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  1. Going by his Wikipedia page he has barely kicked a ball at senior level but capped all the way up to under 21 by Northern Ireland. Grant and McStay both had a similar background when they joined and they worked out OK hopefully same for Robinson.
  2. He's supposed to be signing for Queen of the South. Our lack of signings is becoming a real worry considering how many players we need. I don't think there has even been any rumours of anybody we are supposedly interested in. That must be about a dozen players mentioned on here and almost everyone of them has already signed elsewhere. Gomis and Livingstone is not a bad start but we've only got enough for a 5 a side team at the moment.
  3. I think they have pretty much signed equivalent players to us at the moment. They signed two players past their best in Geggan and Boyle and we've done the same with Gomis and Docherty. Hopefully we have some more signing news soon. We've only signed one this week in Livingstone and have a lengthy shopping list to get through.
  4. Don't understand what Lennon sees in Rumsby. I would much rather have kept McNiff out of the two of them. Sean Crighton who has dropped down into league 2 with Stenny and Neill who has just left Dumbarton would both have been better choices if going for a no nonsense centre half. The danger is we now sign Neill and play him alongside Rumsby and just launch it long all season. I thought Nicky Jamieson would have been a good shout when he left Queens Park at the end of 19/20 and he went to Alloa. No idea if he has resigned for them for next season.
  5. If Kelty hadn't been promoted then they would have been playing with 19 clubs or are you suggesting they would have relegated a club to fit in the Old Firm Colts? The points tally for all other teams in the league will include the games against the Old Firm Colts they are very much part of the Pyramid even if it is for one season.
  6. A vote would have to take place at the AGM or EGM to change the relegation places so was exactly the right place. There was no relegation from the Lowland league when it was decided on PPG for 19/20. It's an absolute farce that the LL have parachuted the Old Firm Colts straight into the tier 5 while keeping the door shut on the 100+ clubs in tier 6 and below, many who have been spending a fortune to get the licence to be able to play in the LL.
  7. You'll be pleased to hear that Craig Watson has signed for Airdrie. Of other players mentioned on here Sean Crichton has joined Stenny and Liam Brown is staying at Edinburgh.
  8. I thought you were at it before but that post confirms it. "Famous Motherwell side" and McFadden, Pearson, Hammel and Clarkson being top class? [emoji23] Only McFadden played at a decent level and made a good number of appearances for Scotland. Pearson had 10 caps, Clarkson 2 and Hammell with one cap.
  9. Does McCormack even exist? He signed about 2 years ago and I don't think he has even been on the bench. Cassidy signed during the shut down then never played. I very much doubt either of them are still at the club. Vajs was an utter waste of money and surely won't be kept. We don't 3 keepers never mind 4, pretty sure McGee was away too. Only one of the unknowns I would be tempted to keep is Syvertsen but only if he is on buttons as he's far too injury prone.
  10. Mark Docherty, 33 year old defender from Annan. Can't say I know much about him.
  11. The drop off from SPFL2 to LL/HL is massive financially. You lose your place in the league cup which is worth a minimum of £20k then the SPFL prize money which is a minimum of £45k. Add in reduced crowds and what you can charge at the gate. Every relegation results in lower prize money etc but this is the only one were it stops altogether.
  12. https://m.clydefc.co.uk/news/2021/05/26/6790/#.YK5sLhjTVkw First friendly on 3rd July so just over 5 weeks to sign pretty much a full new squad.
  13. I don't think SPFL2 clubs would fear relegation as much if that was the make up of the LL but you are at least 10/15 years away from that with the current 1 relegation spot from the LL. The current LL would be a horrible league to play in with the Old Firm Colts, Uni sides and the likes of BSC Glasgow and Caledonia Braves who have no support.
  14. Macdonald will have his pick of part time teams so no chance he'll be coming to us unfortunately. There is plenty of players available that would be a good addition. Thought McAllister at Dumbarton and Brown of Edinburgh looked decent. Watson would be a decent signing too.
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