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  1. Ward is my favourite fighter - an absolute top boi in and out of the ring. The 24/7 stuff before the kovalev fight is brilliant as is the "just show up" speech. Josh Taylor is a national embarrassment.
  2. Seven points clear with a game in hand for Atleti. Six wins on the spin since the derby defeat. That was a huge win tonight. The loss away to Eibar last season was horrific, Trippier, Hermoso and Koke out tonight - had all the signs of a tough night. Awful pen to give away early, formation looked poor to start but fair play to Simeone, he changed it and they deserved the three points.
  3. Some patter from Real with in matching Atleti for a mintering cup exit to a Segunda B side. With regard to Trippier, he has been daft. I think the "lump on it" message is the only contentious one really - absolutely no bother with telling his mates where he is going, footballers shouldn't be prohibited from that and it is a ridiculous market to be able to bet on. Football's relationship with the gambling industry is another story though. A fit Sime Vrsaljko is probably a better player than him, but Trippier is vital to how Atleti play this season and no one knows exactly if Vrsaljko is even capable of playing a sustained run anymore - he has only played a handful of games in three years. It's a huge blow for Atletico, only Llorente or Oblak would be bigger misses tbh.
  4. Mad that after having it explained to him in small words so many times, old waistcoat still doesn't understand the role finance has in football. Incredible.
  5. JMDP


    Can't believe Baddiel has been mentioned with regards to TV shows without Baddiel's Syndrome being mentioned. My word.
  6. I think it is fairly safe to say you don't have to particularly like a guy with form for racism who spreads disinformation about COVID tbh. Same as you can enjoy the sport of boxing but not like Mayweather knocking women about.
  7. What a mental game of football. River must feel pretty hard done by there.
  8. Aye, I know where you are coming from. I'm still not that confident - next game against Eibar is very important. The performance there last season was brutal, a meek 2-0 defeat that was over as soon as Eibar scored within the first few minutes. The difference this season is that the squad is very strong in every single area. Right back and keeper are the only area that seem to be reliant on one player - a fully fit Vrsaljko could change that though. Last season, one or two players missing had a huge impact. This season, you could field two fairly strong sides from the squad.
  9. Good win for Atleti after that banter performance in the cup. Four points clear, two games in hand. Things looking pretty good. Trippier makes a huge difference to the team, gives a great option down the right and both goals came from that side.
  10. Hannity taking time on Fox News to deny he has had a lifetime free pasta pass revoked as part of this was an interesting turn. Really covering the important issues. Him and Tucker Carlson have been a great watch the last couple of days.
  11. In uncertain times, it is reassuring to know that you can pop into this thread at any time and Todd is God will be making a fool of himself. Keep fighting the good fight, brother.
  12. Josh Taylor having another normal day on his Instagram stories.
  13. JMDP


    Chisnall got to the semis after hitting a 107 average against MvG and 101 against Van der Burgh (who hit 102). Dont really understand how that says anything about the standard tbh. I thought there were some great matches in the tournaments including all the QF's, Bunting-Price, Huybrechts-White, Cullen-MvG, etc.
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