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  1. elvis

    How many .

    How many goals do yous think England will score against Scotland I'm going for 4.what do yous think.
  2. I have followed football all my life home and abroad and have never heard of this guy .And he's being punted about as one of top ten managers in world if I still supported Celtic I would be deeply concerned.
  3. You just have to wonder what they could have done it if he had been in earlier .I think its going to be very difficult for the Johnnie's to hold on to him .
  4. How far into the net do you need to be then to be offside.
  5. So SFA say no but UEFA might say yes what the hells the point of having two different guidelines.
  6. Obika on twitter saying it's youth program .we have the exact same Criteria as St Johnstone who got it something fishy going on .He seems pretty confident it will be over turned I wouldn't bet on it with the clowns that run our game.
  7. That utter clown stopped yous losing in 90 minutes then again at 120.
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