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  1. Barnet abandons the Giro with stomach issues during today's stage. Real pity as he was looking in very good form.
  2. Tremendous from Girmay! Really delighted for him. Agree, classy from MvdP.
  3. You should post in the Falkirk FC thread, M8.
  4. Knee jerk rumours often occur at this time of year. Obviously we want to keep players of the quality of Taggs, Scougs and Durnan, but if they decide to move on for better money or whatever, then that's life. The club moves on. On a gut feel, the Taggs one sounds most likely. We'd certainly struggle a lot to bring in a right back of his quality to match the service he has given us these last several years.
  5. It is, indeed, all about opinions. Unlikely King will be a first choice. He has been on the bench when Robbo and Scougs were fit, in fact Sena was preferred to him as next choice after those two and wee Kev. Similarly Church only got a run of games under Rice when Taggs got injured and Craig Howie was switched to the right. So we may well be looking for an upgrade as first choice left back/left wing back.
  6. King did OK for us last year, especially in the circumstances. Same with Church, who is a young left back that can develop. Quite happy if they are both in the squad for next season. Don't know how Lucas got on out on loan, but Rice had obviously decided he isn't one for us just now. That's not Barry Ferguson's fault. Hope he does well wherever he goes and gets the game time that he needs.
  7. One of the cleverest footballers I've seen at Alloa. Best of luck for the future Trouts.
  8. Fantastic stuff from both players.
  9. Sammon's goal v Celtic is GotS for me. Trouts coming on and immediately running at them, quick passing with Robbo and Graham, the former with a great run and cross. Totally shook them. PotY is a tricky one as no one has really stood out in what was a difficult season. Most consistent performers IMO have been Durnan, Taggs, Kev and Scougs (especially when played in their best positions), Robbo too who filled in OK at full back and then, to no one's surprise, made a big difference in midfield. I'm going to go for Cawley. He's popped up with some key goals, especially when we started to pull away to safety and also reached the 400 games, which clinches it for me. Henderson for young player.
  10. Wonderful stuff. Quarters line up looking very interesting. Pretty much any of the eight could win it; Maguire and Lisowski being the longer shots IMO.
  11. Aye, he flits between being "quite good" and "brilliant".
  12. The three parter currently available on iPlayer "The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty" is an interesting watch.
  13. Agree we should be moving quickly to tie up the manager, if he's happy to stay, and the players he wants to keep. Personally I'd keep the following: No brainer Taggs Andy G Durnan Howie Robbo Scougs Wee Kev Trouts (assuming his fitness issued are resolved, which may be a big assumption given the last year) Good enough at least for the squad Church King Sammon O'Donnell Boyd Rest of the contracted players can go, apart from Burt. Re the loan players, not sure what all their situations are apart from Henderson, who I believe has another year at the Jambos, but if available Sena and McIver would be worth offers. It would be great if we could get Morrison back on loan, otherwise a good goalie is a priority. As are a couple of quality strikers - always key, but always the hardest to get.
  14. Henderson is our top scorer and by far our most dangerous striker. Yes he looks lazy, and sometimes is, but I can see why he starts. As well as Cawley's goal he also set up the wee man for another good chance later on. Boyd has plenty ability and works hard, but he holds onto the ball too long and often loses it. I'd be happy to keep him for next season, but he has to address the above weakness or he wouldn't be a guaranteed starter for me.
  15. Nasty one. Hope he recovers soon. Well done to Bardet.
  16. Dylan van Barle wins solo. Three wins in a week for Ineos. Idiot spectator standing too far into the road brings down Yves Lampaert to deny him the chance of a podium place.
  17. I was in one of those until twenty minutes to go when another bovril was required. Good wee atmosphere in it.
  18. I thought Fyvie was the best player on the park today, even ignoring his goals. We played OK and created several chances, but didn't quite have the quality to take any of them. This was partly because Cove defended well when they had to. By contrast we looked less solid at the back when put under pressure. It has to be said that Big Andy struggled at times against such a good side, whose attacking is all about movement. While Henderson was his usual frustrating self at times, I thought overall he had a decent game and remains our most dangerous forward. Bringing in Sena to combat Milne worked well first half, but the latter was still dangerous and ultimately won the battle. Think we missed Cawley in midfield.
  19. Can you pay cash at the gate, or a ticket at the ground on the day?
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