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  1. I didn't know until I read it that the Rahvaliiga doesn't have an offside rule in place. Sounds hilarious.
  2. Jk Tabasalu 26 Poseidon II 0 in more Estonian Cup shenanigans.
  3. While I'm sure we're all excited ahead of the Scotland game tonight, that is dwarfed by the excitement at the start of the 2022/23 Eesti Karikas this evening. Only one first round tie this evening as Tallinna Wolves II take on Flora III. Wolves II lost 14-0 to FC Cosmos in the Väike Karikas (Small Cup) so Flora's third string side have probably already put a few goals past them. Albeit losing 14-0 against an entire cosmos is perhaps respectable given the billions upon billions of players they must be able to select from. The most likely cricket score I can see thus far is in one of the second round ties already confirmed between two teams drawn a bye in round one as top flight Nõmme Kalju visit local minnows Jalgpallihaigla in July.
  4. Is there anything stopping you from cancelling your direct debit and to just pay manually every month for what you use? I paid 39 quid today for my last month's gas/electricity usage (1 bed flat). On my account the suggested DD amount was £105. Even without the £400 quid government support, I doubt monthly average over the next 12 months will be more than £70.
  5. In unexpectedly not mismatched scorelines from the Suomen Cup - Ilves 2 defeated Ilves 2-1. Definitely no shenanigans involved in this last minute winner.
  6. Within Nicola Sturgeon's constituency so probably got some pro-indy votes from locals that no longer like NS. Further down the list pleasing to see the SSP ahead of the Lib Dems (albeit both small %). Take note Edinburgh.
  7. 1. Socialists 2. Green 3. Lab 1 4. Lab 2 5. Independent All other runners fell/pulled up/unseated rider.
  8. Also Seychellois middle distance athlete Gaylord Silly
  9. On 21 March 2015 I watched Ross score a late winner for Ardeer Thistle against Thorniewood United. Seven years later he's in the Scotland squad. Can't think anyone would have predicted that back in 2015.
  10. I'm glad that Lesmahagow victory margin has now been bettered. Incidentally, Ardeer started that match with only ten men. If I hadn't missed my bus that day, I'd have kitted up and played, which would have been some sight!
  11. In more Estonian Cup fun, they've drawn the next round and Tulevik (who seem to have got a walkover in round 2) have been drawn against their own reserves. Flora Tallinn will face their u19 side assuming the youths get by FCP Pärnu in round two.
  12. At least your boys Eston Villa made it through. Same sadly can't be said for newcomers EstHam United.
  13. While this is obviously an incredible scoreline, it's been a goal friendly weekend in the Eesti Karikas and you have to feel for Flora Tallinn's second eleven and Tallinna Legion, whose 24 and 21 goal winning margins yesterday against Karsklus and Soccernet respectively have been somewhat overshadowed by today's result. We've also had a 13-1 win. an 11-1 win, a 10-0 win and two 9-0 wins this weekend but I'm not sure they fall in the same mis-matched category any more.
  14. Nõmme Kalju 32 (thirty-two!) FC Mulgi 0. Biggest win in the cup since 2015.
  15. Tulevik were (only) 9-0 up at half time. Their final 17 goals were scored in 36 second half minutes.
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