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  1. Dons fans glad to see the back of him can't be that bad surely. You don't go from playing international football to being utter shit in space off a couple of years.
  2. Utter nonsense it means theres going to be a bidding war
  3. Might as well rip the piss out of it when it comes to price every other c**t in the country is.
  4. Would he leave his club who are sitting second in the league to come back to perennial strugglers I would be very surprised if he did.
  5. We are utter pish should be well beaten by now.
  6. Maybe it's time to start thinking of ways to raise the funds to fill in both corners of the away end or putting another tier on if it's possible.
  7. You are correct before end of season he told my son he wished he was back to help us out of the mess we got ourselves into.
  8. That was me who said I thought he was done but I take it back you don't play that many games for one of the best teams in the country if your done .
  9. He was fucking abysmal I have never ever come across a so called player who was more acquainted with the ground than he was with a ball .
  10. Seriously He was one of the worst players I have seen at St Mirren .
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