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  1. Junior Cup Final

    5,788. There are some pictures here : http://www.myfootballtravels.com/2010/05/rugby-park-2010-scottish-junior-cup.html
  2. Junior Cup Final

    That's what I said - so at least one club gets to play in their traditional colours. The powers that be decided both clubs will play in their away strip.
  3. Abbey park end of an era

    We went about 25 years without winning down there.
  4. Tonights scores 24/4

    We had one at home to Troon put off a couple of years ago. It was breezy in the morning and the amateur game that was on was ok until the last 10-15 minutes or so when the wind really began to ramp up. By the time the match ref got there the wind was howling and it was the sensible decision to put it off. I was meaning at Barrfields - I know of multiple games being put off on the one day. Just that some were complaining refs are putting games off now that would go ahead in the past. Two in the one season for Largs whereas the previous three decades there might only have been a couple of games off because of the wind.
  5. Tonights scores 24/4

    Curiously its the second time Largs have had a game affected by high winds. One thought that occurred to me was this was the second time this season but I can only remember one time previously of a game being called off due to wind. Or maybe I'm forgetting others when there's been almost a whole card of fixtures put off.
  6. West Region Reconstruction?? Again

    That's what I was thinking - then I decided with myself I was getting confused with SPFL. But there will be a vague rule that they can change any rule in exceptional circumstances.
  7. West Region Reconstruction?? Again

    My prediction - clubs will be given three options. Option 1 will be bad for top Division clubs Option 2 will be bad for all clubs Option 3 will be even worse still for all clubs Can you tell which one will win the vote?
  8. Why Hamilton

    So Adult tickets £15 and OAPs/children £10 you want to charge. As this 6000 (?) crowd will likely have about 40% OAPs and children. The attendance isn't likely to be more than 5K I think it would be a few less at those prices. Is it not about 30 years since it was last at Hampden - get over it, it isn't going back there.
  9. Junior Cup Final

    Neither club.
  10. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    I'd rather Largs beat an East Ayrshire side (Auchinleck Talbot) in the final.
  11. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    Money? The Weirs paid to have the ground fitted with a 3G surface in 2012 for the benefit of the community. That's been their only involvement. I don't recall him pumping money into the club the following season to stop them ending bottom of the league and relegated. I don't think he even lives in (or near) Largs any more. Maybe time to look at the thread title again.
  12. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    6000 capacity will be more than ample. 692 at Barrfields last week and 670 at Blair Park today - I think you're right about the capacity being ample.
  13. Highlights of the Scottish Cup Semi-Finals

    Do you mean the blatant dive at 2:22 ? Ref got it right (apart from not booking the Talbot player).
  14. Junior Cup Final

    OK - Largs and Talbot it is then. Now - have we got a date set for this match?
  15. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    A couple of seasons ago when Largs were in relegation zone they had only one game against Talbot to be played. At the time Talbot were still in with a chance of winning the league. This was when fixtures were arranged on a week to week basis. Largs went 58 days without a fixture. Nearly two months. This can happen to clubs due to postponements in winter. But this was in summer at the end of the season. What should have been Largs biggest gate of the season turned out to be a poor gate because it was eventually played on a Monday night in June when Largs were relegated and Talbot could no longer win the league. All the other clubs managed to catch up on their fixtures. Between Largs previous game and the end of the season, of the clubs Talbot played, Rob Roy and Glenafton played 7 games, Beith 5 games and Hurlford, Troon and Kilwinning all played 4 games. Largs were being punished because their artificial surface meant no postponements. I can understand the other clubs being behind but Largs should not have ended up being the final game of the league season after being ahead in fixtures for so long. I doubt Kennie will ever make a mess of things as bad as that.