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  1. Really enjoying Andor too. It is slow paced but the characters are so well written and the performances are largely excellent that you barely notice. It is also doing an excellent job of showing the Empire as the truly evil organisation that its meant to be.
  2. Allan and Sula on the bench with Lyon and Cameron starting. Clearly not going to see any changes with Moore in charge.
  3. Both Cumbernauld and Greenfaulds train stations are a pain in the arse to get to from most parts of Cumbernauld. Greenfaulds has no public transport and for most areas you need to get a bus up to the Town Centre then walk to Cumbernauld Station. I've just drove through, there is plenty of parking, but have made less games this season due to the move.
  4. Poor performance from us in comparison to the other league games. Montrose were on top from the start of the game. We struggled to string a couple of passes together and Montrose closed us down very quickly. We had a shot straight at the keeper which was only chance in the first half. Montrose scored when McAllister got a free header in the box. We got ourselves back in the game when Gomis broke forward with the ball from a Montrose corner. He played it through to Allan who had a free shot on goal after the Montrose defender fell on his arse. Allan hit it low into the corner giving the keeper no chance We then shot ourselves in the foot with Waddel getting a free header from a corner to score a few mins after the equaliser. Not many chances after that for either side. We had a corner that everyone missed that got cleared off the line and the ball fell to Grant a few yards out right at the end but he volleyed it over the bar. Thought Gomis, Lyon and McLean played well for us. The forwards had little service and couldn't hold it up, far too many high balls which were easy for Montrose. Parry's distribution was awful, Peter Grant had a poor game and Hendji was all over the place postionally. The subs we made were a bit bizarre with Lyon ending up at left back for 10/15 mins and Sula at right. Rodden then came on to play left back and Lyon moved back to right and Sula put up front. Despite not playing great we were still in it right to the end. We are having no luck with left back/wing back that's 5 different players we've tried there. Hopefully we can get some of the injured players back for next week.
  5. That was so frustrating. Two up and coasting then concede two poor goals in the space of a minute. Second half miss a penalty and get a player sent off [emoji2961] Encouraging to see us great so many chances and we are much better to watch than last seasons team. We are really weak at full back though.
  6. That's a fantastic result! Well done to Lennon and the team. Can't remember the last time we won so convincingly away from home. Hopefully a sign of things to come [emoji106]
  7. Cumbernauld fans that I've spoken to, a couple have chucked it, another few will still go every week and the majority are in the middle and will still try and go as often as they can. We need to get a new permanent ground in Glasgow sorted really quickly as I can't see us picking up many if any new fans while at Hamilton to replace any that do stop going.
  8. We were a complete shambles at the start of last season but Lennon drilled the team into a hard to beat side. Hopefully he can do similar with this side. However we do look extremely weak at full back and a midfield paring of Grant and Gomis won't work. Don't think Splaine has signed anywhere else as a him and Grant in midfield would work well.
  9. These cup games are pretty much pre-season friendlies so not going to read to much into it but in saying that there really wasn't any positives to take away from the match. Hibs waltzed through our midfield and defence at will and some of the goals we lost were very poor. Struggling to give anyone pass marks and there is a real lack of height in the team outwith the two centre halves.
  10. I'm sure that was one of the questions in the owners Q&A and that Goodwillie's wages weren't financed externally to avoid the exact scenario you describe. Can understand why we've brought the two young guys in with no trialists being allowed in the Cup. You got to think that should have been looked at as it was pretty obvious that with the season starting so early most clubs would be struggling. Would like to think we still have a chunk of the playing budget left. Goodwillie and Mitchell would surely have been two of the highest plus we have the transfer fee for both.
  11. Would take Cuddihy back too. Yes there are better players out there but they are unlikely to sign for Clyde given our budget. Cuddihy, Livingstone and Splaine can all cut it at league 1 and losing all 3 in addition to all the other signings we need to make just makes Lennons job that bit tougher.
