Russian customs officers etc. A total brain donor by all accounts. If the betting rumours are true and can be proven so then by any employment contract i've ever had that would be gross misconduct and instant dismissal.
  8. £1m will be rejected for Robertson. We'd probably be looking for £2m. Maybe settle for £1.75m with a few trendy bonuses. Loan-back would be an absolute pre-requisite if he leaves in January as we have no adequate cover in the left-back position.
  9. No, until somebody makes a sensible offer, which they will. He won't be sold for a penny less than £3m. Watch.
  10. Anybody offering £1m for him will be told to f**k off and we'll keep him.
  11. Rankin has been excellent this season but you don't need to be a great player to play that role. Paul Paton is a fairly limited player in terms of ability but he performs a similar role very well. As long as you're disciplined, can follow simple instructions, and can make a ten yard pass then you can play as a holding midfielder for United at the moment.
  12. It's no even gonna be close. The referendum is gone, the nationalists now need to focus all their efforts on making sure they accept the inevitable defeat with dignity. We canna have another 40 years of they wallopers blaming everybody else.
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