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  1. Interesting. He's looking strong. Evenepoel getting the better of Roglic at the third attempt in Catalunya and looking the stronger of the two. Should be a good Giro watching them go head to head over three weeks.
  2. Yeah, I thought they were excellent, both defensively and combining in attack. Doyley has given us better defensive cover on the right and yesterday was his best game since he returned in an attacking sense. We're just always a better team when wee Kev is on the pitch IMO. * I didn't think we had any failures tbh. LD and Coulson were maybe a bit less effective than they can be, but both had their moments and did just fine. Our attack is more fluid with them and McIver together IMO, although it was good to see Sammo come on and play so well, scoring a good goal. Robbo and Murray Miller formed an effective, classy partnership. It was good to see them playing a bit further forward - not sure if that was because we were at home to Clyde or whether it was a tactical change. Certainly the formation and lineup for the last two games has looked good and has done the business. Cracking goal from young Miller, he was clearly delighted to get his first goal (and who wouldn't be with a strike like that) and the rest of the players seemed just as pleased for him. He's a good young player who has come on this year and I hope he can get a full-time chance next season. * As long as he isn't stuck at right back.
  3. Got potential, but still plenty to learn IMO; wouldn't say he's ready to start for Dundee. He's quick and decent on the ball. Not the greatest in the air despite his size, not bad though.
  4. Going to be volunteering at the UCI World Championships in July/Aug. Based at George Square. Selection process was ridiculously drawn out, but looking forward to it now. Anyone else doing it?
  5. I get that and last year I was hoping he'd lose every time he played, but I'm beginning to like him. Helps that he's proving to be such a fantastic player. Still hope Min Woo Lee wins TPC though.
  6. Couldn't make the game today, so thanks for the reports. Pleasing to hear we dominated the game and several players had good games - in particular that Robbo and Miller dominated midfield. Also good that Kev and LD got so many minutes; hopefully the latter is OK. They are vital to the team's creativity.
  7. I think that's harsh. Worth listening to Keiran's side of the argument in the podcast if you haven't already done so. He makes some good points in Sammo's favour.
  8. Good debate on Sammon, I can see both sides although I'm probably tending more towards Kevchenko's opinion.
  9. Going to be great seeing what he can go on to achieve.
  10. Agreed. Second goal isn't in the same category as the first from a defensive point of view. It is, as you say, a cracking cross in open play and O'Hara meets it perfectly. A really good goal.
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