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  1. I’m loving your optimism, but, I raise your 2-1 to a 3-0 Scotland. We have waited so long for an emphatic win against a “power nation” and the stars are aligning. Yep, I have been drinking. Since midday. Bookmark the shit out of me. I won’t remember this post in the morning.
  2. Karma. Should have ‘tried’ to get your pitch in order for the cup game. Karma. Get it up ye Richard Gordon.
  3. Well done Arbroath, massive victory tonight. Cove are absolutely going down so you just have to better Hamilton to avoid the playoffs.
  4. I left my semi in Falkirk. The wife is still wandering the streets looking for it. She’ll never find it. It’s tiny.
  5. I want my money back for this feed. Game is start stop and there are fuckall Russians housewives in my area keen to meet me. I’ve asked about.
  6. Please tell me it was Geggan. Doing his killie salute.
  7. Make sure and let Bangala know. He’ll be very proud.
  8. “Derry’s gonnae get you” repeat infinitum in a creepy voice.
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