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  1. The limit for accepting coppers for a payment of goods/services is something like 22p. Probably a tidy sum when they came up with this amount. You could pay more into a bank/post office account though. I think it was unlimited as they were coins of the realm or other such gubbins but I think that has changed.
  2. I think it's only illegal to refuse cash to pay a court fine or other court cost. Could be wrong though as my brain has been fried and I can't even remember why I think this is so.
  3. Battering down the managers door demanding a two year deal.
  4. Brilliant, quick thinking from Erskine at the second goal. If he hadn't done what he did, it would have summed up our season. How Jenkins wasn't sent off is beyond belief.
  5. Did nobody tell The Rangers players what Dundee Utd's former name was?
  6. Why? He knew he caught him well enough but he should have been sent to a neutral corner to allow the referee to continue his count.
  7. Surely someone has posted May the fourth be with you by now. Can't be arsed checking back.
  8. Alan Kay and, club legend, John Harvey are Jags fans.
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