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  1. Looks like I'm right again expect another one for them .
  2. What you laughing at I never said we wouldn't score before they will.
  3. Look at the fucking space there getting fucking awfull a matter of time before there second.
  4. I think the point is wether it was kibble or SMISA it is totally unprofessional these people are representing the club why the hell can nothing ever go smoothly with our club there's always something or someone ready to f**k things up .
  5. If JJmcG is to be believed. Bullying is not very professional Div.
  6. I honestly don't think kibble are the problem as there being talk of bullying within the SMISA board what kind of way is that to represent supporters.
  7. I personally don't have a grievance with the club I'm just going of of what is being said on here and for the most part it's not sounding great I personally think it can only be a good thing to have someone on board who has run a football club before and not just a bunch of guys who although they mean well didn't /don't have any real idea what there doing hence why if the stuff being tossed around on here is true is more than likely why we are in the shit the amount of in fighting is crazy surely these people must know the harm there doing to the club.I don't know about kibble part in all this but the SMISA group sounds like a real shit show with people leaving right left and centre .
  8. It's about time there was someone on it who has some idea in how to run a club
  9. Let's try this St Mirren have been good at home but utter shite away from home that better oh and just incase you don't know a c**t is a very useful thing .
  10. It's funny how when I point out we are shit away from home I'm a stupid fucker but when others basicly point out the exact same thing it's fine you fucking knob
  11. Don't try be a smart arse .If you think it's ok to keep playing like that away from home then your mental
  12. Your bottom paragraph is spot on .you would think after losing 14 goals in four games he would change the system away from home.
  13. Our league position makes us look not bad but take us away from home and we are garbage.
  14. County will beat us easily 3-0 they have pace all over the park and 4 or 5 really decent players.
  15. Any team playing us away from home look like scoring everytime they get up the park we give teams so much space they can pretty much do what the hell they like it's actually really embarrassing today was three going on six fucking awfull.
  16. Why the hell do we give teams so much space away from home you just invite teams to score and against our defence that's not hard to do .
  17. I sincerely hope it's all a load of crap.but there's an old saying there's no smoke without fire.
  18. So as you are in the know you should be able to tell us if all the story's of impending doom are shite or not.
  19. If you read my post you will see I said that IF the story's going around are true then there not doing a very good job off it going by the story's I never once said I thought they were not doing a good job . Over £5000.
  20. Never thought fan ownership would work from the start no one had a clue about running a football club then they let kibble in now I don't know much but from the outside looking in it looks like there running the show and if the story's going around are true not doing a very good job of it if they are true .why so many people leaving there's got to be some truth in them I know of one person left being owed a substantial amount of money.
  21. I said that to my son's you might as well sit and wait to see if it's going to be allowed .
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