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  1. Don't worry it will be a cake walk for you guys at least 3-0
  2. St mirren are fucked they are diabolical it's straight through the trap door this time and they deserve to go straight down.
  3. Expect St Mirren to fall through the trap door without playoff Hearts will take at least four off them.
  4. Don't worry yourself yous will walk this game. Don't you realise it's St mirren yous are playing any team that needs a win get it from us so chill.
  5. I don't think he will he will set up to try not lose which we duley will because I think we are better at going forward than defending.
  6. I know you are joking. Wish St mirren were half as good as Livi with the resources Livi have they are doing brilliantly.
  7. Possibly one more in but won't be announced till tomorrow morning from official Twitter.
  8. Well they will get tossed out as soon as yous score just as utd fans were in the play off..
  9. It would be if it was inside the box but fortunately for us it was outside.
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