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  1. You are including this seasons champion (21/22) going up but not starting the clock till the end of next season (22/23).
  2. Only 1 club can get promoted each year so no idea how you are getting 3 up in 2 years etc. The Lowland league is an absolute shit hole of a league. It is going to be 10 to 15 years before it even resembles what tier 5 should look like.
  3. Would be putting my money on them increasing the league to 20 teams and not relegating VoL.
  4. I wouldn't say Rangers or Celtic Colts hammering Gretna, Edinburgh Uni 9-0 etc. is very competitive. The Old Firm being permitted to buy a place half way up the pyramid and it being applauded on here, by some, is just an example of what is wrong in Scottish football. They already have a huge advantage over all the other clubs. From the guest club criteria any mention of the players being under a certain age has been omitted so we can drop the pretence that has anything to do with youth development.
  5. Would take Grant back. Lennon would get the best out of him and wouldn't expect his wages to be as high as last time given he's now been released by Alloa and Stirling. Really surprised to see where Stirling finished given I would have been happy for us to sign any of Leitch, Grant, Roberts, Carrick at the start of last season. Mikey Miller on loan from Raith to Stenny, Ross McIver on loan from Thistle to Alloa and George Strange at Dumbarton are others I would be hoping we are looking at. Would be a great start if we could keep Cuddihy, Cunnigham, Splaine, Livingstone, Jamieson and McAllister.
  6. Has been decent for us atheltic, a bit of pace and versatile. Would be keen for us to keep him but wouldn't be surprised if he has better offers. I think his best position is supposed to be right back but we've played him in midfield and lately centre half.
  7. That was shambolic, what a send off for our home ground for the last 28 years. Is 5-0 our joint heaviest defeat at Broadwood? We were racking our brains but couldn't think of a worse result. Really didn't think there was anything in the first half but thought it was a stonewall penalty. I think it was McAllister that got absolutely done for the second goal and Parry sold the 3rd. Defending for the 4th and 5th was pathetic. We did have a few good chances to score at least one consolation goal but passed them all up. Same issues as the whole season in that there isn't enough good players to go round. Dropping Cuddihy and McAllister into defence just makes us very weak in midfield. The subs brought on made us weaker with each addition. It's maybe just as well we are saying goodbye to Broadwood as we have kept some of our worst performances for the home games. Today, 5-0 v Montrose, 3-0 v Peterhead and both games against Dumbarton all spring to mind. I think Danny Lennon and the players have worked miracles to kero such a limited squad up but we really can't afford another batch of summer signings like last time.
  8. Broadwood is the only home I've known for Clyde and gutted to be leaving it. A lot of memories there good and bad. Can fully understand why the older fans viewed Shawfield the same and didn't have as much affinity with Broadwood. Although I think we all expected a move away from Broadwood, given recent statements from the club and council, it does seem rather sudden. It is pretty sad that the last game will be a low key affair. The late notice of it means a bumper crowd is unlikely and I know of some fans that are gutted to be missing the game due to work etc. I just hope the board have put a lot of thought into this move and have something positive to share in regard to finding a permanent home in Glasgow.
  9. NLC has been run by Labour since 99 so unlikely there would be any change. The SNP won the most seats in 2017 but Labour still ran the council with the support of the Tories. NLC has been a disaster for Cumbernauld. It was much better when under Cumbernauld Development Corporation, who were the ones that wanted Clyde to come to Cumbernauld in the first place. You certainly get the impression that NLC don't care for Cumbernauld and by extension Clyde. NLC must have plans for Broadwood. I just can't see it being for housing with the gym, bmx track and 5 a side pitches all next to the stadium.
  10. There is only a limited bus service to Cumbernauld train station and no buses to Greenfaulds. Then you've got about 2 miles to cover in Hamilton to get to the ground. Its doable but you're looking at the best part of 2 hours to get there and the same coming back plus train and bus fares.
  11. Struggling to see a great benefit in being able to open a club shop during the week in Hamilton when the majority of your fan base is in Cumbernauld and Glasgow. The impact on the home crowd is completely unknown as well. Hopefully the club has figured in a reduced home crowd in working out the finances of moving to Hamilton. I think we all knew a move away from Broadwood was on the cards but the move to Hamilton seems to have come about fairly quickly.
  12. Sad we will be leaving Broadwood. Its the only home ground I've known supporting Clyde. From Here the Dream Begins to leaving 28 years later with neither tenant or landlord got a good word to say about each other, it's a sad state of affairs. Cumbernauld should have been a fresh start but the club has made a mess of that. Can only hope lessons have been learned. I do worry that we have rushed through the groundshare with Hamilton. It's pretty awkward to get to from Cumbernauld or Glasgow. Of even bigger concern will be how long we will be grounsharing. We've been looking at locations in and around Glasgow for the last 10 years and have not found anything.
  13. It's just more hypocrisy from the LL as if a tier 6 league is won by an unlicensed team then the promotion place doesn't go to the next highest placed licensed team.
  14. Would have thought it would be more around the guests team than the promotion/relegation places. I can't think of another league that leaves two open spaces for guests teams at the expensive of clubs in the leagues below.
