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  1. Only at grounds with cup games on. Selective weather.
  2. We'll find out at 3:45pm tomorrow if that's true.
  3. Seems a bit unfair on Clydebank - I'd be looking to Yoker to repay their share over a few years out of the extra SFA money available to them if they got Licenced as well. Yoker would be mad not to go for Licencing.
  4. In the Juniors any new applicant has their ground looked at months in advance of the AGM and knows if their ground is up to scratch. What was the process in the East two years ago. Although, I suppose a club could apply and leave off resigning from the Juniors until as late as possible.
  5. £4 a booking in a cup game. (£10 in the Scottish). £10 after 6 cautions in the League - it would have to be quite an undisciplined team to cost £1000 a year.
  6. Cumnock (along with Petershill) are trying for a Licence. You can only get a Licence if you have Pyramid aspirations so this will likely be closed off to them when the door officially shuts on the Juniors.
  7. It must be slightly worrying for the SJFA when the best supported club in the grade have come out and said give us what we voted for or we may be offski.
  8. They might as well get Scott Robertson back then - isn't that how he did it?
  9. Any West Premier team leaving? Unless they come up with a believable solution fast I can't see any West Premier team staying. Every statement has indicated the club are considering leaving if others go. Not one has said they are staying put regardless.
  10. He hasn't - he'll come back with Option Z again. Maybe the Lowland League will come round to his way of thinking.
  11. "Talks are ongoing." (Stop sniggering at the back).
  12. Seven? I'm getting old - I thought there was only four.
  13. But the West Region Management Committee that recommended the clubs support this option.
  14. It was a ridiculous idea. Why did the West Region recommend the only option that meant another League had to alter its format to accommodate Junior clubs? Why would they change something they probably think was successful for someone else. No wonder they don't want ANYTHING to do with the Juniors.
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