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  1. The East Fife Thread

    As said previously, an Irish Bohemians fan felt it was necessary to comment upon some (from his perspective) Anti-Irish sentiment from King Kebab. The delightfully named 'Yer maw does cooncil' also made ill-judged remarks that carried xenophobic undertones. Both posters are East Fife fans. Maybe condemnation of your fellow fans should be considered before you complain about being offended?
  2. The East Fife Thread

    What a bizzare statement to make. Are you taking some kind of high ground because our game is riven with professional incompetence?
  3. The East Fife Thread

    Not at all. An Irishman commented on Anti-Irish vibes earlier in the thread and I agree with him entirely. Don't trivialise the matter - instances of discrimination must be challenged at all times.
  4. The East Fife Thread

    Deflect and sweep all you like. It's there for all to see. There has been undoubted bigotry on this thread and yet you choose to belittle it. Incredible.
  5. The East Fife Thread

    As I said, you acknowledge that a fellow East Fife fan, one of your own, was xenophobic when he made an Anti-Irish comment earlier in this thread. You also made a negative reference to a Bohemians staff member being called "Paddy" . This is entirely factual and documented.
  6. The East Fife Thread

    As I previously said, an Irishman commented on the allegations earlier and King Kebab acknowledged that another East Fife fan was explicitly Anti-Irish. I'm not producing this from nowhere. It's entirely up to yourselves how you interpret these comments - most right-minded people would find it abhorrent.
  7. The East Fife Thread

    Why use inverted commas to describe the "locals" ? Do you have any idea how offensive that is?
  8. The East Fife Thread

    Entirely dependent on context. And the way it was used earlier in this thread was undoubtedly xenophobic as King Kebab has already acknowledged.
  9. The East Fife Thread

    I assume BohsMan is an Irishman. He felt the need to comment on those remarks. Massive own goal from the East Fife fans. They've not only ruined any credibility they might have had prior to this game but have outed themselves as massive Anti-Irish bigots. Not surprising tbh.
  10. The East Fife Thread

    I haven't seen these xenophobic remarks, could you provide a link to them? Yes.
  11. The East Fife Thread

    For what? You and another East Fife fan made xenophobic remarks. Completely indisputable.
  12. The East Fife Thread

    It was a crass and unnecessary addition to your point that needlessly invites accusations of bigotry.
  13. The East Fife Thread

    Definite hints of anti-Irish vibes in some of your comments - why the reference to "Paddy" ? Another poster also made reference to "non-British teams" and, most ludicrous of all, "laughing all the way to the Ulster Bank". I've a lot of sympathy for East Fife fans here. It should have been obvious to the groundstaff and referee that the ground was unplayable much earlier. But when xenophobia starts creeping into your argument then it completely loses any legitimacy.
  14. Aberdeen FC vs Stenhousemuir FC, Scottish Cup Revenge

    I think you'll be able to rest easy come 4.45 on Saturday. That was a decent Warriors side who had already tanked St Johnstone 4-0 and were top of the league. The team who'll face Aberdeen on Saturday are of a slightly inferior quality, to put it mildly . We'll be lucky to keep it in single figures. 8 - 3 to Aberdeen being my prediction - McGuigan with a double, Dickson and Donaldson with the other 2. Mon the Warriors
  15. The Falkirk FC Thread

    A good cup run would surely cover the legal fee? 4-2.