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  1. Don't disagree with you on this point. But if we're going to have to change the design, why not do it properly. Incorporate a wee bit of the original, a bit of the 90s badge, (had a different cockeral), a bit of Archibald era and also something from United era. And something new (just not a chevron for me).That way we are celebrating our history and looking to future.
  2. Why a chevron? We are known as the Diamonds because we have a diamond on our jersey. I have seen chevron on merchandise in the past and it makes me uncomfortable, like its a cheapskate half arsed effort. We are not called the Chevrons and wouldn't want any kind of precedent being set with a view to losing the diamond from the jersey in lieu of said cheaper option.
  3. Does anyone know anything about Gibraltar number 10. Walker I think his name was. Some nice touches and confidence on the ball.
  4. Got your email. Tried replying and PM'ing you on here. No response so far.

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