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  1. The end of that movie changed the way I eat corn flakes forever. Makes them way more expensive but f**k me it gets you going in the morning.
  2. Steady on mate. Not the time or plaice for jokes.
  3. Calling on all decent Rangers fans to denounce the actions of these statue defenders. We need both of you to speak up.
  4. Ok Lee. Do come back and let us know what you decide to do so that I can sleep tonight.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/JohnSilver_1715/status/1272159187871715331 Nazis = The Rangers fans
  6. Get some Star Trek fans down there defending it and a mob of Star Wars boiz trying to attack and put it on pay per view. I’d pay to watch that rumble. My money would be on the Star Wars boiz
  7. Get yourself on Radio Clyde. (I know, I know but apparently you can inject bleach and light inside the body after)
  8. I’m no fan of Doncaster but f**k me, this isn’t even subtle. This is purely about stopping 10 in a row or at least getting a wee asterisk applied to number 9. Grow fucking up. Doncaster was part of the cabal that bent/created/ignored new and existing rules to shoehorn your new club into the leagues ahead of older and more deserving clubs. Why are you all biting the hand that created you?
  9. Glad to hear you have google. Try these google searches. The results will blow you’re (sic) mind 1. To 2. Too 3. Your 4. You’re 5. There 6. Their 7. They’re Feel free to take your time
  10. I was wondering when the “me too” movement would reach football, sad times.
  11. Who wants to tell him about Rudolph Hucker?
  12. You’d be better off doing that the other way round imo. I’ve never set fire to a scarf before but I would imagine it would melt in an anticlimactic way. The scarf lying on the pitch makes for a much better aesthetic and the season ticket will burn way easier. Just an opinion
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