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  1. This is my fear - that they start the season hoping only one or two games are behind closed doors and then Wee Nippy comes along and moves the goalposts but the season has then started so they have to continue.
  2. I would say the fact they are sending out a Survey Monkey questionnaire with options would mean those groupings were invented. It may well be one of the options but that is all. EDIT : Looks like I got that wrong.
  3. Would any WoSL club doing this be excluded from the 2021-22 South Region Challenge Cup as a result?
  4. Sadly I have to agree. I hope I'm wrong in a few years time and when it gets to the later stages. For some reason I thought the draw was at noon today but didn't feel any excitement. Unlike waiting for the Junior Cup draws to be made in previous years. I just know that someone is going to ask when the ties get played "Is this cup instead of the Jackie Scarlett Cup?"
  5. The financial report up to 31st April showed £12,100 in honoraria. Then the extra financial report for the 3 months from 1st May to 31st July showed a further £12,600 in honoraria. This was the period after the clubs had all agreed to move to the WoSFL. It will be down to the timing of payments beings disrupted by the lockdown and sponsorship money coming in (£2,500 in April, £2000 in June 2020 and £1,000 from SJFA in July 2020). The £12,100 was £9,500 in June 2019, £2000 in Feb 2020 and £600 in April 2020. The £12,600 was £4,600 in May 2020, £4,000 in June 2020 and £4000 in July 2020. I don't think there's anything amiss with the honorariums. It is for the previous year.
  6. I'm sure supporters of those clubs that miss out will be raging.
  7. If there is no fans at games there is NO games at our level.
  8. And what better way to move on than by bringing up the past. 😀
  9. Lesmahagow's ground. My favourite ground to visit in Junior football. (I've never visited it since they turned Senior). There's just so much going on at that ground. Chairs and benches in the middle of nowhere.
  10. I can't see the clubs allowing it for more than this season. The SFA have created the problem by insisting that the 2019-20 Scottish Cup is played to a finish, and then delaying it till December. I can't see any reason why they couldn't do what the other countries are doing and getting it out of the way now or at the start of the season. Could it be the same with the Junior Cup? I'd heard the two remaining quarter final ties, semi final ties and final are being played from March/April. So you could have those clubs meeting each other in the 2020-21 competition (if drawn against each other) before they meet each other in the 2019-20 competition. It's absurd if this is the case. They could play the semi finals at neutral SPFL grounds (back one off ties under floodlights). I'd like to think the WoSFL would accommodate one fixture change to allow the final to be played.
  11. You get furlough payments for every job that you are through the PAYE system with if agreeable to both the employer and employee.
  12. If they are not going to games or training then they don't need the money then.
  13. Can we go back to the Juniors - things were easier back then. (I'm only kidding - get that idea of going back into the garbage can as soon as possible).
  14. I thought East, South and West had a play-off then the winners went against a team from Lowland to see who took the place in the Lowland League?
  15. When does the 2020-21 season need to be ended by? Are Bonnyton licensed? Say for example they won the League, when would it need to be finished by for them to have a play off with South/East/Lowland?
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