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  1. Possibly a local had gone to their house for it, been overpowered and had it used against him.
  2. So it may have been a hammer or it may have been a stabbing........and someone may or may not have lost their life. Don't you just love internet gossip.
  3. Does anyone have a record of the amount clubs receive from the SFA annually (say the last 5 years). I read a few years back it was £8K - £12K . What factors influence the amount apart from the obvious more licenced clubs less to each individual clubs. What is the official title for this payment?
  4. It's not going to be one weekend though is it ? All the fuss will have died down then the games will get cancelled again for the Coronation.
  5. I don't know how you'd do it if checking on a phone/tablet, but on a PC, Ctrl F and put in your own clubs name and then see how many times the name comes up (for different sections)..........then do the same for that week's opposition to see if they have any suspended.
  6. The suspensions from last Saturday (20th) are shown on the list that came out yesterday (26th).
  7. That brings back memories of eGroups which then became Yahoo Groups - a mailing list before forums became a thing. I ran a similar competition on there. That must be going back 20 years or so.
  8. FULL TIME Largs Thistle 1 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 5
  9. No matter what happens, you'll still have them. The potential punishment is 3 points deducted (regardless of result) and £100 fine. So if Meadow had beat you, you'd still (potentially) be deducted 3 points.
  10. Interesting that it is now just one match suspended for - when it was two last week and he played on the Saturday. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/9137/los02-esl-ssl-wsl-ncl-4-aug-2022-02.pdf
  11. Can we just call it the West of Scotland Cup? Makes life a lot easier.
  12. The only possible explanation I can think of is the player appealed the red card he received in Clyde's final league game of their season. Has the club issued any statement that this is the case? Otherwise it would appear to an outsider they have not done due diligence and the fault does indeed lie with them.
  13. I doubt they've chanced it. More likely they Just haven't looked at the suspension list. Clubs know they won't get away with it as these things ARE checked. Luckily they have realised after the 1st game - they could have gone three or four games and that's a potential 3 or 4 x 3 pts deducted as it is up to clubs to inform SFA of the mistake. That's probably how they haven't noticed. After a few games they know there's a potential for players to be suspended, forgetting they could also have suspensions carried forward, especially if they weren't at club the previous season.
  14. A couple to add: Preliminary Round : Ardeer Thistle v Largs Thistle First Round : Ardeer Thistle or Largs Thistle v Hurlford United
  15. I'll bet that's what's holding it up. They'll already have the draw typed up - just copy/paste it into a tweet or tweets.
  16. I don't think it works that way. I think offending clubs get three points deducted (and possibly fined) but I'm sure the original result stands. Or at last under last years (intended) rules - there was a problem with the rules though hence the like of Largs having the three points returned to them. But that was the intention.
  17. The OAP price is £4 at all clubs (except Pollok £5). Adult price is £8 now at most clubs with Arthurlie, Auchinleck, Cambuslang, Glenafton and Rob Roy £7 (and Pollok £9). Pollok have a limit on their crowd sizes now, don't they? Which IIRC was quite low.
  18. It wasn't clear last season as clubs were docked three points then later given them back. That should have been cleared up for this season though.
  19. It's not just you - it's the advertising (I assume) that is causing it. I notice when I use Google Chrome browser I don't have the problem and I use ad-blocker on that browser. But most of the time I use Edge that doesn't have ad-blocker and get this frustrating jump every-single-page. EDIT : I get it on Pie and Bovril as well to a lesser extent. I'm just about to click on something, the page will jump and I'll have clicked on something else.
  20. The club pages on the wosfl site now has admission prices on them for all premier clubs, still being updated for the rest of the league over this weekend Could you not have told me that an hour ago?
  21. Anyone know what the following clubs are charging for entry this season: Auchinleck Talbot, Cambuslang Rangers, Darvel, Glenafton Athletic, Kilwinning Rangers, Kirkintilloch Rob Roy and Petershill. Arthurlie are charging £7/£4 Pollok are charging £9/£5 It is £8/£4 at Beith Juniors, Clydebank, Cumnock Juniors, Hurlford United, Irvine Meadow X1, Largs Thistle and Troon.
  22. See in about three weeks time I'm going to forget about something really important but that useless piece of information will be lodged in my brain taking up the space for the stuff I need to know. Thanks.
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