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  1. Intriguing. What was my old account, 14 Mile? I've had this one about 10-11 years IIRC. To jog your memory, in that time you have thrown shit at another human being, assaulted a homeless person in front of a child and invented a guy called Tony to get one over on Fat Daz P. You are the kind of guy who tries to show people "Scottish banter" Facebook stuff, insisting it's hilarious whilst they slink away from you. Some patter though when Dindeleux outminters #thesquad.
  2. Quite cute the way #thesquad rally round and give each other a hand. Double edged sword tbf, given what 14 mile's hand is likely to be caked in.
  3. #thesquad I know you ladz are trolling and this will be considered a bite but the lack of self awareness from the racist apologist, spamming, shit flicking, homeless abusing, terrorist sympathising, multiple alias #squad is something to behold. Even H_B never managed this level of minter tbh.
  4. Again, I don't want to derail it. Racism, public sex acts, mental health and corporate greed are funny though according to you. Your team are by miles the best in the league and play great stuff. Enjoy it.
  5. Racist abuse of opposition players. The treatment of their own young players leading to mental health issues, lying to one of their young players with regard to his future. Corporate scumbaggery trying to trademark a city name (following hot on the heels of previous corporate scummy behaviour). Their fans behaving disgracefully on European trips (thousands cheering a man masturbating in a public square, pushing people into fountains, etc). I don't want to derail this with your attention seeking though.
  6. Some patter from mintermind. Fair play to Liverpool, by miles the best side in the league and should win it by a handy amount. They've really got things right on the pitch. Shame about all their issues off it.
  7. Rab's obsession with - and months long meltdown related to - dots is a wonder to behold.
  8. Some patter that PM. Dots are definitely Div's best decision on here. The P&B equivalent of the passback rule.
  9. Lovely seeing Spurs rode senseless. Routine win for Atleti. No faults in the team. Another majestic Thomas Partey performance, Felix looks much better in the role he played tonight and Gimenez fantastic as always. The double save by Oblak was stunning as well. The guy is unreal.
  10. Fantastic game as Sevilla beat Real Sociedad 3-2. Two really good sides to watch and you'd imagine they will both be top 6 this season.
  11. Not much to say about that. Very scrappy and a poor second half performance after a decent first half. Trippier impressive again and Thomas Partey is an incredible player - Atleti have an awful lot of competition in centre mid but he's been the real standout this season.
  12. Absolutely buzzing for the derby tonight. Difficult to predict, neither side have been particularly amazing this season yet sit within a point of each other at the top of the league. Atletico will be looking to expose the lack of available left backs for Real, you'd imagine trippier will be pushed very far forward and wide with Saul going narrow in front. Morata suspended is a blow though, complete heads gone from him on Wednesday against Mallorca.
  13. Yeah, agreed. He refused to condemn racism from one of his white knights when given the chance and gave his standard banal patter instead. File it beside the time he was ok with a Liverpool fan masturbating in front of thousands of people and being cheered on by other Liverpool fans. His months long meltdown over dots is glorious. You have to enjoy the P&B version of #thesquad (RBN, Jimmy boo, 14 Mile and magee) consistently being drawn back to their spiritual home on this thread.
  14. Another 40 today, you love to see it. His months long meltdown has came to a head hitting the -1000. Stay safe Rab.
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