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  1. This season in the league yes.If you don't think that was bad you must have been sitting with your eyes closed .
  2. A bit below par we were miles off it.It was the worst I've seen us play at home in the league so far will need a big big improvement to win this.
  3. Just as well he was shit like about 8 others on Saturday.
  4. St Mirren will most definitely be down around the bottom three.
  5. To help stop us going into liquidation.If all the rumours are to be believed.
  6. That's my thoughts too .But i think the fact he picked the cheat over Declan in the first place swings it for him hope I'm wrong.
  7. It will be that diving cheating c**t Porteous he was picked in the original squad before Gallagher.
  8. Why .Celtic were at home and Real Madrid pumped them without getting out of second gear.
  9. It's Brilliant seeing the two arse cheeks getting ripped a new arse hole.
  10. More fool them because we lose way more than we win
  11. Never studded it but I hold my hands up I believed they hadn't won a game yet I read somewhere that they hadn't so me bad for not checking.
  12. Unfortunately you won't be playing shite like us every week.
  13. No surprise surely not won a game play our mob and there you go.
  14. 60000 knuckle draggers will be getting pissed tonight and another 50000 will be battering there partners.
  15. You be as well as going to bed mate nothing going to happen in or out.
  16. Let's try this.Dont see anything happening now hour and half to go.
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