  15. The LL clubs are taking the piss now. You can't keep using the they were there first justification for their recent decisions. There is plenty of ex Junior clubs that have come across and spent a fair bit of time and money to get their licence to all but have the door slammed shut in their face. The LL clearly has space for two more clubs but would rather whore these spaces out to whatever B sides will pay the most money. You've also got a farcical situation were Vale of Leithen can continually finish bottom, season after season, with less than 10 points and a goal difference of minus 100 and potentially still not get relegated. That's despite there being about 100 clubs below them in the pyramid setup. The LL should be a fairly decent league by now instead it's populated by B teams, Uni sides and the husks of Edusport and BSC. There is no chance of any increased promotion to the SPFL with the current make up of the LL.
  16. He won the ball but Nicoll still plays if it is the 90s or early 00s. He's picked up nearly 70 yellow cards in just over 100 games for us. His first tackle was from behind and the other two he's lunged in and took the man and the ball. All three are fouls going by the rules these days. I actually thought he was unlucky for the 3rd foul as the Peterhead player lunged in as well.
  17. That was grim. We can't afford to be without Parry, Cuddihy, McAllister and Cunnigham but the goals we lost today were woeful. Splaine and Jamieson are the only two I thought that didn't chuck it in the second half. The confidence and fight in the team just evaporated after the second goal. Thought the Peterhead defender was very lucky to stay on the pitch after the stamp on Jamieson. Ridiculous that the linesman claimed he never saw it despite it being right in front of him. Huge games next week with us away to Alloa and Dumbarton at home to Peterhead.
  18. Disappointing result especially against 10 men but Cove have a number of players that shouldn't be at this level, big gulf in quality. To come through back to back fixtures against the top 5 and still be 6th with a 7 point gap over 2nd bottom is decent going. Would have taken that before hand. Hopefully Jamieson is back for East Fife as Cunnigham being out again is big blow especially with his scoring record against East Fife.
  19. I'm sure 1 person approaching 40 or 50 guys, already pissed off at the decision, and telling them to shut up would have went down well. The Goodwillie chants died off pretty quickly. It looks like there is plenty even with the Glasgow Branch that won't nothing more to do with him.
  20. I had a pretty decent view of the first goal and thought at the game it hit of Page's back and went in. Impossible to tell from that angle on the highlights though. Griffiths set pieces gave us bother all game. Surprised the Cunnigham chance from the first half wasn't included thought it was pretty much a sitter. The finishing from Falkirk was awful, cost them the game. Our goal was lovely. Rumsby and Splaine getting stuck in to win the ball. Excellent pass from Splaine and control and finish from Jamieson.
  21. Decent result again. Game and performance was certainly more enjoyable and we should be doing all we can to get McAllister and Jamieson back on permanent deals next season. Would also add Cuddihy, Cunnigham, Livingstone and Splaine from the current squad.
  22. Falkirk missed some ridiculous chances although Cunnigham did have a great chance for us in the first half and hit it straight at the keeper. Thought we got right back into the game at the start of the second half but Falkirk looked the more likely to score again as the game went on. At 1-0 you are still well in it and Rumsby plus Splaine deserve credit for getting stuck in and winning 3 tackles in a row. Was then a decent ball from Splaine to Jamieson who finished well. We had a tough run of fixtures in Montrose, Airdrie and Falkirk but have come through that undefeated with 3 draws. Tough game again next week against Cove but if we can come through those 4 games still sitting 6th then we will have went a long way to securing our place in the league. Ideal set of results today with 3 teams immediately below us all losing.
  23. When Clyde first moved to Cumbernauld. Cumbernauld was managed by the Cumbernauld Development Corporation but NLC took over in 97. There is a general feeling in Cumbernauld that NLC can't be arsed with Cumbernauld and by extension that would include Clyde. Clyde have also don't plenty to harm the relationship. We stopped paying rent altogether in the early 2000s and pretty sure we done it again in 08 which led to the council taking out a winding up order on the club. It is hypocrisy for the council to take action now but there is elections coming up in May and there is no way they want to be seeing to do nothing giving the press its getting. You just had to look at the reaction to him signing for Raith to see what was coming our way. It was an idiotic decision to bring him back. The reason we don't have a long term lease is because we keep threatening to leave like we've been doing for the last 20 years. We've wasted so much time and money on that but are still no further forward and would you really trust a board this incompetent with a stadium move? It's a sad state of affairs that we play second fiddle to a boys club in a stadium that was built for Clyde. It just emphasises how badly managed the club has been the last 20 years.
  24. Does anyone know if season ticket holders need to buy tickets in advance? I can't find anyway of having the season ticket discount applied. There is also no way of buying an under 12 ticket as they aren't available on the app/ticket website and the Clyde website has them as only been available to buy with cash on the day of the game.
  25. There was plenty Clyde fans against signing Goodwillie first or second time round as well. Yet he's still happy to label all Clyde fans as scum and by extension all Dumbarton fans, including himself, must be scum too. Goodwillie is obviously far worse but when you are having to resort to our sex offender isn't as bad as yours then I don't think anyone comes out looking good. Layne hasn't been able to pick up another team because he isn't very good and injury prone rather than his baggage. He played for both Peterhead and Dumbarton while on the register.
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