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  1. and him being the best keeper in the division.
  2. You got in before me re the first point - Ryan really stupid to argue with Northcroft so long. BUT I got in before you on second point- see earlier post!
  3. Thanks for this - I didn't know you could but have set up my account to ignore / not see any of his stupid posts.
  4. Once again Northcroft proved he is the worst ref in Scotland. He gives a corner to City when quite clearly to everyone it was a Forfar goal kick then chalks off the resulting City goal for no reason at all other than he realised he had cocked up the corner award and balanced the books! Well done City - a fantastic end to a fraught season. I think we have all had enough of Citydiehard - time for him to piss off for good. He is no City fan.
  5. Serious question - which club does Citydiehard support?
  6. Much as I expect and hope that Dunfermline win the league that is such a cocky article - let's hope we delay their celebrations for another week!
  7. Even you must be happy with that result! Well you better be and if not no more postings please. Well done City - fantastic. Have Forfar and Montrose got in decent managers? Must have misread the names!
  8. well I was thinking of the last Peterheid game at the Glebe.
  9. Thought that was the worst ref we have seen this season - totally lost control for the last 20 minutes. He could have booked 3 more Ayr players for the "tackles" at the Ayr corner flag but didn't which resulted in Ayr looking like Peterhead with increasing violent play. Another great battling performance by the City!
  10. If you are winding us all up stop it - if you are serious stay away. Great attitude today against the hardest working team you will see st the Glebe. Every attack we had Peterhead had 8 defenders in their bax. Also the most niggling dirty team you will see at the Glebe! If we put this effort in every week we will avoid the dreaded relegation. Onward and upwards City.
  11. Were you actually at the game? And if you are pointing fingers at dirty players start with your no. 7 who was the worst offender on the park.
  12. Thought your number 4 was by far your best player - seemed to be behind every good move. Very impressed with the way Ayr moved the ball around but also felt we deserved another goal towards the end.
  13. So this one of these " whoosh" things or does he mean it?
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