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  1. I worked in Rotherham, an absolute dive with f**k all going for it.
  2. Stoke City are bankrolled by the Coates family who own Bet 365. There female CEO got a £ 420 million bonus last year. I hope the one million pound fee getting banded about in the press is way of the mark to what Saints would demand.
  3. Turnbull money bankrolling wages, they will end up in trouble further down the line. Fan ownership is ok if you know what you are doing. Give me the Saints style fan ownership , The Brown family any day of the week .
  4. Knowing our luck it will be some backward outpost that’s a nightmare to get too or a Covid non starter.
  5. This is a hard one to call, but I think Dundee might just edge it.
  6. Lucerne v St Gallen today at 2pm in the Swiss Cup final. I hope St Gallen win it , looks a nice place and a 20,000 stadium.
  7. If we can’t get more through the gate next season we never will.
  8. I hope other so called Diddy fans get to experience this
  9. Fucking blootered don’t know what I’m fucking doing
  10. Keep believing, I never thought l would see my team ever win f**k all
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