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  1. There's so many great songs to choose from that a top 5 is probably impossible. Ignoring the obvious candidates and in no particular order I'll go for: Kometenmelodie 2 Ohm Sweet Ohm Metal on Metal/Abzug Die Mensch-Maschine Electric Cafe
  2. Despite the slogan, all sensible people know Budweiser is only acceptable when it's either offered gratis or the only bevvy available, therefore I declare kölsch to be the true King of Beers.
  3. I'm working my notice, and a lot of my colleagues are in India so they finish between 1pm-3pm UK time. Can see afternoon beers being a regular occurrence for the next month.
  4. I'll occasionally have some garlic mayo dip with a pizza, but mayo smeared across the pizza is obviously wrong.
  5. Had my nails varnished shocking pink for a bet years ago, but think I could give the nailbars a miss when they re-open. Honestly can't wait until the pubs re-open, and I hope local sport gets an attendance boost once it is back on. Reminiscing of the halcyon days of superb away trips in the WOS/Junior Cup brings a mixture of laughter and sadness at present.
  6. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there have been minimal COVID-19 cases linked to previous protests in the UK (whether it be anti-lockdown, BLM, or others. Also read the other day that few if any cases have been linked to the busy beaches in the south of England last summer. The point is, if I'm willing to protest against the lockdown restrictions then it will be at a point where I believe them to be excessive. Therefore a large public gathering would IMO be much less risky from a transmission standpoint than the govt rules dictated. However, in this hypothetical situation, I will admit I would very much be there to add to the numbers and would not be joining in with any plandemic/scamdemic/anti-vax pish.
  7. From the little I've seen, people sharing the #enoughisenough hashtag have tended to be the established covid deniers/lockdown sceptics. With that being said, if it gets to the point where I think the lockdown restrictions are excessive, I'd probably end up reluctantly protesting alongside those folk.
  8. From speaking to my mate who works in an ASN school (in North Ayrshire), all of their P1-P3 are going back full-time, and the most vulnerable have still been in school previously, so he thinks they will be at roughly 50% capacity next week. So aye, Fallkirk Council's stance seems odd.
  9. When challenged earlier I assumed it had something to do with being within the station boundary. Felt like quite the rebel when I removed my face covering immediately after leaving the train at an empty Pollokshields West station. Hope I don't get lifted.
  10. Not that I could see. Only another handful of passengers waiting for the train though.
  11. Was also asked to put a face covering on (which I did). When I said I didn't realise it was required (the station isn't indoors) the polis replied "why do you think we're wearing them?" Was very tempted to respond with "Because your commanding officer ordered you to?" but shat it and decided I'd rather just get home without hassle.
  12. First time I've seen polis questioning folk (myself included) the reason for their train journey today.
  13. A mate of mine works in an ASN school and got his first vaccine dose a couple of weeks ago. He's healthy and in his 30s, and I thought the whole point of him (and presumably his colleagues) being bumped up the priority list in order to get their pupils back in school asap.
  14. I'll assess the situation properly in May, but for the first time since I've been old enough to vote, I'm considering to not bother.
  15. I've actually had few issues with them as a customer, but might just leave them in solidarity with you. Only pay 32 quid per month for gas + elec normally, which has probably made me too lazy to consider changing to another provider. I was offered a smart meter in today's call, which reminded me that I got compo off them before because the first time they sent an engineer round years ago to install one, he didn't have a big enough ladder (to check something in the shared stairwell) and then when the second guy turned up a few weeks later he explained it wasn't possible for me to get a smart meter anyway for some reason.
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