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  1. Bit of an exaggeration. You had the stand behind the goal and half of the stand running along the pitch. To be fair, you did fill them with more to spare.
  2. Long-term existance would satisfy me. Of course Hibs/Hearts/OF will always be bigger than Livingston. But I still feel that we have decent growth potential, especially if we manage to get back into the SPL. I don't remember there being any big subsidies in season ticket prices when we were doing well. Scottish football crowds in general were bigger back then. I think Dominic Keane just over-spent on players (and that stupid office block).
  3. I think you make some valid points. The ownership and running of the club has been a bit dodgy in the past. I feel that we've never had the stability of other clubs in our league and by and large we don't have the same level of history/foundation. I often question why anyone would invest in a club like Livingston. The vast majority of football clubs are are not profitable businesses. Therefore, for someone to take over a football club and invest a lot of their own money, it would take some sort of personal motive. I just don't see, with Livingston being a new club with a relatively small fanbase, there being many people who would care enough to invest money year after year. I don't exclude the idea that someone with a lot of money would want to just blow it on a football club, but it seems unrealistic that anyone would want to for more than a few years unless they really cared. I think if Livingston can survive for a few more decades then we will prosper and find the stability that we've lacked before. We have a young fanbase at the moment and the town itself is expanding rapidly with more and more first-time buyers and families coming to live here. If we can attract/keep these young supporters then we will have a stronger fanbase and a better prospect of finding investors who support Livingston and care about the club enough to ensure it's long-term stability. I'm not suggesting here Angelo Massone does not care about Livingston. But as you've rightly said, time will tell.
  4. I'm a bit worried by all of this. Hope that Massone doesn't turn out to be another Pearse Flynn- ie a bullsh*tter. In my opinion (and I'm no lawyer!), the debts inherited by the club should be the responsibility of the chairman. Whether Pearse Flynn has lied about the unpaid accounts or not, the club should pay up first and then seek re-imbursement, should it be due. I do have faith in Angelo, but it's unfair to label people "fake fans" if they become worried or annoyed by the constant stalling of payments they are due. I hope the situation is resolved quickly.
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