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  1. Another year another London marathon rejection. This time I am delighted though!
  2. https://www.scotsman.com/news/obituaries/obituary-lawrie-leslie-former-scotland-goalkeeper-who-famously-missed-9-3-drubbing-by-england-1-4947451
  3. there is a famous event down in Wales that is similar might be a bit further than 7k advertised here - I hadnt heard about this one but I am up for it next year if they do it again. http://www.racethetrain.com/ Looks like 14 miles cross -country - ouch!
  4. try some heel drops/raises on a step when you are stretching out. help to strengthen as well as stretch. new shoes might help to
  5. Have you upped your distance or increased the number of runs you do? It could be tendinitis (something I suffer from in my achilles) does it hurt like hell when you pinch it?
  6. if the snow is just falling and fresh I love running in the snow. If it on the ground for anymore than a day then no chance - looking at a broken ankle. i was on the treadmill this morning - time just stands still
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