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  1. It was for their own benefit. That way they don't have to rely on a vote.
  2. Why don't they just enter a team at the lowest tier in the West League (or East League for Hearts) and let them work their way up? Like every other club would have to do.
  3. So you have to buy tickets for this online in advance then? I can't see that having any impact on the size of the crowd. None whatsoever.
  4. It wouldn't be so bad if Glenafton hadn't done EXACTLY what Blantyre wanted to do - except in their case Cumbernauld (?) agreed to the different date but Glenafton refused to budge for any date put forward by Blantyre.
  5. From earlier comments it appears there were several dates/times suggested by Blantyre - Glenafton rejected them ALL.
  6. I'll have to be honest and say the reason I posted it was in the hope of getting that response from you.....to rule Glencairn out the picture.
  7. One club has put in a letter of complaint/protest. I suggested it could be Glenafton and their own letter has now delayed things. Someone suggested yesterday it could have been Glencairn - although my thoughts were how can you put in a letter of complaint for a game you are not playing in (I appreciate the outcome affects them). I doubt it would be Blantyre as they started the game. Don't you just love the internet where you can speculate all day because of lack of information.
  8. I did not think I'd see Largs in the top half of the League given the position a couple of months ago.
  9. Here's where things start to get funny. One team has put in a letter of complaint/protest (doesn't mention who). So Glenafton (likely) won't know until after Monday's game is played if it is to be replayed or not as that letter has to be dealt with FIRST. Why do I say funny? Well, who put in the letter? If it was Glenafton, they are they ones that have delayed the process. Why would Blantyre put in a letter, they are already relegated. (Inevitably it will be them just to prove me wrong).
  10. The rules are it goes to the Management Committee to decide.
  11. Probably because he is in a better position to answer the question than wintonfan. (This answering questions on behalf of others is infectious).
  12. The Largs-Cambuslang abandonment had nothing to do with the weather.
  13. Leaves the 28th open for replaying the Blantyre game.
  14. Everyone? It was scheduled before the semi final was played I'm sure I read. How many thought Rangers would get to a Euro final?
  15. I think it was just a quarter final. (I'm here all week).
  16. Whys that excuse my ignorance? I just know that the last time Largs had a game abandoned by the ref it was replayed later. I just want to know what the rules say.
  17. Not officially relegated yet. The outcome of tonight's abandoned match has yet to be determined. What do the rules say? Had that happened at the start of the season what would have happened? Should be a replay.
  18. So did Blantyre. The ref abandoned the game as they only had 6 players on the park - but they started the game within the rules with 7 players. So what are the rules regarding abandoned games. I know Largs had to replay one in the Juniors against Cambuslang Rangers a few years back.
  19. Is there any rule that would suggest they get a points deduction next season? You can't just go making up rules on the fly.......it isn't the SPFL. What is "right" and what actually happens are two different things often. The only thing I could think would be bringing the game into disrepute but they'll argue they tried their best to raise a team.
  20. As far as I'm aware it's at Duncansfield........at least, that's where the Thistle bus is heading.
  21. If Largs win against Rob Roy on Saturday they go up into the top half of the League only a couple of points behind Cumnock in 7th. If Rob Roy win they go into that 7th spot. Both have been in the relegation zone for months. I acknowledge that at this late stage of the season both were competing against clubs with only pride to play for.
  22. Big team for an entire town found.
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