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  1. David Bingham gave me one of my favourite football moments ever. It was the day Marvin Andrews smashed Marvin Wilson and broke his jaw. Just after this Ayr had a corner at the Somerset road end and someone shouted “Marvin Andrews you’re a fucking animal” quickly followed by someone else shouting “David Bingham, you’re a cross between two animals”. Even Bingham laughed.
  2. If only we could have kept that boy away from eggs he could have been world class.
  3. Eintracht boiz getting ready for Manchester IMO. I mean Seville!
  4. Slow Joe is so slow that his best goal for Ayr happened 3 months after he left us!
  5. The next 10 mins are going to be the best of the season! Appropriate to get a metaphorical cigar out?
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