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  1. Rab back as Wiggly Worm. You hate to see it. Weird how he always appears after 14mile gets reminded that he's a shit flinging danger to society.
  2. You're too stupid to reason with. You literally posted a graph that shows lockdown has worked. You haven't shown anything to evidence lifting it does.
  3. You literally posted graphs showing a lockdown is working and posted graphs implying a couple of days is enough. I don't want to derail this any further as you've ran this line for months with no evidence.
  4. And you're obsessed with it, 14 mile. Mind when you claimed I didnt live there for months. To be expected from a guy who threw shite at someone, assaulted a homeless person in front of his kid, took pics of teenagers secretly, sent PM's called "Fanny Posters" to start dotting people as it is important to you, invented someone called Tony, had fake conversations with this made up Tony and also made up "The Watcher". You're a genuine danger and the creepiest person on here. Carry on.
  5. Gonna try one more time. In what way does that graph show easing restrictions is working? Or, can we say that it might be ok but it's too early to tell? Because you cant quantify if it is working over a course of days. But, you want everything to fit into your preconceived view that you've had for months. And you are very, very stupid.
  6. Yeah, sorry for part of it meant phase 2. Still parts of Valencia in line with here though.
  7. What date did the Spanish government substantially relieve restrictions for Madrid, Barcelona, Castilla y Leon and Valencia? When can you measure that impact? That graph literally shows that enforcing a strict lockdown made a huge impact. It gives us no data as to what easing restrictions has done as that isnt possible to quantify yet. You have a fixed view on things and will try anything to back it. It is actually embarrassing.
  8. You're so fucking thick. The Spanish graph you showed earlier - how does that back your post?
  9. Your observation wasn't valid though. It was based on ham fisted analysis of what you want to see. Consistently, on this thread, you have plugged the same line and try to fit anything to back it. You're clearly thick as f**k.
  10. Madrid and Barca are the two main areas and two of three biggest areas impacted. The easing cant be quarified yet as these areas make up the overwhelming majority of cases. This isnt difficult. You've bleated from the start about positivity and only see what you want. I cant help it if you're not able to understand figures. I honestly feel that using finger puppets would be too advanced for you. Madrid and Barca went to phase 1 yesterday. Valencia hasn't yet. How can this easing have any impact on figures? Or, has it been that a very strict lockdown had that impact?
  11. I live in Madrid. The lockdown has been lifted so little as to be negligible in the most impacted areas until yesterday. Even then, it's still very strict. Infections and deaths are coming down after two months of a really strict lockdown, the impact of loosening this is not even close to being felt yet. And the media is covering this widely. Like, you could not be more wrong if you tried. You have a preconceived idea of something and try to fit everything into that. You've been like this all the way through this thread.
  12. You are a shining example of someone who has a point of view and just sees what they want to fit. Every post you've had on this subject reeks of it.
  13. She wrote a piece in The Spectator a couple of years back that mentioned she drove somewhere. It was tweeted quite a lot yesterday.
  14. I don't know what is the bigger shambles. That press conference or every single H_B post on this thread.
  15. This is absolute shenanigans. I'm no fan if Corbyn but there was nothing to suggest that he would have led the UK into a Venezuelan style collapse. That's extremist nonsense of the kind you claim to hate. There is nothing worse than people like yourself who voted tory coming out with rubbish like that whilst claiming to have been "sensible" - thanks to your sensible actions we have a lying, incompetent, racist in charge who, thanks to a complete failure of leadership has taken the UK to a heartbreaking death toll. Own your vote. You knew they were ill prepared, selfish incompetent. Don't pretend it was some sort of pragmatic vote. Your vote contributed to this.
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