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  1. We won't get to know how much he goes for will be the undisclosed fee shite.
  2. So because his form has dipped we should except a pittance for him don't talk shite.
  3. I would suggest that would be the exact same case if we signed Haaland most strikers who was ever any good with other clubs and signed for us turned to shit.
  4. That's what the money grabbing c**t gets funny as f**k.
  5. We have not had the lion's share of the ball for months now .
  6. I see Lampards just been sacked could Ange be tempted
  7. I will go on record right now and say we will not make top six but probably do enough to stay out of bottom two.
  8. Ok my apologies we made a loss of 1.6 million and this game will help recoup some of that or we will use it to bring player/players in hopefully.
  9. Not as thick as you who thinks losing 1.6 mill is not a problem fucksake even the club sees it as a problem .
  10. Oh so we never lost 1.6 million thank f**k I must have been dreaming it.
  11. Think this could be a full house it's not Morton there playing.lol
  12. It's the draw I was hoping for we were never in a month of Sundays going to win it at least get a good pay day to cut into that massive debt we are in .
  13. Getting dangerously close to the pack below us there's no way this team is getting top six can't score in a barrel of fannies watch Dundee beat us on Saturday.
  14. So taking in to account those figures we are hardly in a mess .
  15. There's only two games I have ever been fucked off with Hammerbay and league cup final against the *** .
  16. I stopped following Celtic when they were one of the best teams in Europe in fact the very last time I watched them as a fan was at love street when they beat St Mirren 6-0 that's when I stopped being a glory hunter so I've had about 50years of watching St Mirren and 3 of my 5 boys are fans and despite being shite a LOT of the time we continue to turn up more in hope than expectation because that's what they do build up your hopes then kick you in the balls with abject displays time after time but still we turn up addmitedly at home this season they have been performing well but mark my word there's a boot in the balls coming sometime along the line there always is.
  17. With the players Hearts are signing I expect an absolute hammering as opposed to just getting beat. 4-0 Jam Tarts.
  18. It was an arm raised but come on McKenzie cheated to get him sent off by dropping to the ground with barely a touch on him so called professional footballers sicken me with there diving and cheating every week he deserved what he got from Gogic for cheating
  19. An elbow smash seriously I've seen this about four times its an elbow no denying that but a smash I've tickled my kids harder .
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