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  1. Aye the wee man has cottoned on to its usefulness.
  2. Are these petty? I’m not sure: 1. Jacob Rees-Mogg pretending he didn’t know the phrase “yellow peril” was racist. 2. Jacob Rees-Moffat walking into a job with Rothschild investments with a 2:1 in History.
  3. Killie fans still trying to navigate the Championship thread.
  4. It’s too hot for this dug malarkey.
  5. In. Can I do a The Rangers and start from the bottom league please? I’ll play under the same name and use the same device.
  6. On a similar note, my next door neighbour’s kid has broken a panel in the fence by kicking a ball off it. Neighbour said he’d replace it. How long do I give him before setting Mrs Mathematics on the entire family?
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