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  1. I feared the worse today, but that was a well deserved 3 points for Saints.
  2. This is a job for Adrian Sprott.
  3. The World must stop Iran building a nuclear bomb cause there going to end up wiping themselves out.
  4. I’ve had exactly the same problems, absolute amateurs in the ticket office. I’ve gave my details umpteen times only to be told your not on the database, never once been contacted having gave my e mail umpteen times,it’s run by incompetents.
  5. Iranians before the Islamic Revolution.
  6. The gobshites that are doing all the moaning probably sit in the boozer on a Saturday and only go up to a few games a season.
  7. Perth like many places outside Glasgow is polluted with Old Firm vermin and c***s swanning around in Liverpool and Barcelona tops. Our support is dwindling at an alarming rate in our best ever decade.
  8. Kano is a modern day Andy Brannigan minus the goals.
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