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  1. I think the club and fans will be devastated, if they are licenced, win promotion to the Lowland League and possibly even SPFL within a few years. I'm sure they'll be thinking, "we may well be in League 2 now, but our WoSFL title will forever be tainted because some clubs chose to sit the season out."
  2. I would hope they'll see common sense that if the suspension continues after the end of January, the IMG will put it to a vote of the playing clubs the option of ending the season. Because at that point it will be obvious this will be a season without fans. Clubs voted to continue thinking (hoping) that fans could attend after a few weeks. Not going to happen this season. Probably not even the start of next season.
  3. It will get to the end of January - then they'll likely extend it to the end of February. Then the players will need another three weeks training. Running out of weeks to finish the season off. Or would it be simpler to write this season off and start again with all the clubs back? Back at the start of the season the decision was made with the hope of fans being allowed back in after a few weeks. There is absolutely no chance of that happening this season.
  4. Season's over folks. This SG lockdown isn't going to end at the end of January. SFA decision to suspend football to can't see them resuming when SG lockdown continues.
  5. That's one good thing about this League compared to Juniors - common sense is applied (as regards to the early postponement of fixtures). Only the Scottish tended to have games put off the day before.
  6. Manufacturing never stopped unless I wisnae meant to be at my work!!! Ok. A bit like the farmers when the SG said they could go back to work.
  7. I was just about to say the exact same. Nicola knows right now the lockdown is going to last more than three weeks. When she said "I cannot rule out.........." she knew right there and then this lockdown will not be for just three weeks. So if the WoSFL suspend the season (without prompting from SG), that's it over. On what grounds can they resume the season until everyone is back to work as normal. They've given up that "elite professional" get out clause.
  8. It isn't the same level of lockdown as earlier. Construction and manufacturing continue as normal so no reason why football can't.
  9. I'm fairly certain that's what I just said - the only bit you missed out is the Employer being taxed on the Grant they received. Yes, the players (employees) are taxed as well. That's how PAYE works. EDIT : When I say "taxed" I mean the grant is treated as taxable income.
  10. You can say "effectively" all you want - but legally it isn't the case. The Employer pays the player to avoid making him redundant (the clue is in the name - Job Retention Scheme). The Employer in turn receives a grant to fund this. The Employer is TAXED on this funding.
  11. I think only the top clubs will have anyone having any NI deductions made (assuming brown envelopes are avoided). Tax is only an issue because for most players it is a second job. As for bank transfers - isn't that how the refs and assistants get paid now?
  12. And you know this is happening and it isn't simply a case of the club he loaned out to now taking over the paying of wages to the player?
  13. Are they generating an income for the parent club? That's the determining factor. If you take a Director of a company........he could be furloughed by that company but still do some type of work while on furlough (like paint the windows of a shop) as long as it didn't generate an income for the company. I've had eight months of looking through CJRS rules. Even yesterday I was having to look through them again as people returned to furlough and found that despite the Living Wage increase in April they were still getting paid based on the old furlough rate.
  14. Again, another person that should look at the furlough rules. Anyone that was on an RTI submission before a certain date (19 March 2020) can be put on furlough. Doesn't matter if you're full time or part time. EDIT : Furlough isn't a benefit paid via an Employer. It is paid by the Employer to avoid making an Employee redundant.
  15. I suggest you look at the furlough rules. Furlough is to stop you being made redundant by your Employer. You can work for another Employer during the time you are on furlough. Look at the amount of people that too up working in supermarkets or delivery drivers during the first lockdown. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/work/coronavirus-being-furloughed-if-you-cant-work/
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