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  1. Its spelt SAFE not SAVE

  2. Check the new signature after lady gaga admitting to having a penis

  3. Haha cmon then you Falkirk scumbag pml

  4. Right you outside for a fight now :L

  5. Engy FSE

    TV Characters

    Adam West (Family Guy) Dk (Coming Of Age) Effie (Skins) Ken Barlow (Corination Street) David Tennant (The Doctor)
  6. I know when the tour starts bawbag but i'd suggest you change your signature as we'll be long back by the date you have in it;)

  7. tour ? where you off to ? lol

  8. 2.75 posts per day? Take a look at your life son :L

  9. Father the FSE tour begins 24th june

  10. has not set their status

  11. I have a video on my phone of a guy who fell asleep at the astroturf at braes high school so his mate thought it would be funny if he filmed himself taking a shit on this guy. As it drops it rolls down his face and sits on his chest, as he wakes up and realises his face is priceless!

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