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  1. I have nothing against VofL - it was just laziness using them as an example as they were bottom and I never looked to see who else was down there.
  2. Best hoping that Talbot or Darvel win WoSFL Premier then play-off and hope VofL get relegated so only 6 get relegated. (That's how I understand it).
  3. I'm looking at the Darvel badge on the left, the Glencairn badge on the right and then confused by the badge in the middle. Forgot it was played at Troon.
  4. 502 is what you get here on Pie and Bovril all the time - a simple F5 refresh and you're as good as new. No amount of F5-ing will revive the WoSFL site when it's in this mood.
  5. Why would they need a bus fare if Rangers didn't have a game on that night?
  6. Is this going to happen every match day with the WoSFL website?
  7. The website was unavailable for a lot of Saturday night and results/table were very late in being updated. Hope it's just a one-off as start of complete League program (ignoring the waste of time 2020-21 season). Just out of curiosity, is the same person doing the website also responsible for the Lowland League website as they were also late in getting results/table up on Saturday? Both have a similar look to them.
  8. You don't have to "use" either of them. They can still be viewed without signing in. https://twitter.com/OfficialWoSFL https://www.facebook.com/OfficialWoSFL I agree they should be updating the website first then their social media.
  9. It's on their social media sites, Twitter and Facebook.
  10. SJFA want to expand Junior Cup to include Tier 5, WoSFL want to expand SCC. I can see the Juniors being edged out again.
  11. Irvine Meadow have a mixture of seating and standing. Doesn't the stand have to have numbered seats and tickets issued?
  12. I think if the draw hadn't been read out loud. Just the numbers drawn. In the correct order. 1-46 (first round winners) 47-64 clubs that were given a bye in alphabetical order. The draw that appeared in the 1st graphic would probably have been correct (minus the Burghead/Winton duplication). I still think they were working off two lists - a numbered printed list (wrong) at the table and a spreadsheet using rows 1-64 .
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