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  1. Docking points is the only way to stop both of them acting the c**t.
  2. They shipped one in there biggest game of the season.
  3. Wouldn’t think we would sell many more now the games on TV.
  4. About 80 seats in one block in the main stand available. Saints have obviously been holding them back.
  5. Only 2 years to go until you celebrate 50 years since you’ve won f**k all.
  6. This mobs fans do it regular, a wee taste of there own medicine.
  7. Nerves kicking in, one game away from group stage European Football, absolutely massive for us, COYSAINTS
  8. They will just want folk through the turnstiles without any holdup
  9. The Police are going to have there work cut out on Thursday.
  10. We’ve had loads overlooked for a Scotland call up and he done the right thing.
  11. See that Dundonian shithouse Charlie Adam mouthing off Rangers should be getting more of the CINCH sponsorship money to keep them sweet.
  12. That deal should have been sorted 2 weeks ago and he should have been travelling.
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