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  1. Leave your sexual proclivities out of this, thanks.
  2. I enjoy First We Feast: Hot Ones (Guy interviews folk whilst eating hot sauce covered chicken wings) David Firth (Creepy cartoons) Swatpaz (Scottish cartoonist) Numberphile (Maths) Rebecca Vocal Athlete (Voice coach reacting to singers)
  3. 250g bread flour, about 10g out of date yeast, about 10g salt, 10g caster sugar, 10g soft butter, tsp harissa paste (softer without, tastier with), 90-100ml water. Knead until smooth, leave for 90mins ina covered bowl (I lasted 45 minutes until my patience gave out), half, roll out flat, 2 minutes each side on an oiled frying pan.
  4. Build your own veggie shawarma.
  5. Was good to have a game without top-ups and rebuys for a change.
  6. Been laughing at that for nearly 3 years? First time I’ve read it. Looking at posters in a new light, throbber aside.
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