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  1. Yeah, I understand and agree to an extent with the points you make about our recent stability. Personally I'd put Cawley, Hetherington, Robertson and Flannigan at a very similar level, although they are all different players. I think individually they may well be able to hold down a place at a few of the Championship sides, but unlikely we'll see that happen as part-time suits them all as far as I'm aware. I don't think Trouten could, although I expect I'm in the minority among Alloa fans on that one. Hetherington was the one I thought might go full-time on the last couple of years. He's a decent footballer, and is quickish and agressive and is also a bit younger. We were indeed a shambles pretty much from Morton's second goal on Saturday. Really not like us, but hopefully a one off.
  2. Agreed. I thought Robbie looked off the pace on Saturday, but then it's a huge step up from what he's been used to and far too early to judge him.
  3. Flannigan is a much improved player from when Alloa first signed him in 2013. He wasn't physically strong then with a history of injury and missed large chunks of the first three seasons appearing 13, 20 and 26 games respectively in his first three seasons. Since then he's gotten much stronger and fitter, notching up 42, 46 and 41 games in 16/17, 17/18 and 18/19. I'd certainly put him in the top 50 midfielders in the league. Out of curiosity, which Alloa midfielder(s) do you think are better? I'm not necessarily disagreeing with that view.
  4. A bad call rather than a brave one IMO. Also poor that Brown came on to replace wee Kev instead of Robbo. Very unlike Andy Graham to lose his discipline. The game was more than likely gone by then anyway, with Morton's second goal being the turning point, but it was definitely out of our reach when we went down to ten men. We had two or three good chances to get a second goal before Morton did, we didn't take any of those and paid the price.
  5. It's early days to see how O'Hara does for us, although he has started well and gives us something Buchs and Thomson don't. I wouldn't be surprised at any opinion the P&B Falkirk fans express.
  6. Robbo's delivery is much, much better than Taggs. He's one of and possibly the best passer of the ball we have at the club. Replacing Robbo with Taggs weakens us in an attacking sense IMO. I'd say Taggs was the better defender of the two, if only for his pace when isolated against a quick winger.
  7. If Robbie Deas cam maintain the quality of loan deal centre halves we have had over the last few years (Lindsay, McKenna, McCart, Roscoe) then I'll be delighted. Not sure I'm happy with Taggs not appearing beside Andy Graham, but we'll see.
  8. Really enjoyed the way we played, which carried on from Arbroath with Stevie Hetherington's inclusion upping the ante in midfield. Certainly deserved the point, with no failures.
  9. You don't know that for certain. Nobody does. This seems a statement of intent from Peter Grant, which is encouraging. It was also interesting to hear his reasons for going to the midfield diamond, wanting to get the likes of wee Kev more involved - that's encouraging too.
  10. Thought we deserved the win yesterday. Played really well when we had the ball, with Flanny running the game from the base of the diamond, ably supported by wee Kev (who thrived being more involved), Trouts, Buchs and Robbo. Everyone else was at least solid. Henry could have done better for both goals IMO, but he had a couple of very good saves. Arbroath were OK, played good stuff at times and in Bobby Linn they have a very dangerous player.
  11. Yeah, it's a real pity. Who knows what the time gaps would have been if the full stage had been raced yesterday. It may well have been set on a knife edge for a full difficult stage today - with all three podium places up for grabs. Having said that, Bernal looks by far the strongest.
  12. Artificial pitches are 100% the right option for part-time clubs. They are a significant financial benefit (getting on for £100,000 in cost savings and income I believe). The slope was taken out of our pitch when the artificial one was put in. I'll give you the A team and music generally though.
  13. Luke Rowe and Tony Martin both thrown out the race for some shenanigans on the road today. The clip ITV4 showed was nothing really, so I'm assuming there was more. Otherwise seemed harsh; Rowe was nearly in tears when being interviewed after coming out of the commisars van.
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