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  1. Is it this guy you mean? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Barrow
  2. McCann didn't actually win a game until Dodds came in. I think we drew 0-0 (or 1-1 maybe) with Hearts, lost the next two, then Dodds came in. I could be mistaken with that, apologies if so but you're right about McCann's record not actually being that good.
  3. So you are at least 50 years old, yet you're wetting your bed with anger that someone you don't even know watched a game of football on the telly?! Are you that Gordon Sawyer angry old sadsack? Let it go. Away and make yoursel a sandwich or tidy your bedsit or something.
  4. Just reading through the entire thread just now. Offfft - I need a pint of water now... Soooooo salty!!
  5. Dunfermline will finish in the top half of the league minimum now. I'm pretty confident they'll make the play offs to be honest. I hope I'm wrong (nothing personal against The Pars BTW) or at least Yogi remembers he still loves the ICT!
  6. Absolutely not. Certainly not peeved for sure, but I'd be pretty surprised. Robbo's a great guy and I've no doubt he'd do a really good job for you, or anyone really. Although let's be honest, whoever comes in will do a better job than Grant has done. In that respect this is a bit of a win-win appointment for the new manager. The reason I say I'd be surprised is that it's no secret that Robbo's had a lot of personal / family problems lately, hence why we ended up with McCann and Dodds taking temporary charge. He quit his position as he did not want to go back to full time management, so we appointed Dodds. Robbo seems to be enjoying his Sporting Director role with the club and most of all it allows him to stay in Inverness which I'm led to believe is very important to him and he'd not be keen on moving away or travelling excessively. I could well be wrong on all of this but this is to the best of my knowledge. If he goes I'd wish him well (and Dunfermline, I've nothing against The Pars) but he can't expect to end up back at ICT in some role or another again in the future. If he cuts his ties with us again then this time there should just be a line drawn under it all. On another note, and I doubt you'll agree with me here, but the manager I really hope you DO NOT get is Yogi. You've got some good players, he'd have you up the table in no time. If you appoint Yogi I'd absolutely put money on you making the play offs.
  7. Robbo is not looking for another managers job. Certainly not at the moment anyway. He's Sporting Director with ICT just now. Apparently there are lot of different projects around the club that he's involved in. He seems to be enjoying the role and not missing the pressures of management. With some of the players that you have I think Yogi would be a good fit. Therefore, for selfish reasons, I hope you stick with Grant!
  8. I think some of the Queens fans are perhaps being a little harsh on the keeper for the first goal. He's in the centre of the goal, it just doesn't look like it when you see the goal from the first angle. When you see it from in front he's centre. Either way that's not the issue, it's the bounce of the ball in from of him, he's got no chance when that happens. If it hadn't had that bounce I reckon he'd have tipped it around the post. Whenever the ball bounces in front of the keeper like that it's almost always a goal. That's why strikers are often told to head the ball into the ground if they can. If the keeper is in motion and the trajectory of the ball changes it's rare the keeper can recover. Either way, I'm delighted he didn't save it though!
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