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  1. 34 minutes ago, Div said:

    I've done the full 180 on Robbo.

    I didn't like his fairly abrasive approach to the squad when he first came in, but I've grown to love the guy and the biggest compliment I could pay him is that I'd far rather have him running the team than either Jim Goodwin or Jack Ross and I absolutely loved both of them as manager.

    In Robbo we trust!

    Do you know if that's it done for this window Div.

  2. The Imps have been linked with a permanent deal for St Mirren midfielder Ethan Erhahon.

    Midfielder Erhahon is hot property in Scotland, having represented their Under 21 team, but he’s been the subject of intense speculation over the winter window. Oxford and Forest Green have both allegedly had bids lodged for the player, with a six-figure bid from the latter accepted. It seems the player may not have fancied the move as it hasn’t materialised, and now we’re at the head of the queue.

    The Glasgow-born 21-year-old is out of contract this summer, and it’s believed St Mirren are hoping to cash in now, rather than risk getting a lower fee courtesy of the tribunal system later in the year. Jez George is reported to have visited St Mirren this weekend to watch the midfielder, with a bid seemingly having been prepped. Football League World have tweeted that a £300,000 deal has been agreed upon; my understanding is the actual figure is some way south of that.

  3. 4 minutes ago, houston_bud said:

    I thought Brophy was due a chance given our recent goal scoring record. I have less of an issue with him going to County, particularly as he can't play against us. 

    He'll most likely be their main striker but I can't see him scoring that many. They've scored 15 goals this season, you could have Erling Haaland up front for them until the end of the season and he wouldn't hit double figures.


    I would suggest that would be the exact same case if we signed Haaland most strikers who was ever any good with other clubs and signed for us turned to shit.

  4. 4 hours ago, Torfason said:

    I think our lack of a goal scorer will make the difference in top 6 versus bottom 6.
    Main and Ayunga are both great hold up players but like you say neither look prolific.

    Brophy is a shoot on sight type who simply doesn’t hit the target often enough and relied on penalties for his purple patch at Killie and while Grieve works really hard, he is a bit of a dog chasing a crisp packet on a windy day.

    We are the 3rd lowest scorers in the league and I honestly don’t see any of the these strikers changing that. 

    I will go on record right now and say we will not make top six but probably do enough to stay out of bottom two.

  5. 20 minutes ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    He didn’t say it wasn’t a problem. He said it wasn’t debt.

    You do know the difference don’t you Elvis between making a loss and being in debt?? 

    Ok my apologies we made a loss of 1.6 million and this game will help recoup some of that or we will use it to bring player/players in hopefully.

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