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  1. I can see this going to penalties and ICT were good at sticking them away at Arbroath.
  2. Normal Russians don’t want this but will be too scared to speak out, protest en masse. Hopefully Putins advisors or the military see through his madness and oust him from power.
  3. Hopefully the Russians see sense and he gets ousted / assassinated by the military. We’ve all suspected he’s a bit of a mad man, worrying times.
  4. We need three points on Wednesday, if we get beat we’re fucked.
  5. Tam talking shite, years back in here he thought I was S MC K from Muirton He got a lifetime ban from Muirton Park and did go and see Hibs for a while. As for supporting another team GTF
  6. f**k knows what they would be like if they followed us in the late 70,s early 80,s
  7. Middleton has been a major disappointment this season, we expected a lot more from him.
  8. If Rangers want Zander he will be signing on at Ibrox no doubt about it.
  9. Docking points is the only way to stop both of them acting the c**t.
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