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  1. I liked Larsson, remember when he asked whether he should rim his girlfriend or not then bottled it at the big moment, those were the days . Pompey however was an arsehole.
  2. I can't imagine Ballotelli owns any fishing rods either.
  3. She's a pornstar and doesn't know it?! Did you have to drug her then?
  4. You really should have read the thread before posting that!!
  5. Oh i don't know, with his packet of sweets and his cheeky smile, you never know.
  6. The other day, an ex work colleague of mine boasted that he now pays more tax in a month than I earn. Don't know why, but as soon as he said it I thought of Stuart Dickson.
  7. Classical music is great. All anti Trade Union laws should be repealed. The north of England is not better than the south of England. Olives are fantastic.
  8. Imagine if Thatcher and Mandelson die on the same day, the euphoria would be unbelievable.
  9. No it's definately something about a beach

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