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  1. They've almost hit their demographic right on the head with the depiction of the guy on that leaflet. I thought it was a shaved Rolf Harris at first.
  2. How do you do that? Put the clingfilm in a bowl then crack the egg into it? Seen this on masterchef last night (recorded), they had wee cling film bags of eggs sitting waiting to go into the pot.
  3. Mrs Mathematics asked me that yesterday, I retorted with “Prison rape”. there’s also those men, who shag other men, but don’t “identify” as gay or bi. But I’m certainly not getting drawn into the transgender debate. No thank you very much.
  4. Top tip: whether hard or soft boiled, place the eggs into very cold water immediately after removing from the pan. Means the egg separates slightly from the shell, the shell is cooler, de shelling is easier and the eggs is still hot.
  5. WordHurdle 250 4/6 #wordhurdle Play now at https://www.wordhurdle.in, a https://solitaired.com site
  6. Factle.app #2 5/5 Top 5 most searched keywords in the world (2021)
  7. I won Daily Squardle #109 with 2 guesses to spare! Board after 3 guesses: https://fubargames.se/squardle/
  8. #Yeardle #62 https://histordle.com/yeardle
  9. Framed #73 https://framed.wtf
  10. #Heardle #87 ️️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
  11. One episode aside, I think blackadder was shite.
  12. Most Soap Bar comes from fucking Holland, They make it out of oil, and tires and pollen, Diesel, Miramar, Flat-Press too; These are types of Soap Bar available to you, These little bits of plastic you find inside; You can use those as a quality guide, Of the standard of Soap Bar that you are smoking, The more bits of plastic means the better the toking.
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