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  1. This cup was always going to go ahead. The only thing that was stopping it being drawn earlier (and played earlier) was in case there was another shut down. I'll bet in future seasons it will be drawn before the season starts and played earlier on.
  2. "as the rules allow" ? Is there any restriction on players from the Development squad taking part in First team games? I thought they were all signed as players so could play for either team if of the correct age.
  3. They had someone there videoing - why not just live stream it then worry about fancy graphics tomorrow? Are they worried about a similar situation that happened with the Joonyurs draw?
  4. If the first round has been drawn, they're not posting it until tomorrow. Unreal.
  5. I wonder if this was known about at the time this venue was put forward. Clubs should refuse to play at venues when fans aren't allowed to attend. It was different when the Coof prevented fans but those restrictions are lifted now.
  6. What is the story behind this? Looking at the SJFA website they have updated it from Winner of A v B versus Winner C v D to now show A v D and since this update they have Shotts Bon Accord v Kello Rovers.
  7. It started off in the WoSFL forum then was moved.
  8. That's not going to happen. Bathgate had to withdraw for the first round because League took priority and Armadale have withdrawn from the second round for I assume the same reason.
  9. It is infuriating them moving the posts like the previous ones so I hope this one gets moved as well to be consistent.
  10. So are Auchinleck - doesn't stop them competing in the Junior Cup.
  11. I'd rather eat a whole pot noodle dry than listen to Stuart Cosgrove.
  12. Because they have an SFA Licence.
  13. They joined from Perthshire Amateur Football at the start of this year. (I initially thought they'd be a North Region team - my Geography is hopeless).
  14. I used to be able to look at a draw and be able to say which Region most came from. Now I haven't a clue with a lot of them.
  15. Here's my bold prediction for future rounds: Round 3 - 23 of the 32 clubs will come from the WoSFL Round 4 - 12 of 16 Round 5 - all 8 clubs will come from the WoSFL
  16. Yoker's game (at Coupar Angus) abandoned at half time with them winning 3-0. A sensible solution would be to have re-arranged game switched to Yoker's ground (3G / Lights) ? Otherwise this one could end up the same way as Bathgate.
  17. I see Irvine Meadow's Under 20s game against Maybole has been postponed tonight. I wonder if any of the U20s will be in the team for the Marymass game.
  18. Seems ok just now. Even results going up shortly after they've ended. (It's only taken ten match days).
  19. It was - I can't read English any more. Or I can read it - but I interpret it how I want to......not how the person intends it to be read. You're right, you made no implication. As for announcing figures - it would end up like SPFL and different clubs have different criteria. Rangers and Celtic include ST holders as they have paid for a seat and they may not turn up.
  20. ALL clubs? Where is this rule? The only time I've ever seen a rule regarding attendances was the SJFA required it on their return when a Junior Cup tie was played. These figures were never reported publicly. I can imagine there will be some kind of rule for SPFL but I doubt there's a rule for Tier 6 and below. Even Tier 5.
  21. It's being drawn on Thursday (12th).
  22. I doubt it in the West seeing as the games will need floodlights.
  23. This will be the main thing people are looking for but takes time because fancy graphics are more important than results. I can't be the only one that wants to see all the results on the one page for that day. Whereas you have to go through every Division and scroll down because only half the results can be displayed at a time. Here's the East of Scotland : Everything can be seen at a glance. Then if you click on a match you get the fancy clubs logos. Or if you want to choose a match before hand (in the West) you have to go through everything instead of seeing it in the one place. Have they asked users what they are looking for in a website? To see what the priorities are.
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