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  1. Obviously most of the chat will be about Suarez but Atleti were fantastic all over the pitch today. Seem to have so many options in all areas of the team now. Joao Felix was incredible today as well.
  2. The penalty should have been decided in the marketplace of ideas.
  3. Nothing better than watching Tory Frank Lampard's Chelsea getting pumped.
  4. Mad that people get annoyed with McGregor making coin when Taylor is much more odious. Shame he will cruise it tomorrow as he is a supremely talented boxer.
  5. The whole conversation is glorious, but right wing Tory bellend Tom Harwood boasting about his BA in Politics only to get bodied is glorious reading.
  6. Didn't think Thiago was either brilliant or terrible. Thought he did his job in a decent enough way, mad how everyone is desperate for his performance to be incredible though - Julien Laurens twitter was particularly embarrassing today.
  7. Two despicable clubs, but always lovely to see Tory Frank Lampard's Chelsea get sworded.
  8. AJF simmering nicely here. Is there any support in the whole world who collectively lose their heads as much as Rangers II after dropping a couple of points in a run of the mill early season league game? Nor for me, Clive.
  9. Nelson Semedo is about to sign for Wolves apparently.
  10. Two very nice goals in the Barclays this afternoon. Spurs still look pretty poor though.
  11. This is sad news. As a #topposter, I'd logged in this morning to see myself as a recipient of a deserved green from him. Hopefully, his red dotting can be explained by a slip of the thumb otherwise his cancellation will be fully deserved.
  12. Just remembered the cover story that Tony wasn't his real name when Magee called 14mile out on it. Some excellent content came from that patter so fair play to 14 mile.
  13. I wonder if Big Ears the Muppet or Mick B ever did read it.
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