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  1. Have they even announced how many clubs applied at the closing date for applications? Then it's just a case of visiting those clubs to see how many could realistically go forward.
  2. This is one thing I don't think there should be any debate over. There needs to be a barrier between spectators and players.
  3. You'd have thought the clubs might have made an announcement saying they had been granted licences or is JOD just assuming things.
  4. So a club could have potentially another 6 games in this plus a potential 8 games from the 2021-22 competition? I had thought they might mean replacing the 2021-22 with the 2020-21.....but what about those clubs that didn't take part in the 2020-21 season or were knocked out. That wouldn't be fair on them. Just null and void the 2020-21 competition as well and just pretend 2020-21 didn't happen and all the clubs can start afresh.
  5. If an SGM is called under the terms of the current constitution, any existing rule can be changed if a majority of the clubs agree. So the clubs that withdrew earlier in the season could vote against any change and thus punish clubs that wish to change the rules and withdraw now?
  6. What was the Lowland League's response the last time when change was beings asked of them? When the Juniors were trying to join the Pyramid as a whole, Lowland League West and Lowland League East was Option Z........how did that go down with the Lowland League? I know this is different proposal but I can't see why they would want to change their format.
  7. At the beginning of the season there was HOPE there could a complete season and there was HOPE there would be fans allowed. Now we KNOW the season won't be complete and we KNOW there won't be fans allowed.
  8. Is it the Alex Salmond scandal or the Nicola Sturgeon scandal?
  9. I get the impression the SJFA are open to change in their cup (inviting others in) in hope of keeping it going as a meaningful cup.
  10. You don't. When he's bringing up things from over half a century ago as a reason to continue with Juniors then it's a case of shaking your head and ignoring.
  11. I get the impression they want conclusion on this season at any cost. And by any cost I mean a disrupted season 2021-22 as well. Rather than write this season off and start afresh with the 2021-22 season with all cups. They now know there will be no fans allowed in the 2020-21 season whereas at the start of it they hoped there might be a chance. How many clubs would have voted to start knowing no fans would see the games? That's who the games are for.
  12. Things back to normal (in England) by June 21 according to the bold Boris. I wonder if Wee Nippy agrees. They'll all be led by the science and data- but never tell us in advance what targets (data) need to be met.
  13. So when do the clubs find out which ones have applied? How does the process of admitting new clubs compare to the old Juniors regime? Wasn't it a case of (usually individually) clubs would apply, their ground inspected then by the time it came t the SJFA AGM it was just a formality of voting them in. I have no real idea how it worked. When all the clubs applied the last time (67 + 1 rejected) it was only after all the clubs were accepted we found out which one had been rejected. Do we find out on 1st April the names of the clubs that have applied? Are we back to drawing up tables on P&B of yes/no/maybe from Twitter statements from clubs?
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