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  1. Drew Paterson tore most left backs he faced apart. ☺ I think I remember being surprised that Stuart Munro took the penalty, can't remember who I was expecting to take it though. Think Robert Gray (?) scored a pen in the reverse fixture.
  2. Cracking draw, both financially and from a football/interest point of view. How will the Celtic defence cope with Kev, Scougs and Hendo? How will Kyogo cope with big Nandy?
  3. We weren't really on poor form, the defeat to Dumbarton was our first in five games, with most of those against the top sides in the division. I wasn't there yesterday, but like others I felt this was a potential banana skin, so great to win so convincingly. As Fatherbarry' says Bonnyrigg clearly couldn't handle the class and pace of Henderson, Scougall etc al.
  4. Which is ridiculous. The manager was a top midfielder himself, yet cannot see what an improvement Robbo would be in his best position in the middle.
  5. Four at home in the league, three of which were in the first half. We've picked up one point from those four games.
  6. I'm assuming you don"t spend much time on the Falkirk FC forum either then.
  7. Are they still reading the Scotland results out on that service?
  8. It was very powerful and moving. Mrs p had tears in her eyes and I must say I was very close to joining her. I'm a grumpy old (62yo) Scot and a product of being brought up in the 60s/70s, but it's clear Strictly has done a tremendous amount to include and normalise minorities. My two granddaughters are four and six and they regularly watch the show. We were asking them about it recently and they said their favourites are "the boys" and Rose. ETA I hope fatty Tilly gets sent packing this evening.
  9. I wonder what's enabled that change? Maybe Sheerin has recruited and is playing a talented, solid, disciplined defensive midfielder who provides good defensive cover and links the defense to your attacking midfielders (while subduing his attacking qualities), allowing them to create without worrying overly about the defensive side of the game.
  10. Agree with all of this, especially about the failure to bring e.g. Trouten on for the last twenty minutes. Bringing Howie on and moving Kev out wide weakened the side IMO. We needed a Trouts or Robbo in the middle to retain the ball much better at that time. I'm not sure if Barry doesn't see that or whether he does but believes that bringing another big defensive midfielder in Howie on and pushing Sena forward a bit is a better option. Sammon coming on was correct IMO, but that was done too late and obviously he's very erratic. On the plus side if we look at that the last four games against four good sides, to come through those unbeaten and with eight points is excellent. The team has certainly improved and if we can keep developing then we may still be involved in the race for the play off spots. A final word to Durnan for his two excellent goals. .
  11. I'm an accountant, mate, it's a requirement of the job.
  12. This has to be a wind up. Assuming it isn't, your definition of what constitutes "world class" is a weak one IMO. Taking the excellent Gilmour FYI, he can't get a game for Norwich, but even putting that down to the recently sacked manager getting it wrong, he's been loaned out by Chelsea. If he were genuinely world class he would be starting pretty much every week for them. I believe there are two valid definitions of the term. One, the player would get in a hypothetical squad of players to take on Mars, say. Two, the player is a top performer at world Cup level or similar. So, for example, Brian Laudrup and Henrik Larsson were both world class using this definition - but I can't think if any other players who were when they played regularly in Scotland.
  13. I think it's fresh and inventive. Haven't watched series three yet, but will binge soon.
  14. It's not bold, it's preposterous.
  15. No failures tonight, everyone knew their role and also all their team mates roles. I especially liked the tweak to the formation with McGinn and Armstrong as midfielders/attackers supporting Adams as the lone striker. Patterson was excellent when combining with ol' big arse McGinn for the goals. He's raw though and Rangers have a decision to make because he should be playing every week.
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