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  1. Very much this. We've done well the last few years with signing hungry young strikers with pace and a bit of quality, but we certainly need at least one and preferably more this year. I like that we have added Jamieson, Grant and Lynch to the squad. The overall age of our signed/established players, wonderful though they are, is high and adding a few promising younger players is sensible.
  2. I don't think she looks much different.
  3. Indeed, feel sorry for him, but that's sport at the top level and part of what can make it so enthralling.
  4. A huge talent. RIP Toots.
  5. Yeah, there's definitely something in that. We've got a tried and tested team unit with a lot of good, experienced footballers. The dressing room is, by all accounts, a very good one. Loanees seem to thrive at Alloa with a lot of them getting good full-time moves out if it (O'Hara, Zanatta etc). For a young defender in particular it's a great place to get good level competitive experience playing alongside the likes of Andy Graham and Taggs.
  6. He isn't. Like I said it's just a function of a sheep mentality. Most people don't have the intelligence, critical thinking or courage to form their own opinions and so jump on the perceived truths of the masses.
  7. Agreed. If Grant and Jamieson do well then we are OK in defence and midfield, but we will need a couple of Zanatta/O'Hara types to complement Buchs and Thomson in attack. Peter Grant pulled a rabbit out of the hat with Kevin O'Hara last year, but that will be difficult to do again, so I expect we are talking loans.
  8. Is there any other sport where the commentators are so clueless about the rules? You are (well) paid to inform the viewer - go and f***ing learn the laws!
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