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  1. Excellent three points and well deserved. Kevin O'Hara was the difference last night. You could see the confidence surging through him after his first goal and he was unplayable for a lot of the first half, scoring a cracking second and nearly a brilliant third. As Waspie again points out, a lot is being asked of the small group of players and tiredness may have been part of the reason Arbroath had us pinned back in the last twenty minutes. Arbroath certainly have more options on the face of it. Special mentions to Wee Kev for a real shift covering back to help Robbo deal with the threat of Bobby Linn effectively and Blair Malcolm coming in and doing a job. Arbroath are a good team with a lot of solid performers, but they were always going to be sucked into the relegation battle. If they manage to get 8th or higher that would be a tremendous achievement.
  2. Huge loss, clearly. Hopefully the manager can make a Jamie Macdonald-esque centre half signing.
  3. Comfortable Alloa win, with Peter Grant making full use of the comprehensive dossier Waspie has compiled from spying on training sessions and games.
  4. Don't see any point in rushing anyone back for the cup game, especially with the league game on Tuesday. Having said that Andy and Trouts will be desperate to play.
  5. Yeah, I thought the Morton game was Robbo's 150th so he's on 152 now.
  6. No chance of that m8. We've got an all weather pitch!
  7. Two off the top of my head. Liam Buchanan. Had been struggling with injuries and fallen down the leagues when we took him up a division to the Championship. Was sensational all round and banged in lot of goals. Tremendous attitude. Steven Simmons. Got a bad press from fans of previous clubs. First six months he was OK, filled in for a few positions. When Darren Young got injured Hartley moved Simmy to holding midfield and he was a revelation. Was even more influential the following two years in the Championship, strolling through games and giving us a hard edge that we've never quite replaced.
  8. SPFL must have forgotten to check with weetoonlad.
  9. FFS, I really hope we beat these c*nts a week on Tuesday.
  10. There's nothing like a late call off to bring the real idiots out.
  11. Good move for both player and club I think. Couple of goals in his first three or four games and he'll be off and running, hopefully.
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