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  1. A really frustrating derby but good win in the end (that should have been much more comfortable) and pretty much seals top 4 barring a massive collapse. Atmosphere in the stadium really weird, totally unlike the previous 2 derbies I've been at. Carrasco is an absolute baller, just always loads of fun to watch. Griezmann absolutely can't buy a goal just now as well.
  2. Well worth getting up in the middle of the night for. Absolute masterclass and even Bivol winning 115-113 on all cards was an attempted robbery - I had it 10-2. Absolutely dominated behind the jab, lovely left hook when needed and peppered him with the straight right all night. Delicious interview after as well.
  3. Yeah mate, will most likely be absolutely roasting! I'll be honest, Madrid isn't really much of a beer hall or garden place, it's more lots of terraces out the front of pubs, rooftops and stuff. Let us know how many of you and what area (central I guess?) and I'll fire you a bunch of decent ideas for eating, boozing and daytime stuff. I presume it's just a weekend visit yeah?
  4. Not picking out your posts in general, but have you ever seen Aidy Lewis walk ons in Glasgow for the Premier League in darts? He gets absolutely pelted. Or any of the massive scraps there has been (UK wide) at horse racing? I personally think the most sensible solution is the one posted by VT a few pages back - it wouldn't be difficult to categorise games and sell alcohol based on that. For smaller clubs especially, it would be an excellent extra source of revenue with very little risk.
  5. Watching on Spanish DAZN, commentators seething about the ref and Warrington's use of the head.
  6. El Classico tonight. Barca in good form but Real have won the last five. Needs a Barca win and Sevilla to beat Real Sociedad to have even the smallest chance of a title race. Atleti won their fifth league game in a row last night, Simeone finally seeming to find his favoured set up this year. Reinildo coming back and players like Griezmann and Gimenez coming back to fitness no doubt helping too.
  7. As much as Steve Bunce is mental, he had it bang on about that fight. Two Scottish level boys giving it their best. Fair play to them. Sunny Edwards was magnificent last night. A superb performance where he dropped only a couple of rounds where he seemed to coast. He is a genuinely top tier talent IMO, even if he is a total bellend. Shame there was about 3 people there.
  8. Happy enough for Noppert because of the crowd but that was one brutal final.
  9. @AlbionSaint making a bid to surpass Rab as the worst poster the site has ever seen. Fair play to him.
  10. Yeah, I didnt see how Ryder won 7 rounds there. Had it 7-5 to Jacobs but the first 6 were very conclusive and he could have taken a couple of the second half.
  11. Absolutely. One of the only time I'll agree with ICTory Chris
  12. I'm not a fan of brewdog at all and Watt is clearly a p***k. However, it has to be said that Daly is one of the absolute worstcunts going. A genuinely vile c**t.
  13. Magic darts, that. What's this craic about Smith being a tory, though? Always seems a top guy in interviews.
  14. We made it, broThers. Every test negative, resulting in a first T in two years whilst having a Christmas Eve pint with the old man on his birthday. Life could not be beTTer.
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