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  1. DAFC fully deserved their point today. Killie, as usual, we’re fucking shite. Who would’ve predicted a Tommy Wright team being insipid? Certainly not the majority of Killie fans who wanted him in…
  2. PnBMathematics beats The_kid1433 by resignation. I should never have won that, and was close to resigning at points.
  3. Xander turned two yesterday and has his first exam tomorrow. Here he is relaxing in the games room.
  4. Rovers deserved the win after some good defending and excellent goalkeeping. Some engine for the third, can’t believe a fresh substitute couldn’t catch a guy who had been working hard for 90 mins. Killie need a fit Burke, and a creative midfielder.
  5. 7 for Thursday 8 for Friday and tens for all the other days. ETA: just before you all start liking this, it’s just a wee joke in relation to my posting two different monday scores. Twice.
  6. I don’t even remember doing Mondays the first time. I either have and forgotten, or I’ve posted an old score.
  7. Division C Round 11 mathematics beats paakman01 by resignation.
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