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  1. Yuk fou! I got all excited and googled something that I thought I had missed. Also, congratulations.
  2. Massively suits us to have a motivated Arbroath needing something to be assured of safety. Unless they have checked our form against Inverness!
  3. Rangers players have utterly lost it. You love to see it
  4. Distinct lack of fireworks here in Glasgow, does anyone know why that might be?
  5. Dundee fc must be almost as delighted about that as Kilmac are raging.
  6. I’m not expecting a definite amount but do any Dundee fans have an idea how much you are paying Adams? I’m hoping for your sake it’s not a lot
  7. This aged very nicely indeed! Unlike Charlie Adam!
  8. After a quick check of league positions, we’d be up for this. Hearts are ok with this too and have asked for everyone apart from Dundee to vote by email by Friday 5pm. Dundee are to vote by semaphore from the top of your main stand.
  9. You’ve absolutely nailed it with this post! A Morton fan, instead of an Ayr fan, has parked a train, instead of a bus, at a Hearts v Ayr game at “Tynie”. That’s us telt. Or Morton fans. Or trains. Or busses.
  10. Might it be that there is a god after all? Actually forget that. It’ll just start an “Aye but what school did he go to” argument.
  11. Totally unfair Ric. Third Lanark would have far more than 1 title by now if only they had been reincarnated too. I suppose the imagined “social unrest” was not sufficiently large enough to ignore their liquidation and to shoehorn a new Third Lanark into the leagues. RIP Third Lanark and the original Rangers.
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