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  1. One small point. Whilst nobody puts much store in the BBC stats they do say City had 55% possession. Doesn’t fit with your “far less of the ball”!
  2. Great performance today - not a failure in the side. The work rate was fantastic typified by Olly Hamilton. He never stopped running and his second goal finished off a great move brilliantly. Fully deserved his man of the match. Referee spoiled the last 5 minutes with his meltdown - totally inept after a reasonable performance for 85 minutes. Well done City - keep it up.
  3. No - we expect a blatent trip in the box to be a penalty or being brought down in the edge of the box to be a free kick. Also it was disheartening to see the guy running the show for Stirling to be allowed to foul continually without being penalised. But again a good game with neither team looking like relegation fodder.
  4. Kinda proves my point about the ref if Stirling fans thought he was ok!
  5. From a neutrals point of view a really entertaining game with neither side looking like bottom of the league candidates. From a City point of view we were badly treated by a one sided ref today. Albion’s number 8 was allowed to foul nonstop without punishment and a number of blatent fouls were not given to us - especially the trip on Hill in the penalty area in the first half and then on Ngoy in the second. Having said all that by full time we were hanging on for a point. We’ll play much worse and win.
  6. If Elgin had had their shooting boots on we could have been a couple down at half time but as the game went on we looked stronger and stronger. Both keepers had crucial saves and again Paul McManus worked his socks off. Definite signs of improvement and excellent application. I just wish Duggie Hill would stop conceding free kicks on the edge of the box. Only 3 points off promotion pay off place!
  7. Couldn’t agree more. Anyone who doesn’t give him a fair go at this should a) stay away from the Glebe and b) stay off P & B. Let’s all get behind the Club. Certainly got the playing experience for the job.
  8. You certainly are in a good position to judge hopeless squads
  9. Cheeky bugger. Can’t you just accept a beating without being insulting?
  10. One of my favourite posts this year so far. Very funny!
  11. Don’t see where you get “the better side “ from - one half each I think. We hit the post - you hit the bar again evens. Didn’t rate the ref who gave fouls to Forfar based on their players reaction rather than seeing the tackles but just the normal average standard refereeing. Shame Dick’s lot continued their slide.
  12. Nice to be reminded that some Arbroath fans are so simple that they can’t spot when they are being wound up!! I’ll stick to basic easily understandable wording from now on.
  13. Rediculous to blame the keeper- you could pick any one of six players before him!
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