  12. Pretty much of the same opinion with the flashback and last fight both excellent but little to recommend it other than that. The plot is wafer thin with two episodes of Obi Wan rescuing Leia and even one of them is a poorly executed version from Jedi Fallen Order. I was hoping it would focus on Obi Wan coming to terms with what happened to Anakin and there would be flashbacks in every episode but it never committed to this. The Reva character just doesn't ring true she wants to get revenge on Vader for killing her friends by working with him and killing and torturing innocent people and Jedis. Again it's just poorly executed and I wouldnt be surprised if she was only in it so they can now give her a spin off show and keep pumping out content for Disney+. It has some of the most ridiculous Star Wars scenes ever the Leia chase scenes and hiding under a trench coat. Characters make dumb decisions just to drive the plot forward such as Vader leaving Reva alive, Bail recording an unencrypted message to Obi Wan telling everyone where Luke is and the fake Jedi just happens to drop it for Reva to find. And being stabbed through the gut with a lightsaber is now equivalent to a paper cut.
  13. Much better episode this week. It is what I was hoping we would get from the Obi Wan show.
  14. The Goodwillie situation didn't help things but the council was never going to renew the lease anyway. Yeah it's new and they've rightly been ridiculed for it.
  15. We wouldn't be purposely making ourself homeless if it had worked out. What new stuff is being tried? B teams and a club being an advertisement for a podcast?
  16. It didn't exactly work out for Clyde playing at Broadwood. A club needs an identity or a purpose otherwise what is the point? The vast majority of clubs represent their local community or town and draw most of their fan base from there. The fact that both Braves and Open Goal have went through multiple iterations already shows nobody really knows what to do with these clubs. Broomhill are basically now a promotional tool for a podcast. I think a football club should be more than that especially at tier 5. If they weren't so high up the pyramid then they would be getting much less ridicule. They also voted in favour of proposals that go against the grain of the majority of other clubs and leagues on the B teams while still keeping the trap door largely shut at the bottom of the league which have done them no favours.
  17. I really didn't think they could top the Leia chase scene but fair fucks to them they've managed it in episode 4. The episodes are just so poorly shot and nonsensical that it completely over shadows any decent parts of the show.
  18. Rogue One and the Mandalorian have both been decent from Disney but largely feel the same as you. I thought episode 3 was awful, not seen 4 yet. Obi Wan has to be led the entire episode. I just don't see how you get from this useless coward back to the version we see in a New Hope in 3 episodes. The episode is so poorly edited as well. From the stormtroopers mentioning its a long way to their destination to jumping off the vehicle two seconds later. Obi Wan killing 4 or 5 stormtroopers easily just to immediately give up when confronted with the same number just to move the plot forward. The escape tunnel is only showing as a linear path yet Reva somehow gets ahead of Leia and doesn't bump into the Imperial working as a spy. Darth Vader putting out the flames first time but incapable of doing it a second time and instead watches a droid walking in slowmo pick up Obi Wan [emoji23]
  19. Thought the first two episodes were decent apart from the chase scenes. But thought the 3rd episode was awful.
  20. You are including this seasons champion (21/22) going up but not starting the clock till the end of next season (22/23).
  21. Only 1 club can get promoted each year so no idea how you are getting 3 up in 2 years etc. The Lowland league is an absolute shit hole of a league. It is going to be 10 to 15 years before it even resembles what tier 5 should look like.
  22. Would be putting my money on them increasing the league to 20 teams and not relegating VoL.
  23. I wouldn't say Rangers or Celtic Colts hammering Gretna, Edinburgh Uni 9-0 etc. is very competitive. The Old Firm being permitted to buy a place half way up the pyramid and it being applauded on here, by some, is just an example of what is wrong in Scottish football. They already have a huge advantage over all the other clubs. From the guest club criteria any mention of the players being under a certain age has been omitted so we can drop the pretence that has anything to do with youth development.
  24. Would take Grant back. Lennon would get the best out of him and wouldn't expect his wages to be as high as last time given he's now been released by Alloa and Stirling. Really surprised to see where Stirling finished given I would have been happy for us to sign any of Leitch, Grant, Roberts, Carrick at the start of last season. Mikey Miller on loan from Raith to Stenny, Ross McIver on loan from Thistle to Alloa and George Strange at Dumbarton are others I would be hoping we are looking at. Would be a great start if we could keep Cuddihy, Cunnigham, Splaine, Livingstone, Jamieson and McAllister.
  25. Has been decent for us atheltic, a bit of pace and versatile. Would be keen for us to keep him but wouldn't be surprised if he has better offers. I think his best position is supposed to be right back but we've played him in midfield and lately centre half.
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