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  1. Lives vs life's is annoying me far more than it should.
  2. It's probably the best podcast in terms of "did that really happen?" as it seems to be where the writer has been most creative in his script. It is curious though, why they never got the bullet so to speak. Writer nailed it though I thought. Outstanding final episode.
  3. Legasov didn't appear at the trial, it was probably the biggest deviation from what really happened. According to Craig Mazin on the podcast, the trial itself was very boring, and he used it as a device to explain to the viewer what had actually happened. It was also too difficult to introduce multiple new characters for the purpose of the trial. Though I suppose Khomyuk being at the trial does cover that in some regard, being a fictional character to represent the wider scientific community.
  4. I did German in school, up to higher level, but that was 20 years ago now. Was in Berlin last year and tried to be as polite as I could, but found I just couldn't understand a word when spoken back to me. I'm back again next week and will endeavour to order food and drinks in my awful rusty Deutsch once again. It's something I wish I had actually stuck with, though at the time I was glad to get rid. It's only now looking back I see it as an absolute opportunity missed. Company I work for has an office in the Netherlands and employs people from all over Europe in customer service roles. Some of those guys are fluent in 4+ languages, and I am beyond impressed with them. I might actually look out some of the apps mentioned on here and maybe try and dredge up some of the old vocab. Find some time and see how it goes.
  5. What could possibly go wrong? In all seriousness though, I would love to draw them again and get to see a game at Dalymount.
  6. Anna Maxwell Martin was outstanding as Carmichael "I expect I shall see a transfer request on my desk in the morning" OUCH!!!
  7. I was just about to mention the Williams sisters. Some of the comments around them over the last 20 years have been awful, as they don't conform to the body standards of placed upon women. Tennis being a fairly elitist sport doesn't help though. At least in athletics black athletes have been dominant a while. My comparison to Phelps was purely to highlight how different the media portray the two. Phelps is the swimming god with amazing genes and we are lucky enough to witness him in his prime (we are!), Semenya is portrayed as an unknown, a freak, someone to be fearful of. This is a woman who has dedicated her life to athletics, gone to the very top, and athletics has returned the favour like this?
  8. That's exactly it. A name that sold itself for a generation. Man Utd express interest - where do I sign? Almost guaranteed success and a haul of medals. Now? The real elite that they could previously court now look elsewhere. The rebuild at united is at a delicate phase, if they get this wrong they could see themselves like a Liverpool of 10 years ago.
  9. It would be particularly sweet if she did the doping, dropped her test levels to the required range, then still horsed Lynsey Sharp. She could then be interviewed by the BBC and give a Gregg Wallace style "pleasing" to Paula Radcliffe. Lynsey could then return to tweeting child abuse jokes and claiming she didn't know what they meant.
  10. It's a fair comment re Phelps though. Lauded as being "Born to swim" with his wingspan, weird elbows and the freakish suppression of lactic acid production (A superpower they gave Captain America!). I don't see any Lynsey Sharp swimming equivalents greeting about getting bumped up from 6th to 5th because it's not fair. Every elite athlete is a "freak" in some way. Else everyone would run the same times and sport would be shite. White American male = good genetic freak Black African woman = bad genetic freak
  11. I'm another one just rewatching series 1 as it's an age ago since I saw it. I think the terrorism angle is going to play a big part, and Steve's old boss who he refused to lie for will be returning at some point. He's my guess at H. He may have links to Belfast too, as did Ted and Corbett. You just know the wait for series 6 will feel like an eternity!
  12. So I've stuck with C25k Now on Week 8 and running for 28 mins at a time. Never thought it would be me, don't get me wrong, when I'm actually running, I hate it, but it's a huge mood booster once it's done. A 28 min run before work this morning, and I feel I've got a head start on the day. Got talked into doing the EMF 5k at the end of May too. Then I saw the route was hilly. Fuark!!!
  13. But the real burning question is, did Ted get his toilet fixed? Gill's not going to be happy if she's not flushed!
  14. Wow!!! That last 20 minutes, Harkness and Macdonald were outstanding. Awards incoming there. Twists and mystery for 3 episodes, a big reveal and an intense finish. Highest quality drama.
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