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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.stv.tv/sport/sfa-to-hold-talks-over-cup-ties-after-prince-phillip-funeral-date-confirmed%3famp What date do we need to finish the 18 games by? The Dumbarton game would likely determine who ends up in the play offs,if only going to 18.
  2. No chance of a national conference. The travelling expenses would be horrendous.
  3. Mitchell has largely been brilliant for us but had a few dodgy moments this season.
  4. We've tightened up at the back since the restart. A clean sheet was a rare sight previously and we've had 4 in 8 games now and scored in all but 1 of those games. I still expect Falkirk to win but if we score first then would be interesting. Think the team to score first has went on to win every game between the two teams during last and this season.
  5. Excellent result and once we got the lead only ever looked like being one winner. I was highly critical of the signings made but happy to be proven wrong. Nicoll and some of the young lads Otoo, Jamieson and Munro have all performed well. Our form since the restart has been pretty decent given the busy schedule. 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in the league plus 2 Cup wins. The first game back against East Fife was the only real stinker. We've stopped conceding so many and racked up 4 clean sheets since the restart. The league is really tight now and crazy to think we are only 5 points off the promotion play offs with a game in hand. Then you have Dumbarton right behind us in the relegation play off.
  6. We weren't playing 3 games a week before the shut down and we've also had 4 away games in a row. We've also won 2 games in the Scottish Cup since the restart. The first game back against East Fife was poor but since then we haven't conceded many and generally been tough to beat. The game on Thursday against Forfar is huge.
  7. It's 5 points from 15. Beat Peterhead, draws with Montrose and Cove, lost twice against East Fife.
  8. Thought we started well but Cove have the majority of possession now and we are just lumping it forward every time we get the ball.
  9. There isn't any spare midweek dates. Thur 15th is the only date available for us to play Dumbarton. We will be playing Tue-Thur-Sat right up to the end of the 18 games. It was the clubs that voted for this farce.
  10. We were due to play Dumbarton on Sat 17th but as we are in the next round of the cup the only available date for Clyde to play them is Thur 15th.
  11. Superb win and the extra £20k is most welcome but the extra game is not. Our game on Sat 17th against Dumbarton will now be postponed. The only available date is Thur 15th which would mean playing Tue-Thur-Sat for another week. Our last two league games are against Dumbarton then Forfar. Players will be absolutely knackered by time we get to those games.
  12. I think a lot of Fallout 3 quests boiled down to siding with one side or the other. Blowing up Megatown or not, going with the Ghouls or the Humans for the tower, killing the living tree or sparing it. New Vegas seemed more inventive and had more unique ways of completing quests.
  13. I loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas and had 100s of hours sunk into them. Preferred New Vegas as the writing and quests were better as was the location. There is a quest called beyond the beef, or something similar to that, which had about 4 different ways of completing it including sacrificing one of your followers to a bunch of cannibals. 3 and 4 quests were much more linear. 4 was just a huge disappointment with garbage quests and writing and Preston constantly badgering you about settlements that needed your help! Monkey Island is a fantastic series and one of the best point and clicks.
  14. What a result! Well played lads. Don't know what the bigger surprise is winning away at Peterhead, winning without Goodwillie or keeping a clean sheet!
  15. We routinely struggle away to Peterhead so anything we can get tonight would be a bonus. I think we got a draw last season and a 2-1 win in the league 2 promotion season but other than that has been slim pickings. Was a big improvement on Saturday compared with the East Fife game who we play yet again on Thur. It really is a crazy fixture list. Would be tempted to play as strong a side as we can and hopefully get some points on the board then make changes for the cup game against Ayr.
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