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  1. I like it, a bit different to the kits we've had in recent seasons.
  2. Don't think anyone is suggesting offering him a full time deal. Kieran Millar, just released by Airdrie, has signed for Stranraer. I'm sure they won't be offering a full time deal either.
  3. Not just prize money, you lose access to the league and challenge cup. Admission prices are a lot lower in the Lowland league too plus a reduction in crowds.
  4. We'll have a vote and relegate Thistle to league 2.
  5. Says on the website alternative arrangements can be made and you need to contact the club after purchasing the season card.
  6. There is also a 3 part documentary which will be showing on Dave in August.
  7. There is also a couple of USA pilots. Only Robert Llewellyn, Kryten, was in it from the UK cast. No surprise its awful and never went any further.
  8. Why not? They'll be full time next season and will be splashing the cash to get in the Championship ASAP. His brother plays for them too. We need to hurry up and find our own rich investor or we'll be back plodding along in league 2.
  9. Agree about Smith. Syvertsen looked really good last preseason but we can't afford to have any injury prone players and no idea if he is still in Scotland. No idea why we offered 2 year deals to some of those players especially given the financial situation. We are going to be stuck with Rumsby, McNiff and Howie as our options at centre half. Grant we should do all we can to keep or to at least ensure we get a development fee. Rankin will be a big loss. Really only leaves Lennon a decision to make on Love, McStay and Lamont. We really need a good bunch of summer signings from Lennon this time round no Gormans, Ferns or Wallaces this time. Definitely need some pace in the team and an actual left back!
  10. Cuddihy, Rumsby, Howie, McNiff, Johnston, Mitchell and Goodwillie are all the players contracted for next season. Allison, Fitzpatrick, Duffie, Lyon, McMullin and Wylde are all the obvious ones to let go.
  11. Decent idea, gives good amount of flexibility.
  12. Sounds an absolute nightmare of a place to work but to be honest I do find everything you've written hard to believe. You've described everyone you work with as an alky, bully, lazy etc. I can't really see anything good coming from you reporting it to HR and if all of the above is true then it sounds like your HR department leaks like a sieve and freely shares confidential information.
  13. Will you be hating your manager and players for 50 years too? If they had won a few more games then you wouldn't be in this position.
  14. Those 3 teams would have to put together a squad not knowing what league they are playing in or what their budget would be.
  15. The ideal scenario that would have seen Rangers parachuted straight back into the top flight, the lower leagues awash with Colt teams and god knows what other decisions that would have brought in against the wishes of the clubs.
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