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  1. You haven't include the 5 home games that were due to be played before the end of season 19/20. These home games would have been budget for as nobody would have expected the season to be curtailed. Furlough covered the player's wages but won't cover other expenditure such as rent, insurance, loan repayments etc. You also haven't included the amount normally raised from fund raising golf days, player of the year etc which is normally another 20k. Clubs are also losing 4 or 5 home games due to it being only a 27 game season. You have also included both season tickets and streaming but the majority of people watching the stream have already paid via their season ticket and can't be included twice. You have also only included the season ticket money on one side. We would have received this if it had been a normal season too. Its not an extra gain for this season. You also haven't included the expenditure of setting up Pixellot, making the ground covid compliant or costs spent on testing. You had to pay for testing before playing teams in the league cup. Clubs have also bought testing kits from the James Anderson money.
  2. I very much doubt that. Clubs will have incurred costs to make them Covid compliant and also for setting up the streaming service. Would expect Dumbarton's streaming figures are similar to Clyde's. We are averaging 400 streams per game at £10 compared with an average attendance last season of nearly 900 at £14. Then there is no hospitality, no player of year nights, no golf days and other fund raisers, no income from bars or pie stalls at the ground. Sale of match day programmes and merchandise down too. The Scottish Cup and League are now in limbo so there will be uncertainty over if and when prize money will be received from that.
  3. Sky Bet place minimum 5p bet before kick off and get £5 free bet. Paddy Power £5 bet on a bet builder with at least 2 selections and if it loses get a £5 free bet. Both offers for Liverpool v Man Utd game.
  4. The championship downward are getting grants from the Scottish government. To be split 500k to Championship, 110k to league 1 and 100k for league 2. If they had split the grants fairer then it could have been affordable for testing in league 1 & 2.
  5. Celtic got back from Dubai a day or two ago and the SFA have already decided no further action is required. Our postponed games were back in Nov yet they are still investigating it?
  6. Even if clubs follow all the rules, players will still catch Covid. You could be penalising clubs for something out with their control.
  7. Keith v Clyde has been postponed tonight so assume the Brora game will be too.
  8. There has been plenty of players in the lower league test positive. It just very rarely gets any attention. Have a read through the various league forums and you'll see it popping up all the time. Clyde and Albion Rovers have had to postpone games due to Covid. Clyde have also had two other players test positive at separate times. I'm not surprised that they've called a halt. The new strain of Covid is much easier to catch and it's not affordable to regularly test players at our level and below. Would expect that it will be longer than a 3 week break which would either mean needing to extend the season into the summer or have another farce of a vote like last time.
  9. Can't see how that is feasible but they will have to test the players now. I don't think we will be back playing in 3 weeks and there is little chance of finishing the season unless it is extended beyond April.
  10. Yeah this is the big worry for me. If Forfar and East Fife are awarded 3-0 walkovers then we finish bottom and will be relegated having played 8 games! I'll be surprised if we restart after 3 weeks and unless the season is extended then no way it will be finished. Will end up another farce like the summer.
  11. Keith will be the 3rd team to shite it from playing Clyde.
  12. Did we not refurbish the Arrira lounge for the exact purpose of making money from the ground? I'm not familiar with the deal with NLC but the place should have been packed out all of last season. Instead we've turned into a club house for executive members. Could we not also hire that out during the week and at weekends? I went to a few birthday parties in Broadwood back in the day. We used to get told all the time that Annan made £200k just from their bar and now we have one of our own, we can't make anything? Did we not also take over running of the pie stalls and can sell trackside advertising. The one thing we can't do is rent out the pitch but then we don't have to pay to replace it either. The majority of other clubs that own their stadiums Dumbarton, East Fife, Stenhousemuir etc aren't exactly awash with cash. You've got all the maintenance on the stadium which we don't have to pay and we wouldn't have made anywhere near as much money from the Celtic game if we had a small stadium.
  13. No denying some of the Clyde fans were a seething mess over the postponement. The rest were frustrated at the postponement for the same reason as you. We had beat Dumbarton in the league cup and followed it up by beating Thistle in the league. Having a week off was far from ideal. We also lost the rearranged game to a Frizzle goal, who wasn't a Dumbarton player when the original game was scheduled. That really didn't help the seethe levels [emoji23]
  14. The most depressing thing is that after 10 years stuck in league 2 we have had last season curtailed, just when we started to look good, and this season is behind closed doors. Unless we have a good January transfer window by the time we can get back to the football it will be back to the purgatory of league 2.
  15. Feel the exact same. Win or lose it just doesn't matter as much at the moment. I often find myself checking my coupons on my phone rather than paying attention to the game which I rarely do at Broadwood. Doesn't help that it is difficult at times to tell the players apart and your restricted to the view from the camera rather than being able to see the whole pitch. A big part of going to the Clyde games, for me, is catching up with friends and having pre or post game pint. It's not the same using WhatsApp, Zoom etc to watch the game together. I always thought it was daft starting the football back at our level without crowds almost every team will be running at a loss.
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