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  1. Indeed and I wasn't arguing to the contrary.
  2. A good case could be made for keeping each of Henderson, Boyd and Scougall on when bringing on the sub goalie, but the last player I'd sacrifice in the circumstances would be wee Kev. Even leaving aside his ability and experience, his work rate alone would mitigate being a man short, Henderson is a disappointment for me so far. Apart from his first game, when I thought he was excellent, he seems to be too content to play in second gear. Obviously still early days, but we need a lot more from him. He clearly has ability. Can't disagree with most of the complaints about the manager's team selection/subs (Mendy playing, Robbo getting so little game time, taking Taggs off etc), but it isn't his fault we have been reduced to ten men so early in our last two home games. That's been down to errors and stupidity by the two players who were red caeded. Nothing to do with the ref making mistakes (of course none of us know exactly what happened for Hutton's first red).
  3. All good points. Very poor man management to drop Robbo on his 200th appearance. He should have been leading the side out. Wee Kev was indeed a class act from the very start. He should be playing. Boyd's goal return so far is certainly very good, but he needs to keep that up IMO as the rest of his play is OK, but nothing special.
  4. We are still short of a decent centre forward IMO. Sammon does OK in flashes but he doesn't really hold the ball or distribute it well enough. Henderson might be the answer there, but we haven't seen enough of him through the middle to know. I don't agree that the ref could or should have let Sena off with a yellow on the basis that it was so early in the game. He has to apply the laws consistently throughout the ninety minutes. To do otherwise is unfair and Cove would have rightly been incensed if he'd allowed Sena to stay on the pitch.
  5. I'm watching the stream, so had a clear view and have seen the replays. My gut feel when he made the challenge was red. Commentators both think yellow. Eta: It was indeed needless.
  6. Maybe Barry isn't used to inappropriate language or views being expressed by fans.
  7. Not sure if you've deliberately missed the point here, or if you are just a bit thick (you are certainly among "friends" on this thread if the latter. He stood out at Alloa when we got promoted to the Championship and also for two years in that league. So he's proved he is effective at levels above where the current Falkirk team are. He's not your problem.
  8. Classing Barry F as comparable to Jack Ross as a manager, in any way, is beyond ridiculous.
  9. He sounds like he's swallowed the Daily Record book of football clichés.
  10. Hetherington is a terrific player, as he proved for several years at Alloa, including the last four where he was a key player in our promotion and then three years in the Championship, when he was even more effective, with his offensive pressing, all action style and ability to play a bit too. Difficult for me to argue with how well he is doing at Falkirk as I haven't seen him play (apart from our 2-0 win, when he looked a bit subdued in a stricter holding role, although I thought he did OK that day). Sounds like the problem may be that he's being shackled a bit by the formation of the team/his role. Although I'm certain he isn't nearly as bad as 'dugmeat'.
  11. Couldn't make the game, but that was a terrific result. Agreed with the manager's changes to the starting eleven (although I'd always have wee Kev in there somewhere) and sounds like they worked well. Delighted for Sena and King getting their first goals for Alloa, and two good goals they were, King's especially being quality. The league is very much still taking shape and there seems to be at least seven teams who could well be in the mix. We are one of those teams. Dumbarton will be another good test.
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