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  1. Forfar Athletic 2017-18

    What happened in the summer was you paid 8000 for a striker all other clubs were being offered for 2500. Thanks for the cash, Dick and Pink pulled off deal of the century there.
  2. Loons vs Spiders

    More in hope.........
  3. Forfar Athletic 2017-18

    Take your boots next week and show them how it's done. Clearly your Messi in waiting as others have said the squad is threadbare with injuries and Jims hands are tied until the transfer window.
  4. Arbroath v Forfar

    Fck me imagine the tears if Arbroath had actually lost.........
  5. Forfar v Raith

    Time to get the Popcorn out and hear how the Barcelona of League 1 blew up today and didn't hand out a double figure score humping.
  6. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    Just thankful you boys paid four times the going rate for Gav so we could pay Bollan off. Plenty points to play for yet.
  7. Forfar Athletic 2017-18

    So much for previous noises about Weir never getting another gig in Angus, Made an arse of every club he's been at. Be better off giving it to a rookie if that's the case. Unless Petrie applied and has been informed he isn't getting it again and that's what Foxys tweet is about.
  8. Forfar Athletic v Stranraer

    I think Martin would have got six out of six.
  9. Forfar Athletic v Stranraer

    Maybe the club needed the gate money from today's game to pay up his contract.
  10. Forfar Athletic v Stranraer

    Fcks sake first point in about six weeks and your still no happy. Balmer must stay...............
  11. Don't worry Dick, I'm sure the new manager will bring his own players in. You boys will probably try to sign them both at the end of the season.
  12. Forfar Athletic 2017-18

    For fcks sake calm down........ We beat Kelty Hearts 4-1