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  1. Its spelt SAFE not SAVE

  2. Check the new signature after lady gaga admitting to having a penis

  3. Right you outside for a fight now :L

  4. Engy FSE

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    Adam West (Family Guy) Dk (Coming Of Age) Effie (Skins) Ken Barlow (Corination Street) David Tennant (The Doctor)
  5. 2.75 posts per day? Take a look at your life son :L

  6. Father the FSE tour begins 24th june

  7. has not set their status

  8. I have a video on my phone of a guy who fell asleep at the astroturf at braes high school so his mate thought it would be funny if he filmed himself taking a shit on this guy. As it drops it rolls down his face and sits on his chest, as he wakes up and realises his face is priceless!

  10. Anybody know if you boys will be in the stand or terracing?
  11. I totally agree with the previous posts, The situation needs to be dealt with before it gets more out of hand, because soon enough other clubs will follow their lead and I feel the game should be played on wednesday as the shire have a good chance of winning the league and i would hate to see one bitr of stubborness cost us one of the best moments in the clubs history
  12. The website doesnt say but the SFL wont pay any compensation as they feel other clubs will make the same claims as they see the game as postponed not Livingston refusing to turn up
  13. after a long break i feel tht i have to come on and stress my anger and dissapointment in the way that the SFA have handled the Shire v Livingston situation. Accorfing to BBC sport both teams look set to be deducted 15 points if the shire refuse to turn up on wednesday. The only situation before is Hamilton in 2000 and they were deducted points but I feel that a punishment for the shire would be harsh as it was Livingston who called all the contraversy Heres the link : http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ire/8274007.stm
  14. f**k you stenny youll never beat the Shire!

  15. Cheers mate, aye the livi fans heads are up their arses haha as long as we play well and give them a run for their money(what money?) then il be happy B)
  16. i hope he puts the full team out as the may underestimate shire. i mean look what happend with us and preston we fell behind twice. and it would show the shire a bit of respect. even rangers played 8 first team players when we played them. i like going in there aswell its got a good atmosphere but the stewards in there are a bit on the crabit side
  17. its a shame that youlll get no money in the scottish cos i fancy a wee upset at ochilview (nothing wrong with being optimistic is there?)
  18. away you go, at least shire can say they earned a place iin the 3rd round unlike stirling, who probably wont make it to the fourth round but the positives for the shire is they suppoesingly played dire and still managed to score 4 goals with 3 strikers gettin 1 each tbh i hope we get you in the next round and put u in your place u twat!
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