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  1. Brechin V Arbroath

    1799 AFC360PUNK1320 will dissolve if he gets wet, He also doesn’t do crowd wa* nks.
  2. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    Dick is that blinkered he didn't think you lost them
  3. Stranraer v Loons

    Treating us as your cup final team.
  4. Stranraer v Loons

    Even worse your straight on to respond. Enjoy your title win when it comes, Hope you get pumped every week next season.
  5. Forfar v Arbroath

    Dicks spewing both his teams pumped 2-1 this weekend.
  6. Forfar v Arbroath

    Twice However with just a minute on the clock Lewis Moore found time to turn and shoot. Despite Jamieson getting a touch the shot was too powerful and spun into the net. There was anger amongst the Arbroath players who felt that Gavin Swankie was fouled twice in the build up to the goal.
  7. Forfar v Arbroath

    Your doing your best to copy us.
  8. Forfar v Arbroath

    Drop Donnelly and start Wallace. Oh Whoops Well done the Loons. Enjoy your party when it comes lads.
  9. Usually doesn't need too just lumps it in the net from 40 Yards
  10. FAFC v BCFC

  11. Reminds me so much of when Dunfermline and even further back when Moton were in this league and how they were going to rip it up as they were the bigger clubs with a chip on their shoulder about being here took them more than a few seasons to get out. And as it proved they were here on merit. Out of Raith and Arbroath as much as I'd like to see Dick winning it I think McGlynn may come through in the end. Of course I am sure if we continue in the same vein as well we'll be in about the mix in the end.
  12. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Thought you might have been signed up to make a guest appearance for the Legends.
  13. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    At least Jim might manage to win a game when he's in the dugout for the Legends / Fans match.
  14. Forfar Athletic 2017-18

    What happened in the summer was you paid 8000 for a striker all other clubs were being offered for 2500. Thanks for the cash, Dick and Pink pulled off deal of the century there.
  15. Loons vs Spiders

    More in hope.........