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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/20/liverpool-launch-attack-on-completely-stupid-jordan-pickford The Ev have absolutely broken them. Fantastic stuff.
  2. Gonna donate that tenner to charity as frankly I'm just glad that Jimmy Boo managed to not be anti-semitic today given his team played Spurs. I'm sure that Ludo, Dee Man, 14mile et al will be disappointed with his performance!
  3. Team Gammon with a strong showing in here tonight.
  4. Liverpool Twitter has been sensational in the last 24 hours. Honestly enjoyed that yesterday even more than Villa pumping them.
  5. Some hit. The Barclays delivers again.
  6. Wow "Why bigot Kincardine is a reasonable poster", me for Spiked by Pandarilla o'Neil. As said before Pandarilla, you are nothing more than a useful idiot for right wing bigots like Gincy.
  7. Stormzy giving off huge "wife has just left me" energy. The Laurence Fox of P&B.
  8. @Wanda June 1 2019 hope you enjoyed your day, m7-2.
  9. Is the new Spittting Image not mostly written/voiced by Matt Forde? It will quite obviously be terrible.
  10. I think you lads might be taking this a wee bit too seriously. Is the correct answer. JTS got the pish ripped out of him because he had this weird faux intellectual sense of superiority, bit to everything and had an unyielding sense that he knew better than everyone else. There's nothing complicated about it.
  11. A headsgone in the headsgone thread. How apt. I honestly think you need to sit down and have a look at your life, man. Getting in the state you do at your age, lashing out like you do and trying to get bites using bigotry, flegs, DPRS, natter, etc is seriously worrying. Also, deeply concerning how invested you are in me and my life. If you think me pointing out your drunk rambling warrants this level of disgusting personal and professional abuse, you clearly have some serious issues. Perhaps take a break from here, I don't think embarrassing yourself on a regular basis here is great for you. Good luck.
  12. Another belter of a hangover for you today no doubt, brother. Really stings to be called stupid by an old drunk who uses patter like natter, DPRS and flegs. You are a buckled old mess and really should think about following JTS off the forum, it isn't good for you.
  13. Thoughts with @jimmy boo, @8MileBU, @Bigmouth Strikes Again, @pandarilla , @Wanda June 1 2019and @The_Kincardine at this difficult time.
  14. A really good moment for your forum experience given the abuse he was handing out your way. Very disappointed that he didn't float the idea of resigning on here first to engage us on what was the right thing to do. I do hope he is enjoying his time at the beach, browsing old articles on Spiked.
  15. First things first, you haven't exactly tried to engage in a discussion or present any coherent argument. Just some bad faith patter that has got people wanting you to shut up.
  16. Bit early to be hitting it this hard, fella. Mind and have a glass of water now and then to make sure you aren't completely off your tits by kick off.
  17. Obviously most of the chat will be about Suarez but Atleti were fantastic all over the pitch today. Seem to have so many options in all areas of the team now. Joao Felix was incredible today as well.
  18. The penalty should have been decided in the marketplace of ideas.
  19. Nothing better than watching Tory Frank Lampard's Chelsea getting pumped.
  20. Mad that people get annoyed with McGregor making coin when Taylor is much more odious. Shame he will cruise it tomorrow as he is a supremely talented boxer.
  21. The whole conversation is glorious, but right wing Tory bellend Tom Harwood boasting about his BA in Politics only to get bodied is glorious reading.
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