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  1. It’s the only book I’ve given up on.
  2. Excuse me! It’s not my morbid fascination.
  3. If I could find a cleaner that actually cleans and doesn’t just dip my bank account for swanning about my house, then I’d be a little happier.
  4. I can’t believe someone is trying to link a sport to a political leaning. Wait a minute, people are fucking morons, of course they’ll try to link stuff. Any MMA gym I have been in has been run by people 100% committed to the sport and almost everything else was inconsequential.
  5. Upon reflection, it wasn’t the Monday she was going, as she managed to get one of those 48hour passports and did get away. Not for long enough.
  6. Why do I always read your posts with a hint of innuendo?
  7. Our scheme has had a spate of cars being stolen in the last year or so. Mostly using cloning technology (apparently). mostly all fords though, thankfully.
  8. Left a thistle-killie game (first game after Steve Clarke appointment) at half time as Mrs Maths was going abroad on the Monday and couldn’t find her passport. This turned into a massive panic attack and I “had” to come home immediately, rather than waiting another 45minutes. Didnt find the passport, naturally.
  9. Mrs Maths’ maw had her car stolen after someone walked into her house in the middle of the day and picked up the keys from the hall table. It happens more often that you think, so lock your fucking doors. Edited to add: more likely for this to happen if you do stay in a nice area.
  10. This. Don’t see the point in killing anything.
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