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  1. But at least big Doidge has never come out as a Tory voter
  2. Yes they can - only first home game of season wasnt available to away fans. Altho our next game v Dons is at Pittodrie?
  3. Govt dont administer Scottish football - SFA/SPFL do. SFA sentence I am sure will not impress Scottish Govt not penalise your club for irresponsible behaviour by your players. Let’s hope there is a points deduction to get the message home?
  4. Yes suspended for 3 matches but the suspension suspended until Feb next year and only activated if breach again. Seems they get off lightly as their behaviour lead to games being postponed - punishment seems very lenient?
  5. Yes the Hibees Irishness will have some influence on who supports us. My understanding is (and I could be wrong as I didn’t go to a catholic school) is that in catholic schools in the city Hibs are the main team supported with Celtic second and then the Jambos. My gut feeling is that maybe around 30-40% of Hibs fans might describe themselves as catholics altho probably a lot less attend Mass. The Jambos are the more middle class/ the establishment team in the city - one of their nicknames used by hibees is the bungalow bairns. Hibees are more left wing/ anti establishment/anti monarchy than the Jambos (we didn’t win the first world war!) but of course that might be a very crude generalisation and oversimplification of the situation. Hibs support might well be stronger in the more deprived areas of the city, which are more to North and East of the City like Muirhouse and Pilton although Leith has become quite a desirable part of the city to live in these days. The West and South of the City is more affluent - Corstorphine and Morningside for example but in the less affluent parts of “Hearts end” like Wester Hailes, Sighhill and Oxgangs my feeling would be there would be more Jambos altho quite a sizeable Hibee minority. Maybe a Jambo should offer his/her views to give “their” perspective? I have heard it said more fans in Edinburgh overall support the Hibees rather than Jambos but Hearts have more fans in the Lothians than us - Hearts having larger support in West Lothian and Midlothian than us - probably Hibs ahead in East Lothian. But this thread is about reconstruction and the Jambos going down!
  6. I’m a Hibs fan living in Glasgow but was borne and brought up in Edinburgh. I would say geography is the most important factor determining which of the city’s two teams you decide to support assuming you take an interest in football. So if you are in North and East of City tends to be Hibs and if you are in West and South of city more likely a Jambo. Maybe what team your dad supports is also a key influence as well as friends and family. Religion isn’t much of an influence - I think less than 15% of Edinburgh’s population is Catholic. I was brought up in the Southside of the City and aint a Catholic but my best mates at school were Hibbies thus the choice I made.
  7. Hibs attendance v Livi earlier in season was 5305, Hearts attendance was 4201 so maybe more Hibs fans than Jambos so far? Heart’s fans are in the main from West of City so nearer/easier game for them to get to? Last three home attendances for Livi have been under 2600 so you need a good away support to boost crowd/give Livi some income!? My guess is 1500 Livi fans 2500 Hibs fans crowd around 4000? And what will that prove in a who is the better supported Hibs/Hearts debate with you suggesting (winding up?) its the Jambos. Who cares?
  8. Hibs to date have sold over 11,000. Last season (including I think half season tickets) total season tickets sold were 13,500. I think last season's number is expected to be exceeded by the start of the new season but who knows? When Hibs had sold 9,500 for this season they said 700 were new season ticket holders so suppose it depends how many existing season ticket holders drop out. The date existing season ticket holders seats are released for general sale (and seat swaps) is 2 June so suppose there might be more renewals by then and then lots of seat changes! And plenty might just renew close to the new season start but best seats might have gone by then? Seats for walk up Hibs supporters are in short supply so for 90% of games last season Hibs opened up part of the South (i.e Away) Stand for Hibs fans.
  9. Hibs were down for three seasons. Were we as unpopular as Dundee United seem to be? I know Hearts fans would be happy for us - is it just the same for United with Dundee fans rubbing it in and nobody else really that antagonistic towards United? (apart from maybe **** fans who seem to hate United along with Hibs for their supposed hard line re Rangers administration?)
  10. When Hibs played Thistle at Firhill this season the attendance was 4997 with 1993 Hibees in attendance so there were around 3064 Thistle fans there. I don’t know how many Old Firm fans are there when you play them and there are the issues that put off home fans v that lot - more likely to get beat, sectarian nature of some of their fans, higher prices, seats moved, kick off time, live on TV etc. But do Thistle regularly get around 3000 home fans and would that be the number v Old Firm? Of course being the magnificant Edinburgh Hibees maybe more Thistle fans than average turnout?
  11. That might be an influence on the home attendance. Think its also fair to say plenty parents dont like to bring their kids when the Old Firm sectarian bigotry comes to town?
  12. Hibs v Celtic 20,193 Sunday early ko Hibs v Gers 20,057 midweek usual 7 45pm Away end at Easter Road holds around 3,800. Hibs average gate this season is around 17,800 Easter Road capacity is 20,400 but despite sell outs (this season against Hearts, **** and Tic) never quite reach capacity?
  13. Open from 1pm. Cash sales only. Hibs fans are in part of the Away/South stand.
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